Lincoln – Truth and Consequences

By MamaLiberty

Yesterday, Feb. 12, was listed on my calendar as Lincoln’s birthday. I didn’t notice it then, even went to the county library – which was open! These past “presidents” don’t get much attention these days, since so many people are working overtime bitching about the current one… but we might all benefit from a critical analysis of those in the past. If we look at the true history, of course. The government indoctrination camps continue to present Lincoln and many others as saints and humanitarians, when they were anything but…

If you want the real skinny on Lincoln, this article is a good start.

America’s Most Deified Politician . . .
By Thomas DiLorenzo

Lincoln was by far the most hated, despised, and reviled of all American presidents during his lifetime, as historian Larry Tagg documents in The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln: America’s Most Reviled President.  His deification was the posthumous work of the Republican Party propaganda machine.

Lincoln was very careful with his language when he explained to the world in his first inaugural address and other speeches that he was willing to enshrine slavery explicitly in the text of the Constitution (with the “Corwin Amendment”), but that he would invade any state that refused to collect the newly-doubled federal tariff tax and send the proceeds to Washington, D.C.  So-called “Lincoln scholars” lie though their teeth about this, in other words.

Lincoln’s invasion of the “free and independent” Southern states, as all states are called in the Declaration of Independence, was the very definition of treason under Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution,which defines treason as “only” levying war upon the United States, or giving aid and comfort to “their” enemy.  The word “their,” signifying the states in the plural, means treason is waging war against South Carolina, Virginia, etc.

Read the rest here.

Now, while all of this is very true, both “governments” were vast pools of arrogance and evil, engaging in the worst actions of tyrants everywhere. In a fight supposedly because of slavery, both sides were happy to enslave untold numbers of men by conscription, to destroy vast areas with plunder and arson, to murder men, women and children merely because they were in the way…

The common theme was that both sides wanted total control of the people and their property. The Confederate insanity is not justified by the Union insanity – or the other way around. The problem was non-voluntary government control, the root of all evil.  And, unfortunately, nobody really “won” that war. We are all virtual slaves now because it was fought at all – with ample help from Lincoln and everyone like him.

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4 Responses to Lincoln – Truth and Consequences

  1. beau says:

    Jefferson is denigrated, lincoln (small letter intended) is deified. given the current state of this nation, there is no surprise here that the centralizing oppressor is championed over the advocate of individual freedom. at some point, in some part of “post USA”, Jeffersonian principles will be applied once more. the time is coming for refreshing the tree of liberty.


  2. Unclezip says:

    And Jeff Sessions just pissed off every Southern Boy and Girl in America: here’s a reply fon Free North Carolina:


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Indeed, the war of Northern aggression was not just about slavery. It was about control… as is every “war” and other government action, function and wet dream. Both sides fought for control, the south no less than the north. Lincoln’s government wanted control of everything and everyone. The confederate government wanted complete control over their own states, perhaps, but that is not much different. There is no indication that the confederate government was at all concerned with individual liberty and autonomy – any more than was the north. The sadistic and evil actions of both governments, toward their enemies and fellow countrymen, cannot be denied. The fact that Lincoln was hated and feared on both “sides” is telling, but one wonders why he was allowed to carry out his tyranny then.

      Booth botched it… if Lincoln had been killed four years earlier, our entire history might be very different. Lincoln didn’t “free” any slaves at all. He made sure everyone in the country was ultimately a slave to government.


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