The election aftermath: Irrational reactions and our reaction to them

By Nathan Barton

On the day after the 2016 election for Massa, colleges and universities across the nation had to begin treating students for PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (or perhaps more accurately Post-Trump Stress Disorder). It seems their students are fearful of a post-American world because the election of Donald Trump has “destroyed America” and they are certain that Trump supporters will round them up and “put them down” for being women or minorities or immigrants or just supporters of “Crooked Hillary.” Some state that they are “absolutely terrified” and are searching for places of refuge. Many do not understand why this horrible thing has happened.

The College Fix provides numerous articles reporting from Cornell University and American University (in DC) to high schools in Oakland and Los Angeles. There are professors canceling exams or classes completely because their students are “traumatized” and need time to cry to mourn for their loss. Other universities created special, emergency “safe places” where students could get emotional help to deal with their stress and be safe from the mobs of rampaging Trump voters. Some held “wakes” for dead democracy or social freedom or tolerance, where the students crying and making posters were watched over and comforted by “adults” – presumably professors as one article suggested.

One of Lady Susan’s favorite expressions, “snowflakes,” to describe these college students, comes to mind. Especially since most college students are eighteen or older, and therefore are supposed to be “adults” themselves. And since many of them sported “I voted” stickers and were proud of voting for Hillary, they were “adults” (18 or older) (or had voted illegally). Except, of course, in Tranzi-land where you are not an adult until you have a college degree and have moved out of your parents’ house.

Of course, their fears and anguish were little different from the reactions of others much older than them and out in the “real world” – at least the real world of the East Coast and West Coast Tranzi-lands. Reading and hearing some of the comments and expressions of horror and disbelief stated and posted by Clinton and Stein and Saunders supporters as the election returns came in makes you understand how much they differ from traditional American mentality and attitudes, and from the average Trump supporter. As do the posts on Twitter and Facebook which openly call (and even beg) for someone to kill Trump, preferably in the next two months. Or call for violent action against those who voted for Trump. Many people seem to fear that some kind of Trump-stapo will swoop down on them and beat, imprison, deport, or kill them.

All this may be tied to the growing number of protests by “adults” and collage students and high school students against the evil Donald, from Boston to Los Angeles. Many of which have spread well beyond the campuses to city and other government buildings, business areas, and even freeways. Freeways and other roads and streets have been blocked off. Trash cans and dumpsters have been set afire, and there are scattered reports of vehicles and people (especially those with Trump stickers or buttons) being attacked. Other violence has been reported. Indeed, Fox News reports that increasingly violent protests and riots have spread to 25 cities, and include attacks on police, Trump supporters, and Trump property. CNN claims only 10 cities and “mostly peaceful” protests, although the actual article details both widespread violence and far more than 10 locations.

I do not know if these will continue to grow in size and area or not. Since there were not any major incidents overnight, I had hoped that maybe common sense and a love for peace might prevail. But it appears I was wrong. A year and a half of increasingly vicious campaigning has further damaged society and the failed political system we have to endure. Years of propaganda masquerading as education are now producing their evil fruit: these “snowflakes” who believe the lies of an unindicted felon and traitor and her minions and co-conspirators and fellow murderers. They are the “baby” elites (or perhaps just the replacement generation for their key servitors) and like the generations going back to the baby-boomer hippie peace movement types of the late 1960s and early 1970s (which include their goddess Hillary) will grow up (assuming that they DO grow up physically if not in maturity) to further disturb and damage society.

At the same time, not ALL of the panicked reaction is bad. A group called New California has re-energized its effort to get California to secede and leave the Union, which to me is not at all a bad thing – at least not for the other 49 states. Indeed, an attitude of “good riddance to bad rubbish” might be appropriate. But the advocates for secession obviously have some serious mental problems of their own: among other things, they claim that California has no influence on national politics and has not for 140 years. Those 55 electoral votes mean nothing: just (today at least) an assured 25% of the needed votes for a Tranzi to become president.

Indeed, the last 48 hours (and really, months and years before this) shows in their own words how the Tranzi elites and their minions and henchpeople have no ability or willingness to observe, rationally examine, and then take reasonably proper actions to respond to the stimuli – the WORLD! – around them. They don’t understand (or so many of them claim) why this disaster has fallen on “their” America (the Fifty States and the rest of FedGov empire), even though the rest of us see why all too well. Fortunately for lovers of liberty and even true conservatives, there is no real reason to fear these people – as long as we prepare to deal with their insanity as necessary.

Mama’s Note: My hope is that more and more people will see that neither Trump, nor anyone else, can “save” America or give them relief from the monster non-voluntary government they’ve “enjoyed” for so long. The only ultimate answer for tyranny is to stop believing that non-voluntary government has any legitimate authority to do anything at all. When people take back ownership and control of their own lives and property, responsibility for their choices and actions, and give up the idea that they can or even should control the lives of others… then they will be on the path toward individual liberty and justice for all.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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