Saving children

By Nathan Barton

It has happened again. Seventeen people are killed by a crazed 19-year-old “child” in and around a school in Florida.  A 9-12th grade high school with more than 3,000 students.  Or rather, as Tom Knapp accurately characterized it (in Freedom Net Daily) 3,000+ “inmates” in a “government-operated daytime confinement facility.”

The horror of such an event should be obvious.  Especially since it appears this “kid” (19 is adult for everything except drinking alcohol and carrying concealed weapons) was well-known as a violence-prone nutcase who was preparing himself for just what he did.  And he is NOT a suspect: he confessed to the murders in open court. (His court-appointed public defender says his new client is “sad, mournful, remorseful.”  Well, we all know how to tell when lawyers are lying: their lips are moving.)

There are already numerous reports about how people – especially teachers – sacrificed themselves to save the lives of “children” in the school.  (Again, I put “children” in quotes because a ninth-grader is at least 15 years old – well past the age of accountability for 95 or even 99% of the population – and therefore historically and religiously considered an adult. Except by modern government, Tranzis, and (sadly) too many conservatives and libertarians.)

But NO one – apparently not even the cops supposed to keep the peace in this monstrous warehouse of humanity – had the one thing necessary to have kept most of this from happening. No, TWO things.  First, NO ONE was armed and ready to protect themselves and their community.  Second, NO ONE had the courage to either ignore the stupid laws that made it a crime to be armed around and in a school or to “march towards the sounds of battle” (as people did recently in Texas and Tennessee church building attacks)

It has been NINETEEN years since Columbine, and apparently, no one with any power has learned a thing.  Instead the American people continue to herd young people into killing zones and do NOTHING effective to defend them.

It makes John Stossel’s commentary “Saving Kids from Government Schools” take on a whole new meaning.  He’s talking about how private schools seem to succeed while public schools fail to teach effectively, especially when dealing with the riffraff like the homeless, minorities, poor, and even disturbed kids.  But his headline states the truth:  While a few students are killed in private schools by madmen, the vast majority that are killed in mass murders like this are in PUBLIC schools: government-ruined, theft-funded institutions that are prisons in all but name.

And likely to become even more so in the backlash from this failure by public schools to protect their inmates, in Broward County, Florida. If more and more people get their way – Tranzis and Democrats and liberals and educators and medical personnel and celebrities have their way, 150 million of us will be disarmed because of the madness of refusing to allow people in schools to be defended and to defend themselves.

Trump and others are making a big deal about the cause being mental illness – meaning, of course, the madness that seems to have had this killer (and many, many others) in its thrall.

It IS mental illness that is, to some degree, the cause.  The madness, the refusal to face reality, the insane belief in the power of laws, on the part of FedGov Senators and Congressmen, on the part of the legislators and virtually every state in this former Union, and on the part of a very large majority of elected politicians at local, state, and federal level.  This madness will continue to destroy our society.  No, I do NOT mean what the media, the celebrities, the Tranzis, and so many others call madness, but passing more and more stupid laws to disarm people, to take weapons out of society (except, of course, in the hands of the body guards of those politicians and the boots on the ground that enforce their will (or try to) at home and abroad.

I mean that mental state that says that “more laws save lives” and that “guns are evil” and that “government can solve our problems.”  The insanity that giving some people power over everyone else is good. The insanity of locking people up in huge complexes to “teach” them, where they are immersed in a thick stew of hatred, immorality, and peer-driven cultural madness.  The idea that we must all be molded into “good little citizens” – while at the same time, the numbers of dropouts is huge – and none of them have gone through the full “molding” process.

Listening to the talk radio proposals and the media today, it is obvious that the solutions of even the so-called conservatives are nothing more than pumping steroids into the Police State. They want more surveillance, more bureaucracy, more stealing of fundamental, God-given human rights.  Cameras and alert/alarm systems in and around schools.  Panic buttons. Increases in the number of guards and patrols and locked doors and barred windows.  More mental evaluations and medical examinations of anyone “crazy” enough to want to buy a gun. More evaluating (and propagandizing) of the minds of students, teachers, staff.  And parents.  More fearmongering.

The solution is simple (one even Glenn Beck’s gang stated): get your young people OUT of these hideous institutions.  Yes, even the small ones, but especially those that have a thousand, two thousand, or three thousand students. And not just government pre-schools and kindergartens and primary and secondary schools.  Votech schools and colleges and universities are no better: huge kill zones filled with faculty and staff dedicated to providing NO effective defense for those that are confined there.

Yes, only a few hundredths of a percent of students are killed or even wounded by mass murders drawn to these target-rich zones.  But virtually every student is harmed mentally, and many physically, by the fundamental principles and concepts of government-run and ruined, and tax- and theft-funded schools.  Get them out! Save not just their lives but their souls.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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8 Responses to Saving children

  1. beau says:

    an evil cabal sanctions the killing of children to further their goal of disarmament followed by tyranny over all and death to those who will not bend to the will of the evil.

    given this state of affairs in this nation, how can anyone believe ‘foreign leaders’ are to be feared more than those holding power in this nation? are more evil than those in this nation?

    i suppose it is possible to fool most of the people all the time, to their detriment.


  2. Tricia says:

    I think having properly trained armed teachers on campus would be a good start. Focusing on gun control as the Left always wants to do is just simplistic and ineffective. I wrote a post on that recently too.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      The first problem I see is the insane practice of gathering thousands of helpless children into one place. Even with armed teachers, etc. the stage would be set for massive carnage if someone had the will to do that. A bomb or other arson would make all of the armed teachers likely irrelevant. The fact that these vast pools of potential victims are ALSO being bombarded with socialist and other bullshit each and every day… that’s the real problem to start with.

      Solution: each family is responsible for both the education and the safety of their own children.


  3. Darkwing says:

    According to the numbers, you have a 450% better chance to be murdered by a cop than a mass shooting. There was an armed cop at the school at the time. Local cops and the FBI were told about the kid last Sept. Until I see the crime scene photos, this could be another Sandy Hook. According to Fox news the photos taken by the students were to bad to be on TV, they said the same thing about Sandy Hook


    • MamaLiberty says:

      The supposed “guard” was a coach, and he was not armed. A single person, even armed, can not protect 3,000 students. But a decent number of armed teachers and other staff could have stopped this nonsense cold immediately. All the calls for more “gun control” ignore the fact that this “school” had all and more of the gun control they are screaming for… And children of all ages are being killed and injured in a thousand other ways every day without a call to “ban” anything else.

      But given the incompetence of police and the malevolence of the media, it is no wonder we don’t have any trust in what we are being told about these things. Will the actual facts ever be presented? Probably not. Photos can be altered, of course…


      • tpolnathan says:

        According to some reports, the “police resource officer” (euphemism for uniformed bully to back up the teachers and staff in their bullying) wasn’t even on-site, and as Mama points out, the assistant coach-cum-security guard was not only NOT armed but spent his time taking a freshman student to safety (after the freshman supposedly saw the killer loading his gun in a hallway and was warned off by him) and then returned to the campus where he was killed trying to shield some girls. I do not question his bravery but I do question both his sanity and competence: apparently (according to the boy he took to safety) he did not notify anyone else. Of course, the story itself is not exactly credible: why would the killer wait until he was in the school to either load a magazine or insert a magazine in the rifle he supposedly was using? At least two “live” interviews with female students claimed that they were with the killer in a hallway and heard shots some distance away – and that the killer was not armed. (Perhaps I should say, “supposed and confessed killer.”)

        As Mama points out, even a half-dozen armed people – teachers, staff, administrators, could have prevented or at least quickly ended the killing spree in much less than six minutes (which is the time claimed).

        (That time is also bizarre, to my way of thinking. Shooting two dozen people in that time, with a semi-auto pistol or rifle is not difficult, in a crowded situation like that. But why would the killer suddenly stop shooting and killing, abandon his weapon(s), and walk to a WalMart Subway and then to a McDonalds? And not be noticed for several hours? This school (insanely large) was not in some rural area with few LEO and great distances: there were cops all over the area and surely dozens if not hundreds or thousands of people with cell phones who could have called dispatch – cops could have arrived within 2 or 3 minutes!)


      • MamaLiberty says:

        Sadly, we may never know what actually happened, let alone why. Leaving the responsibility to schools, teachers, cops and so forth requires us to trust them for the truth. We know that is a vain trust. People who truly want a workable solution to these tragedies must reclaim full responsibility for themselves and their children, for their education and safety. Nothing else will do any good, and all the rest leads only to the police state control becoming ever deeper.


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