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Urban collapse grows nearer

I have never been a fan of large urban areas. Today, I have even less reason to think good about them. Massive urban areas with millions – even tens of millions – are NOT necessary for “civilization.” Indeed, even smaller … Continue reading

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Saving children

By Nathan Barton It has happened again. Seventeen people are killed by a crazed 19-year-old “child” in and around a school in Florida.  A 9-12th grade high school with more than 3,000 students.  Or rather, as Tom Knapp accurately characterized it … Continue reading

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Stress, anxiety and depression

By MamaLiberty In the “news” today I found this article, and I can’t help but comment. More Americans suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, study finds… The author dances around a number of things that could contribute to the problems, … Continue reading

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Protecting Children

By MamaLiberty Have you ever gone through your home, office, garage, store rooms and considered how many things are marked with some version of: Keep Out of the reach of Children. I just noticed such a warning on a new … Continue reading

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Is Trump Nuts? Does it Matter?

by L. Reichard White lreichardwhite@yahoo.com Does Mr. Trump really have serious psychiatric problems as increasing numbers of shrinks are suggesting? Since in their DSM- 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders), the Mental Health Guild has classified just about … Continue reading

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