Lies, More Lies, and Lying Some More

A great article by Vin Suprynowicz. If his blog is not on your regular reading list, now is a good time to start! Vin lays it all out here, with some excellent links to serious documentation of the lies and propaganda. MamaLiberty

The pollsters lied, the media lied, Hillary lied, America elects Donald Trump president, and the media respond by . . . lying some more

The Associated Press is losing clients left and right -– both newspapers that are just plain going out of business, and newspapers that are deciding to concentrate on local news and stop wasting paper re-printing the Politically Correct national and international AP guff out of New York and Washington.

If the AP and our other “legacy media” want to survive at all, it might behoove them the look at the map of last night’s election –- the COUNTY map — and see if they can’t fill at least 25 percent of their newsroom desks (half would be better) with writers who don’t hail from those tiny little blue islands of redistributionist tyranny — fill them with some Americans who haven’t spent their entire formative lives in Washington, New York, New Haven or Boston, who are willing to speak to the other half of America on these issues, in Politically Incorrect plain English.

Kind of like, you know . . . Donald Trump.

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