Press conference June 2023

(Susan Li is President Harris’ Press Secretary)
Today, President Harris signed a series of executive orders establishing restrictions on specific so-called political parties which have spewed racist hate speech and advocated violence, instigated uprisings, promoted vote suppression, and displayed extreme political partisanship which has damaged our nation for years.

Present in the Oval Office with President Harris for the signing was Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, who yesterday announced the formation of the new political party, the Loyal Progressive Conservative Party or LPCP. Senator Romney, like the other ten LPCP Senators and fifty-one LPCP representatives who left the now-restricted GOP, spoke highly of the initiative of President Harris in dealing with this “significant, immediate”threat to the unity, prosperity, and future of the United States and the world.”

The President urged the Democratic Party members of the Senate and House to quickly recognize the Loyal Progressive Conservative members of their houses as the minority party for purposes of committee assignments and other congressional activities.

The White House realizes that this important and critically necessary action will be criticized by many people on both sides of the aisle in Congress and across the nation.

Let me point out that the restrictions apply not just to actual political parties, but to recognizable and identifiable factions in political parties, including the Democratic Party itself. This action was taken only after careful coordination with Supreme Chancellor and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Charles Schumer. The President’s deputies were not able to speak to Senior Republican Member of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, as Mr. McConnell has been detained after being charged with sexual abuse of multiple minors at Under the Dome Pizza in Georgetown. They also were not able to speak with now-former Representative Kevin McCarthy, who has apparently fled to the Bahamas after his party was ban… restricted in Congress.

The Attorney General will be holding a press conference later today, in which I understand he will announce that the Department of Justice is requesting extradition from the Bahamas of Mr. McCarthy to face charges of child abuse, fomenting rebellion, and income tax evasion.

In a personal note on behalf of the President, she stated that she is glad to finally be able to take such action, and feels this is an important step in healing the nation. She is dedicating these executive orders to the memory of our beloved President Joe Biden, saying that it continues to correct the horrible events before his inauguration which was, she is convinced, a major factor in his onset of Alzheimer’s and his untimely death in a nursing home from COVID variant 23. Mrs. Jill Biden, present at the signing as well, embraced the President, lowering her mask long enough to kiss President Harris on the cheek.

Any questions?

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