Bait and Switch: Politics as Usual

By MamaLiberty

President Trump: With tax reform we can make it morning in America again

With my plan in place, jobs will grow, family incomes will rise and we will make America great again.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Read the whole thing. It would be encouraging if not for the fact that so much is not even mentioned.

There is not a single word in this description of the plan that calls for serious cuts in spending! Not a word addressing the obscene “national debt” or the ongoing deficit. Or the massive corruption in every government “budget” from Washington D. C. to the smallest “incorporated” crossroads community.

The corruption is, of course, the purely criminal control of most people and their property by a few who assume they have the authority to do so. And, sadly, the majority of the victims have been conditioned to accept that bogus “authority,” even when they don’t like what is being done to them. The idea that they can somehow “elect” others to rule, and then somehow control those rulers themselves… defies all rational thinking.

Nothing should prevent people from coming together in voluntary association and cooperation, working voluntarily to achieve their goals… whether it was the building of roads and bridges, or defending themselves from an invasion. Ordinary people can, and would, establish all kinds of relationships with each other – including doctors and insurance companies – with only fraud and theft off the table. Good relationships with others do not require government theft or other redistribution of wealth and opportunity. Just freedom, the free market. And personal integrity, of course. Parasites and thieves don’t want universal liberty… they might get shot for their aggression.

The non-voluntary government has never done a particularly good job of anything, much less “taking care of people.” The politicians and bureaucrats work very hard to be sure no voluntary effort is possible for long – unless they are calling the shots, of course. At every level. Remember the people who were threatened with violence and jail for feeding the homeless? In some places, even the color and length of your grass, or whether you HAVE any grass, is subject to the whims of bureaucrats and politicians.

Why is the “debt ceiling” a joke to congress? Why is our “money” no longer worth the paper it is printed on? Why do the “public” schools, colleges and universities now teach little but communism and other insanity?

From where does any non-voluntary government get legitimate authority to dictate or provide health care, education, transportation, flights to the moon… anything?

Yes, Mr. Trump, a tax cut sounds like a nice little first step, but it can’t “Make America Great” all by itself, even if you really do believe it and want it. There is just so much more going on here.

End the wars on people. End the entitlements. End the wars on other countries. End the war on drugs, guns and everything else. Leave people to manage their own lives and defense, and be responsible for the consequences.

End the crazy idea that people are too stupid and evil to control their own lives, but smart and good enough to “vote” and choose others to do it for them. End the non-voluntary political charade. Then America can become truly great.

Readers, what do YOU think will make America “great?”

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4 Responses to Bait and Switch: Politics as Usual

  1. Darkwing says:

    No matter how much change there is, nothing changes. “What will make America great?”: reduce government by 60%,all government, remove all military from overseas, reduce congress pay by 90% and go back to the US Constitution as the rule of law, it will be a start


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