Facts about guns and using them here in the Fifty States

We can talk a LOT about “Freedom Technologies” as we did in a recent commentary, but one of the very foundational technologies to support and promote is an old one, constantly updated.

Firearms. Guns. Personal weapons that do NOT require extreme fitness, practice, or training.

Courtesy of Rob Morse, who has done some statistical research and calculations, here is more data to use to persuade family, friends, neighbors, and at least some politicians, bureaucrats and cops, of why the right to keep and bear arms isn’t just constitutionally-protected.  It makes SENSE and SAVES LIVES.

This data comes from the latest available, in 2019. The Fifty States had 39,707 deaths from firearms in 2019. Over 61 percent were suicides. (24,380).

So! Firearms were used in 15,000 homicides (that is, a death where one person kills another). Every one of those is a tragedy: a life cut short. BUT!

Murder is NOT uniformly equal across the nation.. More than half of the murders are concentrated into 2 percent of American counties. In fact, more than half of American counties didn’t have a murder at all. It is VERY worth noting that many of these non-violent counties have high rates of gun ownership.

Violent crime is (really?) against the law! Sadly, criminals commit over a million violent crimes each year. The Fifty States have over 23,000 firearms regulations (and more each DAY). But criminals in gangs (of various types) used a gun to commit murder over 12,000 times a year. Again, that is depressing.

So! Across all Fifty States, we have all of 3,065 homicides (with a gun) that were not gang related. That is a horrible number. BUT that is about the same number of people who died from asthma or obesity. Which is also sad.

Of those 3,065 deaths in 2019, 340 homicides were “justified use of lethal force by a police officer.” (Different issue, of course.) 344 homicides were attributed to civilian gun owners using a gun in legally justified self-defense. (Good news, finally!) Sadktm there were a total of 438 accidental deaths involving a firearm. Of those, 248 (more than half!) resulted in the death of a child under 14 years of age (close to the age of accountability). (It is too bad that we don’t know the age of the person who pulled the trigger in these firearms accidents.)

Now compare some data. There were a total of 173,040 accidental deaths nationally in 2019. So, only about one-in-400 is from a firearm. (Actually, 1 in 395) Overdose deaths from drugs and narcotics are 68 times more common than fatal firearms accidents.

Now, based on many fairly-reliable sources, ordinary citizens use a gun to defend themselves about 2 million times a year. Of that, at least 140,000 were sexual assaults stopped by armed defenders.  The good news, even for evil rapists, is that those defenders seldom have to pull the trigger to stop their assault. And when they do shoot, most of their attackers survive.

In 2019, about 1-in-ten adults have their permits to legally carry a concealed firearm in public. The fraction ranges from zero in Hawaii, to about 50% of adults in some rural counties in Pennsylvania. -Almost one in a hundred will use a firearm in self-defense each year, virtually all without having to pull the trigger. This adds up: we are literally more than a thousand times more likely to use a gun in self-defense than be an innocent victim of a criminal using a gun.  But of course, what makes the news?  We are over 8,000 times more likely to use a firearm in self-defense than for a gun to kill an innocent child.

It is claimed and seems to be true: US firearms owners with their concealed carry permits are as law abiding and non-violent as any group we can find anywhere in the world.

All of this counters the mainstream media and political pushing and chest-beating that we constantly hear. Yes, people die because guns are available; some of those people are innocents. But it is very likely that MORE people would die – and MORE of them would be innocent victims – if the American population were largely disarmed. In large part because the last to be disarmed (if at all) are going to be the very criminal element doing most of the killing.

Clear?  What are the take-home lessons?

  1. We need more peaceful and honest folks to carry – both openly and concealed.
  2. We need to honor those – even if anonymously – who use their firearms (with or without firing a shot) to defend others and themselves, and prevent crimes of violence,
  3. We need to remove gun-free zones from public spaces, and encourage owners and occupants of non-public spaces to encourage open and concealed carry.

 All this paints a pretty clear picture. It tells me we need more honest citizens to get their carry permits. You might disagree, but now we can have that discussion.

And then we come to the dark blot on this American continent: the cities.  Consider in 2019, there were-
462 murders in New York City
348 murders in Chicago
335 murders in Baltimore
262 murders in Saint Louis , and
239 murders in Los Angeles county/

These five cities together had a total of 1,646 murders in 2019. That is more than half of the non-gang homicides in the entire country.

As Rob put it, “I don’t think we have a gun problem after looking at the numbers. We have a failed-city problem…” (And all too often that translates to a “State” problem because the cities are the tail that wags the dog: a topic for another time.)

And the mainstream media would never admit that. To say nothing of hoploclastic and hoplophobic politicians, panicked activists, and brainwashed students.

Rob’s Sources-

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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9 Responses to Facts about guns and using them here in the Fifty States

  1. Glenn says:

    Great article! The only disagreement I have is the push for gun permits. The exercise of a persons rights should not depend on the cash in their pockets, the balance in their checkbook , their monetary wherewithal.
    Reference 6th amendment and 24th amendment
    This makes all gun licensing unconstitutional.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      I didn’t necessarily see Rob’s recitation as pushing gun permits. We at The Price of Liberty do not advocate or support ANY scheme of gun (or other weapon) licensing. But as rational anarchists, we will sometimes play their game – grudgingly tolerate some things for a very limited time until we can ignore it or overturn it. The point you make about your financial ability to exercise a right is good, but remember that to some degree ALL exercising of our rights is somewhat dependent on our natural and artificial means: to speak freely we must be able to express ourselves well enough to get people to live. To travel freely means we must be able to afford to buy a ticket or buy and own a car and buy fuel, and so forth. But when ANY organization or group (such as government) conspires to reduce exercise of a human right by imposing additional costs (be they fees, taxes, increased regulatory costs, or whatever) for us to exercise our right, they are taking away that right to some degree.



  3. FrankInFL says:

    You wrote “autonomously”, but I think you meant “anonymously”.


  4. You can beat the gun-grabbing hoplophobes and libtard media over the head with all the facts in the world, but you will never overcome their irrational and insane emotional response of “GUNS ARE BAD!!!”
    Many folks I know carry all the time without incident, as do I. In 38 years of concealed carry, the only time I had my gun at the ready (and visible) was to a potential intruder at my own front door at zero-dark-thirty on Christmas morning 2012. He went away, and the police NEVER responded (they were too busy with weather related fender-benders).


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Many of us have “enjoyed” similar confrontations.
      And you are right: it is an emotional response and facts, logic, and reason do not cut it. Which is why the long-term solution is to tackle the root of the problem: the powers we have wrongly given government. The same power that allows Uncle Joe to talk about “strike teams” going door-to-door to vaccinate people, and allows federal and state bureaucrats to wipe out entire communities and industries with the swipe of a pen.


    • Ask Barack says:


      The useful idiots think that guns are bad. The leadership of the left isn’t; that stupid. They want guns banned, and removed from the hands of anyone who doesn’t support their march toward socialism and communism. They know that the gun gives people the ability to say “no” to people who wish to do them harm. In order to implement totalitarian communism. they need to remove any impediments to their match forward. Disarming the populace is the first step. Every single evil dictator has disarmed the populace before destroying their freedom, liberty and rights.

      Don’t take my word for it. Read the history surrounding Mao, Stalin / Lenin, Pol Pot, Castro, South Africa, and the rest. You’ll see that’s what is happening in the US is exactly the same things that happened in these other places.


      • TPOL Nathan says:

        I am not challenging your thoughts and understanding, and The Price of Liberty has been saying the same thing for many years. Yes, it is the useful idiots. I think we are saying the same thing. You are talking about the MOTIVE behind the hoplophobia and hoploclastic rantings which is being fobbed off on the useful idiots. What Rob is talking about is first, the public perception: amazingly, many people believe the gun haters are genuinely concerned about saving lives. And they buy the politicians’ rhetoric. And second, there are many of those very same politicians who claim to be leaders but in reality are still just useful idiots: shills for the real organizers and pushers of the nonsense. And I do believe that some of the politicians are stupid enough (as well as being evil in our eyes but not in their own) to believe the garbage being spread.
        At the same time, are we agreed that we need to help people understand the REAL reason for the “war on some guns”? That it IS disarmament prepatory to really hammering down on liberty?


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