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Drawing that line

By Nathan Barton “Your right to swing your arms ends just where the other man’s nose begins.” It is a quote many of us (self-governors, libertarians, anarchists, Christians) have heard.  It was written by Zechariah Chafee, Jr., a man few … Continue reading

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By Nathan Barton I’m back, I think! Last week, in the middle of yet another 1500-mile week of travel and work, I got violently sick and for the last nine days have been sick as a dog, lost a few … Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-11C: Crimea, Police State, ObummerCare

Good morning!  Lots of “nothing happening” in the Crimea, apparently, and the missiles haven’t flown (except that North Korea fired a bunch into the ocean for “training”).  So it is a good day! Now that the Crimea’s people have “illegally” … Continue reading

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