Did You Ever Wonder…

By MamaLiberty

Did you ever wonder why the most dysfunctional, irrational, irresponsible people so often believe that they know – and should control – what is best for everyone else?

Why so many people seem to think that responsibility for what they “feel” rests on others, and they are some sort of victim? Ah, and the rest of the professional victims of our failure to read their minds or cater to their every whim.

Why politicians and bureaucrats talk so much about government and “public service?” All I can think of when I hear that is what the bull does to “service” the cow. And he isn’t asking for her opinion either.

Why people line up around the block to mail their tax returns/payments on April 15, seemingly without much protest? I guess the lines are shorter now with the internet… but really. Why so many gripe at an increase in the cost of living, but don’t consider how much  taxes of all sorts contribute to that cost. Why is the high cost of food the farmer or grocer’s fault?

Why so many folks think that debt is some form of income? Or that they should have pretty much whatever they decide they want, on top of whatever they think they “need,” at someone else’s expense? Why they have a “right” to healthcare, and you/I have some obligation to pay for it?

Why do people think that “government money” is available to pay for everything and anything, seemingly out of thin air? Despite the fact that the feds seemingly can create false, fiat “money” from thin air, the government still doesn’t have a penny it doesn’t steal from those who produce the wealth… or their grandchildren someday.

Why so many people acknowledge that the stolen tax supported, government ruined schools are not good for children in general, but insist that the schools their own children attend are “good.”

Why the current “administration” is evil, terrible and anti-American, but the identical malfeasance of the previous administration was benevolent and good… or the reverse – depending on one’s political party affiliation, of course. And why, in this cycle, some of the “losers” are becoming violent and more dangerous than ever!

Ever wonder why children 50 years ago played outside from dawn to dusk – in the summer especially. Then at some point I missed noticing after my sons grew up, children began to spend more and more time with TV and their increasing number of gadgets… And THEN, suddenly, allowing children to play outdoors, with common things like dirt and sticks, brought the risk of kidnapping by CPS and jail time for parents? Think about it!

Why so many people are suddenly upset about “fake news,” when that’s pretty much all we’ve been given for the last 50 years, if not always. Why so many are suddenly angry to be told that this or that politician has lied to them… Oh really? Why didn’t they notice that all politicians lie? How do you know a politician is lying? When you see their mouths move. How old is that joke anyway?

And you know I could go on writing this stuff for a week. What do you wonder about? Tell us in the comments.

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1 Response to Did You Ever Wonder…

  1. Roger D says:

    Oh yea, the parents who parrot, ‘But the government schools my children attend are good.’ Translation: I’m too greedy for money, lazy, stupid or all-of-the-above to take responsibility for schooling their own children.


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