Do You Smile Every Day?

By MamaLiberty

Everyone knows there is plenty in this world to worry about. Even those who avoid the world and national “news” as much as possible can’t help but note the downward spiral in their own financial situation, especially if they or those they love are unemployed. There is the constant push to destroy God given rights to life and liberty, and increasing efforts to criminalize and control everything. Then there is the cost of everyday necessities, increasing due to the sinking national economy and shrinking dollar. A great many people are seriously worried about their health, and the increasing Obummercare insanity replacing free market medicine and insurance. And so much more. Did you know that stress, worry and fear, are far more detrimental to good health than you might think?

It’s almost impossible to know the truth about the “news” or, often, even what’s really happening in our own area. Even people who are present during disturbances and crises seldom have a grasp on the whole problem, much less the whole solution. And, unfortunately, this creates a sort of vacuum that we too often fill with our imagination, our prejudices and the ghosts of our past. All of which can and will be used by the unscrupulous to direct, or even precipitate the next crisis. Trust, but verify. Don’t expect to know or understand everything. Do you need to know? What could you do about it if you did? Good questions to ask yourself, I think.

No hero on a white horse is going to come along and save the day. Not this election, or any other. And expecting the politicians to limit their evil and restore our “rights” is as empty of promise as intergalactic space. Maybe more so. And hoping to do that by threatening not to re-elect them would be a hysterical joke if it wasn’t so painful to watch good people continue to believe in that insanity after all these years, after watching endless rubber room elections.

What can you do? You may not agree at first, but I think there is something we can do, and it has to start with each of us as individuals.

1. How many times have you asked yourself, “by what authority” do people control my life and property. By what authority does anyone pretend to control my thoughts and feelings? Do you participate in trying to control others? Why would anyone do that if they love liberty and justice? This is an important place to start. Read “The Most Dangerous Superstition.”

2. As much as possible, ignore “the law.” Remember the jokes about the tags on the mattresses? There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of “laws” and regulations, petty rules and even actionable “suggestions” on the books. Take a really close look at that, and ask yourself how many are ever enforced. Take a second look and find out the circumstances in which they are ever enforced. Can you figure out a way to avoid those circumstances? Sure you can. Millions of people DO avoid them every day. There aren’t enough cops or jails to go around, so all of those prosecuted are targets of opportunity. Only you know your situation, and how close you are willing to skate toward the edge… but millions of people who don’t even file income tax reports should be proof enough that it isn’t impossible.

3. Laugh at them. No, really! Truly look for and appreciate the politician’s contradictions, implausible ideas, idiot posturing and stupid blunders. Look for them, and laugh out loud. Remember that they want you fearful, tearful, worried and willing to do anything to make that pain stop.  Well, do something yourself to relieve the pain, rather than expecting your torturers to stop. Just say no to the hype, the lies, and the other hundred and one evils directed specifically to control your emotions, as well as your soul. The ultimate answer to kings is a belly laugh.

4. Don’t construct your entire life around the controllers or the “law.” Are you spending a great deal of time and effort working for political causes or candidates? Going to council meetings, writing letters to congresscritters? Reading the full text of proposed “laws” and ordinances? Even protest marches and demonstrations? Why? Your reasons may be very good, but I wonder how many people truly think about them in relation to the effect all of it has on their inner peace and joy.

Instead, I suggest folks center their thoughts and activities on what they need to do to be a person of integrity, non-aggressive, and a part of a cooperative voluntary society. Some may have to reach for this if their indoctrination into the socialist herd is extensive, but it seems it would be a far more valuable use of time and effort, mind and soul than useless worry about what the politicians are trying to cook up next. And then, a serious part of this is the necessity of teaching integrity, non-aggression and so forth to one’s children and other family – and by extension, the community. The very best way to do this is to demonstrate it all in your every word and deed, of course. Learning to be articulate and helpful in discussing it, without becoming didactic or overbearing, is a big plus.

5. Smile, laugh, enjoy life as much as you can. Is there some person, object, picture on the wall that makes you smile or laugh with joy each time you see them? I have orchids in my bathroom. Each time I go in there, I see the blooms and new growth, the shiny leaves and note the smell of flowers and clean soil, and I smile. I have a goofy Welsh Corgi dog that gives me a load of laughs and smiles many times during the day, and the cold nose on my hand first thing in the morning, of course. I’ve filled my house with as many of these smiles as I can manage, and you might be surprised at how many you already have… and have been neglecting. Take a good look, and resolve to smile at the kids, or even just the cat, instead of worry about the world.

6. Go shooting. I smile each time I see my rack of rifles, or strap on my carry gun. Now this doesn’t appeal to everyone, naturally, but it is astonishing how often someone newly introduced to guns and shooting tells me how much better this makes them feel about themselves and everything else, even their relationship to the rest of the world. It is empowering, to internalize the fact that one need not be a passive, helpless victim – even if they don’t actually ever expect to be attacked!

Many of us already understand much of this, but how many really think about it and work to increase that joy? It is also important to seek out and communicate with those of like mind, to share the joy rather than the worry. It is so easy to sit in the office and stare at the “news” of the world, and nibble at your ulcer meds… But why do that? I’ve heard a number of people who complain that there aren’t any “of like mind” near them, but when they are really challenged to explain that, it is usually obvious they never really looked. And some live in places inhabited mostly by those who would love to control everyone else’s lives and property. I always ask them why they stay there… And, of course, that’s completely up to them, but I wonder why people who insist on swimming in a swamp spend so much time complaining about the snakes and alligators.

I understand the urge some people have to remain in touch with government meetings and issues. I look at them from time to time myself, but I refuse to let any of that get in the way of my smiles, or the daily romp with the Corgi. Someone tell me why a city council meeting is better for my peace of mind and ultimate joy than a tug a war with a good dog.

Now go find some things to smile about, do something that makes you laugh and feel glad to be alive. Talk to your neighbors, and then go home to hug your family, or at least the dog.

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6 Responses to Do You Smile Every Day?

  1. MJR says:

    This was a good post ML and made me actually sit and think got a moment.

    Do I smile every day?

    Up until a short time ago I could not really in truth say yes to that question. Why? Because I was working in a security branch among youngsters who all want to join the police “when they grow up.” The majority of the issues I faced on a daily bases were because of the wannabes overstepping their authority. Now that I am a retired “man of leisure” as my wife puts it the strains of the job are gone, this means I’m a happy guy who shows them pearly whites a lot more. Gone are the sleepless nights where I would lie awake wondering what sort of nonsense I would have to deal with at work from the public, fellow employees and those quislings in management. Gone are the worries about fallout from challenging (fighting with) my peers and bosses about tasks that put a strain on my ethics and in some cases were outright violations of law, and yes I did this a lot and I was told, off the record, this the main reason why I was never promoted. Meh…

    One of the nicest things that was said to me when I hung up the spurs was from my old manager. He looked me right in the eye, smiled and said “Finally another pain in the arse that I will not have to deal with any more.” This was because of all the grief I gave him.

    So now the answer is yes I actually do smile every day. The simple reason for this is that the first time in my life I am in control of my situation. Well at least as much control as a guy can have these days. These days I don’t bother as much as I did with the news and views of the meat puppets in the media. I have made sure, well as much as I can, that my wife and I will come through whatever crisis the world throws at us. So for me life is good.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Congratulations! I know exactly what you mean. After 30 years of soul killing fight with bureaucracy, politics and all the assorted destructive forces in the community college system, medicare (and all the related horrors) in my nursing career, I found peace in retirement. That, and getting out of the deadly political and economic mess of California. Life is good. Just wish my Joe had lived to enjoy it with me.

      Funny how the headhunters and nurse recruiters spent tons of time and effort trying to get me to go back. Hell will freeze over first.


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  3. Paul Bonneau says:

    Thanks MamaLiberty. You’re right. Wish I’d seen this message in my younger days.

    I might add another hint – try to find the good in the bad news. For example, every time I read of some “zero tolerance” stupidity in government schools such as suspension for biting a pop tart into the shape of a gun, I say to myself, “Good. One more example to convince parents they don’t want to hand their kids over to these idiots.” Many of these things actually cost the ruling class their supposed legitimacy, yet they are incapable of avoiding that loss.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Yes indeed, Paul! And that theme is very worthy of a rant all by itself. The image that comes to mind is the one of the big, iron fist with people “leaking” out between the fingers as it tries to grasp them ever harder. I’ll have to look for that.


  4. That was beautiful and inspiring. I’ll share that for sure!


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