Afghanistan has fallen – Are we next?

Kabul has fallen. Courtesy of TWO DECADES of American stupidity, after the premature deaths and maiming of tens of thousands Americans, Afghanis, and dozens of American allies. Every one, ultimately, totally wasted in the long term.

But the situation is far, FAR worse than just the failure of twenty years of lives, vast wealth, and incredible damage to lands, societies, and more.

Look at the scenes of incredibly frightened people – humans, no matter what their nationality – running alongside US aircraft (and sometimes UNDER them), falling hundreds of feet out of the sky from aircraft, while victorious thugs murder more and more as they celebrate their victory over the Great Satan.

Yes, I remember and can mentally compare the Fall of Saigon, nearly 50 years ago.

But this is far worse in so many ways. And looking at that airport, it could so very easily be Denver International Airport or Buckley Space Force Base on the edges of Metro Denver, and those people in long tunics and loose pants and turbans could be Coloradoans in jeans and tank tops and baseball caps. Or perhaps Dulles or Reagan National airports.

Why? Because the same STUPID politicians and political appointees and bureaucrats and military brass hats that were responsible for the bloody debacle in Afghanistan (and Mesopotamia and Libya and elsewhere) are “responsible” for defending Denver… and DC… and the rest of the Fifty States.

Because it is NOT just the lives taken, the lives wrecked by wounds and maiming, or the dollars (however fiat they are) or the value of equipment and supplies and energy wasted. It is the millions of man-years of effort to fight and build and provide assistance and teach and more that is wasted. We were stupid to invade, we were stupid in what we did and did not do, and we are even MORE stupid now, after twenty years.

Because it is NOT just the politicians and brass hats that are STUPID. It is the people here in the Fifty States that have not reined in these officials and “powers-that-be” and allowed them to DO this stupidity. We who did not come up with a way to effectively NOT just say “enough is enough” but take action to end the bloody stupid boondoggle.

Please do not mistake me. The Taliban (Disciples) are EVIL. ARE evil. The people of Afghanistan deserve liberty just as much as ANY people – even Americans – do. And yes, under man’s normal rules (not God’s), the elites who ruled Afghanistan were a threat to much of the world, and action was needed to remove them from power and keep them out of power. But the people of the West did NOT need “revenge” and did NOT need to do the things they allowed their leaders to do – to have this happen. (And now fail.)

In part, this is because the Taliban are NOT the only evils in Afghanistan. ALL Islam is evil, whether “fundamental” or “Islamofascist” or Shi’a or Sunni or whatever flavor. It is a perverted religion created by a perverted man and his followers and successors. And Afghani society, with its extreme tribalism, is evil: the treatment of women, the treatment of children – even the treatment of immoral people – is sickening in the eyes of God and should be in the eyes of men. But the weak will of the West – of a Europe and America and British Commonwealth no so ashamed of their past that they accept “diversity” and “tolerance” as a moral good – was demonstrated for 20 years in the beautiful land of the Afghani people. How? By refusing to teach them the truth about liberty and freedom and treating them in exactly the way that the Europeans and Americans (yes, even the LATIN Americans) did for centuries to their colonial possessions, their fringe cultures (so-called “indigenous peoples”) and those of their own people who desired liberty.

This is stupidity as evidenced in weakness. Weakness that has grown steadily for twenty years and more. Stupidity that dooms the United States of America, and the European Union, and the British Commonwealth – and ultimately, the world.

Because the entire Afghan “adventure” and especially this last failure of American (FedGov) policy and will is the result of arrogant stupidity and an abandonment of ANY pretense to trying to achieve American ideals. Which rejects all ideas of truth and personal responsibility and self-government. Which dooms the remnants of a superpower that is all that is left: a hollow shell.

American governments abandoned truth and liberty – and embraced ideologies that are corrosive and deadly. And what we see in Afghanistan today, we almost certainly will see in many of the Fifty States soon.

BUT perhaps not in EVERY state. If we fight now for our freedom, our liberty, for the ideals of “truth, justice, and the American way.” IF…

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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4 Responses to Afghanistan has fallen – Are we next?

  1. ZooT_aLLures says:

    Greetings there Nathan…..glad to see you’re carrying the torch


  2. David Bagwill says:

    Well said; in fact, VERY well said.


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