The lonely and ultimately failed role of honest teachers

In writing the two recent commentaries on homeschooling, I was reminded of an incident recently in New Mexico, which dredged up some old and fond memories.

There is a lesson AND a moral to this tale, so bear with me.

Of all the various empresses and emperors (including the now-fallen Cuomo of New York, yea!) these Fifty States are saddled with during the last two years, the Empress of New Mexico ranks high up in odor and intolerance (and stupidity). Most recently, the New Mexico Public Department of Education has ordered ALL schools in the State to make everyone wear masks all the time: students, staff, teachers, administrators… and presumably schoolbus drivers, milk delivery workers, and parents.

At least ONE school district has rebelled.

Map of Floyd, NM, New Mexico
In the “wilderness” of Eastern New Mexico

It is a tiny one, on the edge of the vast Llano Estacado (Staked Plains): the town (a village in New Mexico law) has just 130 people: the school has 233 students.

The school board: five members, paid for their defiance, as reported by Fox News: “New Mexico’s Public Education Department suspended an entire school board on Wednesday after members resisted Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s mask mandate for children in the classroom. State regulators suspended the school board in response to a scuffle in a tiny village in Roosevelt County. Board members at Floyd Municipal Schools twice voted [unanimously] to ignore the state’s coronavirus mandate, the PED said in a statement. The board also placed the district’s superintendent on administrative leave after he disobeyed the board.”

The Empress (“Governor”) of New Mexico may be a Democrat by party, but she despises and rejects democracy in action, clearly. One-man rule is a reality in Eastern New Mexico, as autocratic as any Spanish governor or Mexican dictator. Because the State – rather, THE STATE – believes that IT and not parents know what is best for children. And will and DOES enforce that belief at the point of a gun.

Of course the people of Floyd and its surrounding farms and ranches are fighting it. Even though they know almost certainly that their elected Empress and her (literally murdering) thugs will win.

But they won’t stop fighting. Not even when the SJW from neighboring Portales’ Eastern New Mexico University (a state school, in which ALL students and faculty and staff must be vaccinated and where fear is proclaimed daily) come and protest against the evil anti-maskers and anti-vaccers. Not even when the State Police show up with their dogs and armored anti-riot cars show up to close off the streets (as they have done in Gallup and elsewhere.) And not even when the Roosevelt County Sheriff and his deputies show up, betraying their oaths and more because of the SJW and “Progressive” votes that got them elected.

At least, I do not think the people of Floyd will stop, even then. At least not without taking some of the so-called do-gooders and state security apparatus with them.

Because I know these people. Indeed, some of the school board are of an age with me – I may have known them when they they were six or seven and I was five, proud to be there in Floyd with my mother. Who like HER mother, back in the 1930s, taught school there at Floyd. We lived in Clovis (near family) but there was no kindergarten in those days, and I went with her as she taught. And I learned from her and other teachers: good teachers who had not yet been totally corrupted by an evil system of government-run, tax-funded schools. (My father, a veteran of the Korean War, was getting his degree in education and aeronautics at Portales, then a University proud of its veterans and its society and culture.)

The people of Floyd then were honest, God-fearing, and flag-waving, not knowing then how government would show its true colors, and Santa Fe and DC were far away. They knew that their children were learning from good, honest teachers supervised and led by local people elected for their wisdom and knowledge, not their political affiliations and wealth.

But… ultimately, the teachers failed. The next generations of teachers were of a generation that was spoiled and lazy, and prone to expect and demand an easy life, while rejecting their elders’ vision and wisdom. Further corrupted by the governmental excesses of the Great Society, warped by the radical socialist-communist-dominated anti-war movement of the late 1960s and 1970s, and the stench of government by the likes of Johnson and Nixon, Ford and Carter – and which gained power and prestige under the likes of Bill Richardson and his cronies and co-defendants.

The honest people of the next generations shied away from teaching, and left it to the so-called leftists. And so yet another generation was ruined. And another.

And now, we are left with this. A land once again under the “benevolent” hand of its autocratic rulers, who twist and bend law the way their brains were once warped. Who claim it is all about the children, while damning them to poverty, constant conflict and violence, and slavery.

At least by wearing masks the students of Floyd might not reveal their dismay and discouragement so much. And may be able to help their parents and grandparents fight against the evil pushed into their community.

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