Oh, oooh! Where can I donate?

By Nathan Barton

Actually, that is a rhetorical question… the website is [yescalifornia.org] and the donate button is right there at the top, slightly to right of center. Which is NOT where the backers and organizers of this secession movement are, politically. Nor do they fall anywhere at the 50-50 or higher level on either the Nolan Chart or the Pournelle Chart.

But they want to have a vote on secession of the State of California from the Union in the Spring of 2019, and to me, that is a grand idea. LET THEM GO. AND GOOD RIDDANCE. What can I do to help them?

Yes, I understand that the Forty-Nine States will be poorer without California. For a while. But as California quickly becomes the latest version of the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Venezuela, we will soon see a situation where one of the key food-producing and manufacturing regions of the continent becomes a hellhole where medical care is free, but you can’t find toilet paper and the New California Dollar (or Credit or Cali?) follows the path of the pre-Hitler Reichsmark and the Zimbabwe dollar, and Nevada and Arizona both consider walls to protect them from those trying to escape (if they have to build one, since the Tranzi regime of California will no doubt build one to stop the brain-drain while telling their subjects it is to prevent the poor American masses from seeking the “freedom” and “prosperity” of New California.

It will repeat the lessons of history. Although we are constantly reminded that one in eight Americans lives in California (and probably one in five border jumpers) and California is the world’s sixth biggest economy, we know how quickly that can and has changed: look at Venezuela, again, or Argentina, or South Africa or even the UK. And as in all those places, we can be certain that the elite, the politicians and the other parasites in California will make all the wrong decisions and double down on disaster.

Meanwhile, missing California’s 55 electoral votes, 2 senators, and 53 congresspeople, the remaining states may have some hope of even restoring the old Republic. Hopefully the Free State projects in Wyoming and New Hampshire will extend welcoming arms to the many libertarians who will seek new homes. I’d like to think enough of them are smart enough to get out before the checkpoints and concertina on their side of the border go up. (Although there are a few, I realize, especially those who take pride in the term “left libertarian” who will stay in-state, believing the so-called liberties of homosexual preferences, anti-racist racism, recreational cannabis use but only when sold by highly regulated crony capitalists, and picking and choosing which offensive acts and words are acceptable and which must be made illegal, to be adequate replacements for liberties of religion, speech, keeping and bearing arms.

Business Insider reported about the rapid explosion of popularity following Tuesday’s elections, and expanded on it a few days later, reporting that the movement is both being supported by a number of Silicon Valley nerd-capitalists and imitating a popular post-apocalyptic game (Fallout) which portrays the New California Republic as the only salvation for a nuclear-ravaged America controlled by warlords, religious fanatics, and other evils – a “democratic” government which has demonstrated a level of aggression and control of its own “free people” that rivals even that of the real-world FedGov or Soviet Union.

So why am I supporting the secession movement? Of course, part of it is that freed of HAVING to put up with Californian politicians and celebrities and their ilk, the other Forty-Nine States will have a rebirth of true freedom: freedom from government and political correctness and ramming YOUR life-style and YOUR culture down the throats of the rest of us. And I agree with many of the points that Bob Livingston makes at Personal Liberty, including his last: if the tyrant Lincoln had left the 11-13 states of the South alone, the Tranzis would not have to put up with so many awful “red states” today!

And not only will we be without all those progressive types that now live in California, but I expect millions of “blue-staters” will decide to move to California to enjoy the wonders of an unfettered Tranzi regime and society and economy. Leaving the other Forty-Nine States (well, maybe not all of them: there are some for which there will still be no hope) much better off.

But it is also because I think that a successful VOTE by California to secede will quickly be followed by a dozen other efforts. And because I think the Deep State will react and overreact to the attempt to secede (as did Lincoln, the Spanish, and the Brits), and try to put it down with extreme prejudice – and I’d rather the war be fought in California than in Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. But California secession will almost certainly lead quickly to efforts to do so by Alaska, Texas, Vermont, New Hampshire and maybe other states. And it will trigger efforts in parts of California itself to split off: Jefferson in the far North, for instance. All of this will weaken the increasingly-totalitarian government – not just in the rest of the continent, but ultimately in California itself.

This is because a progressive-Tranzi-leftist government in California will fail utterly, and fairly quickly. Its expansion of socialism will quickly lead to shortages and inequities which will be “fixed” by yet more socialism, and outright communism. Ayn Rand’s forecasts will no doubt quickly be realized; the good people (and there are many in California) will either get out or go Galt.

So let California go its own way. It will be painful for a while for the rest of us – but horrible for a long time for those Californians so eager for this: parasites stupid enough to buy into this AND stay there.

Mama’s Note: If this can happen, the entire world will be a different place… but the politicians and their supporters still control the “voting” process. Secession will have a real chance if ordinary people decide now to vote with their wallets and feet, to refuse to comply with the nonsense, and work together for mutual benefit and defense. It’s not going to happen in a vacuum of electoral politics.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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2 Responses to Oh, oooh! Where can I donate?

  1. richard says:

    The land and coast of California is spectacularly beautiful. The weather is glorious such to the extent that it beckons and promulgates burgeoning economies. These things would be enough to make the argument that the state should remain within the Union. Even if armed rebellion is required to ensure this.

    Yet far and above argument thus made is the consideration of a domino effect among the several states. One, only the border states may succeed from the Union, that a country cannot exist within a country. As CA goes, NV would then become a border state. Already there are agitators in various states chomping at the bit to not flee but tear down the USA. It is not too difficult to imagine the states developing the misperception that succession would be the ultimate victory in the age old battle between the federal and state governments.

    Two, with the states then become countries, what could we expect on the NA continent? More than a patchwork of countries a la Europe, we would see a patchwork of ideologies. The latter is much troubling.

    In actuality, the people of each state/country would experience a great loss. Strength in unity, et al, is gone, forfeited on the tide of leftist ‘liberalism’. The current cries for centralized power effected at the state level will soon allow for a hegemony which itself would tend to make easier an elite few to rule their feckless people.

    The talk in California is the state bears too large a burden at the hand of the federal gov therefore the solution is to rid itself of the load through succession. Yet rapidly. more rapidly when at the state level, the same condition would prevail. I predict nothing than a fiefdom under Soviet-style rule.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Yes, the same conditions would prevail… as long as people think they must have someone to “rule” them, and believe those rulers have some kind of legitimate authority to do so. Nothing will really change.

      But do you truly think that you – YOU- will be better off with rulers, their rule filled with the inevitable force and theft? I’m sorry if you do… but you simply cannot choose that as best for me, or anyone else.


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