Cold and Cold Running Mud

By MamaLiberty

First light at 6:10 AM. Mountain standard time, Newcastle, Wyoming. Sunrise at 7:30 AM, a few scattered clouds fast fading from pink and black to white. Most of the last snow melted yesterday, and we will now have cold and cold running mud until the next snow and temperature drop – after which we will have lots of frozen mud, on pretty much everything just as with every other year.

Mr. Trump has certainly taken a stick to every hornet’s nest and ant hill he can reach, so far, and there is great promise that this statist bar brawl can at least shine a light on some of the real problems. Unfortunately, an awful lot of people are cheering the new destruction and power grabs, seemingly grabbing onto the slogans and hype, instead of seriously considering the implications for individual liberty or justice.

Karen Kwaitkowski has some excellent points in her latest article:

Trump is the Perfect President  
By Karen Kwiatkowski

Those who love the glory of the state, adore its power and enjoy its parental aura, have built and supported the state we have.  Donald Trump is the perfect man to lead it.

I certainly hope that he might also be the perfect president to destroy it.

Either way, I see nothing worth complaining about.  Our energies should be spent on living freely, prospering and helping others to do so.  We should pay attention to the teeth-gnashing of the ruling, chattering and echo-chamber classes only so far as it informs us on potential vulnerabilities of the state that we may use practically, and as teachable moments.


I’m afraid that all politics is merely a giant game of “musical chairs.” The fight is actually between different factions that want to take control. Mr. Trump is no exception, and all the rhetoric to the contrary is simply more kabuki theater. His campaign promises were frightening with serious potential to harm our liberty more than it has ever been. Unfortunately, he’s keeping a lot of those promises. So far, he’s added a major tax, yet repealed none. He’s not touched a single one of the 20,000 “gun laws” yet, and likely will not. The repeal of Obummercare has become a three ring circus, and the “replacement” will very likely be as bad or worse. Trump doesn’t seem to understand anything about economics, let alone the free market… and so forth and so on.  But he’s not playing nicey-nice with the usual cabal of predators and fools, and sometimes this gets very amusing because it shows more clearly the lines of power and influence in government, and they are all having the vapors because he grins and puts a knife in their balloon once in a while. Very entertaining, at the least.

Just remember that when some people are given power over other people, especially against their will, tyranny is the inevitable result. Every  Single  Time.

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1 Response to Cold and Cold Running Mud

  1. Darkwing says:

    Power corrupts, I have seen this with every president since LBJ Prior to that I was unsure of anything


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