Election aftermath: an update

By Nathan Barton

It’s Friday morning, and the news reports that anti-Trump protests have continued to spread (CNN). Police (rightly or wrongly) have declared the protests in Portland, Oregon, to be a “riot.” Protesters in Oakland have begun using Molotov cocktails on buildings and police; in various places new cars still in the dealer’s parking lots have been attacked and destroyed. Freeways are being blocked. “Anarchists” are blamed for some of the violence, but it does seem more accurate to describe many of these protests as riots, and certainly NOT as “peaceful” or “non-violent.” And the violence does not seem to be coming just from the police riot squads.

The American media cherry-picks a Trump tweet that the protests are “unfair,” and joins with European media in stating that “Anger has won,” condemning Trump as stupid, inexperienced, incompetent, a liar, racist, sexist, xenophobic “shady billionaire” and blaming him and his stupid, primitive supporters for everything.

I’ve had a number of people tell me that (a) this is what was expected, and (b) that if Trump had lost, it would be HIS supporters out there protesting and rioting. In the first, they are right: a lot of people expected a lot more violence, and to actually start on election day. (More on that, later.) But I challenge their assertion that Trump supporters would be doing this if he’d lost (or been reported as losing).

The difference between the so-called “right wing” supporters of Trump and the left-wing Tranzi force which has supported Clinton is the difference between the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Movement: one stayed very peaceful and non-violent, but the Occupy groups quickly became externally and internally violent and disruptive. Although there was lots of rhetoric about how horrible the Fifty States would have become in a Clinton II regime, most opponents of the Dems in this election did not even repeat most of the most damning and horrific accusations against her and her gang (pedophilia, human trafficking, murder-by-hire, massive peculation in Haiti and elsewhere). And certainly, most of the attacks made in general about Clinton were backed up by documentary evidence, and few were proven to be complete fabrications or obvious twisting of words out of context the way so many (still believed by opponents and the media) were about Trump. And it is hard to believe that the right-wing supporters of Trump (who is not himself a “right-winger” except in the fevered imagination of the demagogues and those who are brainwashed by them) would have been quite so open about calling for the killing of Clinton – nor have been ignored by either the Secret Service or the media or even most Republicans. Certainly not the way that the Democratic leadership and the White House is ignoring the hundreds of social media calls for Trump’s killing.

But there is another important point about these protests and riots. These are NOT in support of Clinton, nor of the Democratic Party (although most participating claim to be “for” Clinton (or “for” Sanders)). No, they are AGAINST Trump. And his supporters. Which makes the stupidity of the protests, especially the blocking of roads and vandalism of stores and vehicles almost beyond belief. These incidents are occurring in states which voted FOR Clinton, and in the heart of urban areas which a county-level election map and tables shows went very strongly for Clinton as well: 70-80 percent or more. The drivers inconvenienced by the road blocks, and the owners of those stores and vehicles have a very high probability of being those who not just voted FOR Clinton, but supported her campaign and those of other Tranzis. The protesters are attacking their own. (Again, this is something that theoretical disappointed Trump protesters would not be likely to do.

Which makes those of us who are lovers of liberty even MORE concerned about having to deal with the irrational, hate- and fear-driven people doing these things. And even more will tend to drive the conservatives (especially the neo-cons) to support and encourage the growth of the police state that these rioters fear).

By the way, the rationality of the anti-Trump crowd and their own disregard for their own self-interests is shown in this one series of incidents: “Trump haters” are burning their New Balance brand sneakers, because New Balance has suggested that American trade policy will move in the right direction under Trump, as reported by World Net Daily. Can anyone explain how burning a pair of shoes YOU already bought and paid for is harming the manufacturer or seller of that pair of shoes? Really?

For those who love liberty, the best course of action (not necessarily one even I will follow completely) is to avoid confrontations, which means avoiding these areas; the urban areas as a whole, but especially the vicinity of the college and high school campuses, the “minority areas” and the freeways and railways nearest them, especially (but not only) in the so-called blue states. The other, typical suggestions, apply as well. Keep yourself alert and armed, together with your family and your friends and neighbors. Be prepared to respond to help each other and do so in as non-threatening a way as possible. Don’t depend on government to help, at least not in an effective way. And don’t let the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” mindset suck you under. Trump is no more a friend of liberty than his opponents were and are.

CAVEAT AND NOTICE: Lest anyone think that I am a Trumpista, let me quote and agree with Dave Gonigam at LFB, “…anyone who seeks the power that comes with the presidency is by definition a sociopath. (Ron Paul ran for the office, but he was not seeking the power that comes with it.) So no, we won’t lay off Trump or anyone else — …”

I didn’t vote and don’t support the lesser of two evils. We face serious problems and must be prepared to fight for our liberty.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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