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Technology for liberty 3 – Firearms and not-firearms

This news appeared a few days ago in Field & Steam: GOEX black powder may disappear because Hodgdon is shutting down its sole plant. To quote the article: “Given the fact that GOEX black powder is generally regarded as the … Continue reading

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Shots fired! Why we don’t need to panic

The app “NextDoor” is growing in popularity as a way of encouraging contact and making good neighbors.  But sometimes what is reported and discussed takes my breath away. A very recent example took place in and around Rapid City, South … Continue reading

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Facts about guns and using them here in the Fifty States

We can talk a LOT about “Freedom Technologies” as we did in a recent commentary, but one of the very foundational technologies to support and promote is an old one, constantly updated. Firearms. Guns. Personal weapons that do NOT require … Continue reading

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Guest column: Fire extinguishers and guns

Nathan’s notes:  I found this recently and want to share it.  I am posting this without Mr. Post’s permission, as Quora.com has very poor ways to contact people who write answers.  Mr. Post, if you object, please contact me and … Continue reading

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Wise words

By Nathan Barton A guest writer, Russian Stanislav Mishin, for JPFO, has some words of wisdom for us, based on his nation’s history for the last couple of centuries. Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate … Continue reading

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One Agency At A Time

By Nathan Barton US Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (X, XX) just introduced the “ATF Elimination Act” as a bill in the latest Congress, according to BearingArms.com. His stated purpose is to reduce government spending and duplication, but it would obviously change … Continue reading

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