Those evil GOP congressmen

By Nathan Barton

Warning: This is satirical in the extreme.  Be warned.

Second warning: ALL congressmen, even those who claim to be at least somewhat libertarian – minarchists at heart, I guess – are evil to some degree.  Evil properly being defined as the absence of good – of godliness. Anyone who believes that it is right to use physical force or the threat of force to make someone do something, or for any reason other than in response to aggression against yourself or someone else, is ungodly to some degree, and therefore evil.  Be warned.

Those evil, evil GOP types in Congress.  Not content to try to take political control of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice and subvert them to their own evil ends.  Not content to pass tax relief bills which provide peanuts in tax relief for 99% and billions for the 1% (or so the Dems claim). Not content to turn the FedGov into a theocracy. Not content to abuse millions of innocent children of illegal immigrants by refusing them free rides for everything. No, these evil monsters with their pockets stuffed full of NRA and Koch cash, while stuffing interns and worse, are now killing good, honest, hardworking American trash workers, and going out from their luxury train to pretend to render first aid while they can enjoy the worker’s death close up.  AND using good, American-government-run railroad trains to do it.

How much more evil and ghastly can these GOP ghouls be?  They want to force women to die in back-alley abortions.  They want to force women to pay for their own birth control, and men to pay for their own condoms.  They want to corrupt the FBI into getting (and providing) false information about their political opponents.  They want to let Russia (and no doubt China, India, and Poland) to meddle with our elections.  They don’t want to keep Putin from winning in Russia.

And if they are killing trash truck workers today, what is next tomorrow? Pizza delivery boys?  Girl Scouts selling Girl Scout Cookies? The possibilities are endless – and sickening.

Keep in mind this video is produced by a genuine conspiracy theorist – nut case type person.

So not just are they killing trash truck workers, they are POLLUTING the pristine lands of Virginia.  Virginia is proof of how states and governments can redeem themselves from the evils of slavery and secession to become good blue states filled with loving and eco-sensitive, Gaea- and same-sex- loving voters and their leaders.  Clearly, the GOP hates such a thing, such a place.  So they pollute it – and then they fake the news about it.  Maybe they didn’t go out and render first aid – maybe they went out to enjoy the blood and feast on the dying man.

Enough is enough.  We MUST rid our land of these evil GOP types, or get blisters and hoarse voices from trying.

WARNING – End of satire.

The real truth here, and the real concern, is not how much more evil the GOP is than the Dems – but that they are BOTH evil.  Not for going out and killing random trash truck guys or from being literal blood-sucking ghouls.

But for initiating force and condoning, supporting, and encouraging the killing (directly and indirectly) of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people around the world and right here in the US, by government agencies.  And not fighting with every means at their disposal to prevent the killing of innocent unborn children by the millions every year for decades.  And by enslaving to one degree or another every American – even themselves.

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, by giving these aggressive people permission to “prevent” abortion “with every means at their disposal,” one is actually authorizing the entirety of the non-voluntary government power to control the lives and property of everyone. Nobody can have it both ways. The non-voluntary government is either illegitimate, and has no authority… or they are the masters and can do whatever they want.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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