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Stress, anxiety and depression

By MamaLiberty In the “news” today I found this article, and I can’t help but comment. More Americans suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, study finds… The author dances around a number of things that could contribute to the problems, … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Wonder…

By MamaLiberty Did you ever wonder why the most dysfunctional, irrational, irresponsible people so often believe that they know – and should control – what is best for everyone else? Why so many people seem to think that responsibility for … Continue reading

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Food for Thought #3

By MamaLiberty Interesting discussion of the first two items, so maybe these questions will ring a few more bells. Is theft and extortion ever justified? When, if ever, is a tax not theft? Does it make any difference what tax … Continue reading

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Cold and Cold Running Mud

By MamaLiberty First light at 6:10 AM. Mountain standard time, Newcastle, Wyoming. Sunrise at 7:30 AM, a few scattered clouds fast fading from pink and black to white. Most of the last snow melted yesterday, and we will now have … Continue reading

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Taking Control

By Nathan Barton For the last three weeks, with amazing levels of criticism, the Massa-to-be is doing all the preparation work necessary to take control (or so he and others fondly hope) of the massive leviathan called the FedGov. Part … Continue reading

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Welcome to New Boss, Same as Old Boss…

By MamaLiberty The media, internet and neighborhood conversations are filled with every sort of commentary, boasting, celebrations, protests, analysis, predictions and general hand wringing. I’ve lived through a great many national elections, starting with Eisenhower, and pretty much all the … Continue reading

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Lies, More Lies, and Lying Some More

A great article by Vin Suprynowicz. If his blog is not on your regular reading list, now is a good time to start! Vin lays it all out here, with some excellent links to serious documentation of the lies and … Continue reading

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