An extreme proposal to permanently deal with the reparation issue

It ain’t gonna go away. As the recent proposals of the Biden regime, and actions by various local governments shows, the entire idea of reparations for 350+ years of black slavery and 150- years of racism, segregation, etc. is NOT going to go away. But where are we going to get the $51 Trillion that Miz Kamala said needs to be shelled out?

A national lottery.

(Warning: tongue firmly in cheek.)

Go back seven generations (about 175 years). That is 128 ancestors, max (assuming no marriage of cousins). For each person in the United States, trace their ancestry back those seven generations. Figuratively, they get one white ball with their name on it for every ancestor who was in the United States in that seventh generation, who was NOT a slave or an Indian.

Then assume that 7th-gen ancestor was a slaveholder or tacitly accepted/supported it. That is back before the War Between the States, when there wasn’t much of an abolition movement. They made their choice back then: now let their descendants pay for it!

For each person in the United States, again they get one black ball for every ancestor who was a black (assume all slaves) in that 7th-gen back. That black ball doesn’t need their name on it – just a count of how many black balls each modern-day person with black (that is, slave) ancestry has.

For every modern-day person who has at least ONE black ball, pull a white ball out of the other pile for each black ball they have. Put the name on that ball on a list.

Take that list of people out and process them into soylent green. Confiscate EVERYTHING those people own. Sell that stuff, and divide the proceeds among all of the modern-day people based on the number of black balls they have (not counting those who had their white ball drawn, of course). Even it is is just pennies: don’t worry, it will add up quickly! Skim off ten percent for the government, to pay for the lottery, the processing, and such. And to pay off the national debt.

The advantages to this are many.

For one, the United States will instantly resolve ALL its overpopulation problems: I roughly estimate a minimum of 45 million white balls with different names will be pulled. Maybe as many as 100 million. That is a LOT of protein shake!

Second, the United States will be able to feed the entire world for decades, with proper preservation and distribution, of course. Like I wrote, that is LOT of protein drink.

Third, the majority – even the vast majority – of descendants of ANY one who might have been a slaveowner will be eliminated from the gene pool. The more likely that they have a slaveholding or slavery-supporting ancestor back in the woodpile, the more likely they are to get processed.

(Without punishing those who are descendants of people who emigrated to the United States after that time – or Indians who kept their blood pure. Yes, even those people who claim to be black now, but have some whitewash in their heritage somewhere. (Sure, they’ll claim it was rape, but that’s just an excuse.))

Fourth, it will ensure that the black people of today will inherit ALL the results of their ancestor’s slavery without having anyone around to argue otherwise. Reparations WILL be paid, and probably a lot more than the $51 trillion that Kamala Harris claims. It will become a nation in which Black Lives Matter very much, for even with all the Hispanic and Asian &Pacific Islander immigration in the last 175 years, there has been enough intermarriage to clean the gene pool up. Finally, all those descendants of white slaveowners will have been able to completely atone for their ancestors’ sins, with both their lives and their possessions.

See, isn’t that a neat idea? And relatively sanitary and non-destructive. Oh, I realize that there will be some who have their white balls picked that will try to resist. But we all know that all those guns out there can’t compete against the massive armaments of the US military.

It is truly a win-win, no? A true revolutionary change and solution for 500 years of racism, white supremacy, and worse.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to An extreme proposal to permanently deal with the reparation issue

  1. Darkwing says:

    If you are a freed slave and alive, you get $10,000. If you are descended from slaves, you get NOTHING.


  2. mikejavick says:

    i don’t’ wanna play..


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