Welcome to New Boss, Same as Old Boss…

By MamaLiberty

The media, internet and neighborhood conversations are filled with every sort of commentary, boasting, celebrations, protests, analysis, predictions and general hand wringing. I’ve lived through a great many national elections, starting with Eisenhower, and pretty much all the same things have gone on each time, by someone. That this year’s political circus has been more vicious, filled with more stupidity, lies and hubris, I won’t deny. But it is a difference in intensity, not of kind.

The real problem is that all electoral politics are the enemy to individual liberty. All politicians, and all the people determined to keep the ball rolling for them, want to control the lives and property of other people. All of those who support them, cheer them on, and vote for them, somehow believe that they have legitimate authority to do so. They insist that the “boss” they want is the best for everyone… and some are willing to commit violence, vandalism and even murder to promote that.

And that’s the bottom line. Instead of self ownership, self responsibility and actual liberty, these folks (good, bad and indifferent) merely want a different “boss” to control the lives of others. And when the SWAT raid comes to their own house and family, and the latest “environmental” nonsense destroys their jobs, the only thing most seem to think of is that they need a different boss.

Well, folks, a more or less different boss is about to ascend the American throne. Cut all the rhetoric and grandstanding, and he looks very much like many who occupied the “boss” throne before. He has a wonderful plan for our lives and property, and nobody is going to deny him that power, whatever fluffy garments he might conceal it with.

He’s already willing to “compromise” and “work with” those who wish to continue the horror that is Obummercare. Did you really think the new boss was going to eliminate that scourge from our lives? Or any others?

Good luck, America. You are going to need it.

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5 Responses to Welcome to New Boss, Same as Old Boss…

  1. Rocketman says:

    I think that the election of Trump is going to greatly speed up the break up of the USA. Maybe we libertarians can finally have a nation of our own that doesn’t have someone who’s insane running it. If California and Oregon do split and Texas forms it’s own republic then we should claim the states of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho calling it the Jefferson Republic. That will give us plenty of room to grow and prosper.


  2. H.J. Halterman says:

    Well, we may at least be better off so far as some local offices are concerned, with those holding those offices less inclined to overreach even if all the actions of those recently placed in office aren’t quite up to their advertising. And we’re certainly no worse off than with what might have happened.

    In my own old home state of Indiana, I’ve been working very hard to keep the Hillary supporters and fellow travelers out of the state office vacated by Indiana Governor, now Vice-President elect Mike Pence. And in the Senate Judiciary Committee, former Democrat IN Senator and tw0-term IN governor Evan Bay will not be sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee to rubberstamp Hillary’s choices for the supreme court; Mr. Bayh was defeated by former Navy and Marine officer Todd Young. I’m impressed with Mr. Young, and hope that he can in fact pull off the promises and claims he made.

    In the boy scouts, we were taught to always leave a campsite cleaner and better than we found it. I came to Indiana in 1965 as a high school junior, and though I’ve left for periods of military service, employment and education over the years, it’s been my home.

    Time for a change: it’s my intention to observe the inauguration of President Trump around 70 days from now from my new home in Wyoming. Sure weather or circumstance can skunk my plans as they have a couple of times before, but I’m kind of glad they did, considering the eventual results achieved. I’ll be meeting old friends in my new home state, and making some new ones, learning new ways of doing some things and appreciating new scenery and history.

    My pals call me Archy.


  3. JdL says:

    Well said, ML.


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  5. Darkwing says:

    I am waiting for the Electoral College to speak, then I will watch the dren hit the fan. Bush got his second term by the EC, right now Clinton has got the popular vote and the EC meets in Dec. If it goes to Clinton, Tramp, sorry Trump, will be cut off at the knees and a lot of the sheeple that think Trump is a G-d will be put down. Time will tell. But you are right, nothing will change but the people who really run the country are still in pulling the string.


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