Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-11C: Crimea, Police State, ObummerCare

Good morning!  Lots of “nothing happening” in the Crimea, apparently, and the missiles haven’t flown (except that North Korea fired a bunch into the ocean for “training”).  So it is a good day!

Now that the Crimea’s people have “illegally” voted 95.5% in a turnout of 83% to secede from Ukraine and apply to Russia for annexation, we read in the Washington Times that Russia is to embrace Crimea ‘swiftly’; and that a poll shows Putin’s popularity soaring.  At the same time mockery greets the ‘messiah’s’ new sanctions against Russian officials after Crimea action. No, really?  His sanctions basically consist of yanking the visas of a few dozen wealthy or politically-influential Russians, who won’t be able to go to New York City to buy out the big Spring season sales.  (And just who will THAT hurt?)  Oh, and maybe not selling Pepsi to Russians (again, whose bottom line gets hurt?)  Wimp is not a harsh enough word, even if I think that truly taking any REAL action against Russia would be incredibly stupid.  Face it, even a few die-hard ‘messiah’ lovers are having second thoughts about the man, much less his vaunted advisors.

Despite this, some of the “lawmakers” in DC praise sanctions, say Obama must go further to curb Russian aggression.  Never mind the argument over whether what is going on in the Crimea is “Russian aggression” or self-defense by Crimean Russians, this sort of “America, right or wrong” reaction again illustrates how worthless Congress has become.

Worse, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) urged the ‘messiah’ on Monday to install anti-ballistic missiles in Eastern Europe as a counter to Russian actions in Ukraine, calling the administration’s newly announced sanctions an insufficient response to the crisis.  Of course, the WaPo and others crowed about this “support” for the insane excuse for foreign policy.  Cruz just proves he would be no different than any of the last half-dozen or so presidents, if elected: the problem and NOT a solution.  (I wonder, did Cruz ever stop to contemplate the similarities between Texas and the Crimea, and between 2014 and 1836?)

On to some local, stateside news:

Are cops getting even MORE arrogant and desperate?  It would seem so, based on an incident in Maryland a few days ago, when heavily armed police stalked down the highway between hundreds of cars in a roadblock on I-270, looking for bank robbers.   They found them, but only by again proving that more and more of the Fifty States are pure and simple police states.  Sadly, I fear too many people are willing to support the cops in this sort of terrorism because they were successful.  Mama’s thoughts: Of course, the ideal solution would have been for the bank folks to pull a gun on the robber, and have half a dozen or more customers backing them up. Don’t think there’d be too many bank robberies if that were the norm -or even happened occasionally. [Referring to another story: Pizza delivery woman thwarts armed robbery by pulling her own gun] How many other pizza delivery people in that part of NC will be held up any time soon? I wonder. And no, the “end” does not justify the means.

The administration announced Monday that more than 5 million people have signed up for new ObummerCare insurance plans under the health-care law, suggesting new momentum for the program as the deadline to get covered this year approaches, or so the WaPo says.  Right.  Five out of thirty, while millions have LOST coverage due to this criminal Abominable Act.  When will we totally reject this unconstitutional, immoral, and illegal “act” as the piece of garbage that it is?

Mama’s Note: The sad part is that so much damage has already been done to what was even minimally functional in the medical and insurance industry that a repeal tomorrow would not solve the problems. It would take years to straighten out the mess, even if everyone involved had the best intentions and no further government nonsense was introduced.

No, whatever happens to “Obummercare,” legislatively, there is no going back. People will be forced to rely more and more on themselves and their families, communities. The free lunch is about over, and some are already suffering from the food poisoning that came with it.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Monday that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane could be parked somewhere unknown and potentially used as a giant bomb.  Gee, you might think that this guy was smart, but this idea was first floated midway last week, so all he is doing is copying someone else’s ideas.  (Of course, that DOES demonstrate above average intelligence for a Texan politician.)  I just get a kick out of reading all the conspiracy theories about what REALLY happened, knowing that there are so many political factions and so many groups of nutcases out there and knowing how many holes there are on this planet.  And I am not even talking about the really far-out theories.  I don’t mean to sound flippant about the lives of 200+ people, but their fate is almost certainly already decided, and like the people who died in the last few weeks in avalanches, recovery of the cast-offs (bodies) is about all we can hope for.

According to Eagle Rising, a group of New Yorkers gathered this weekend and burned about a thousand gun registration forms, or gun registration cards: the article is not clear, nor are the photos.  I applaud their courage to do so publicly, and to take a stand.  But I wonder if this really is an effective protest?  And I wish that alternative media would not confuse accuracy for enthusiasm.

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