Hypocrisy on steroids – poster child Alec Baldwin

News out of New Mexico this week tells a “tragic” story of how a liberal, antigun activist/actor shot and killed one innocent woman and seriously wounded a man with a “prop gun” on a film set in Santa Fe.

Alec Baldwin has always demonstrated that he is, at heart, a low-life hypocrite. We can start with his behavior as a Roman Catholic who (among other things) divorced his first wife and supports various causes (such as abortion) that completely contradict his church’s teachings. Paul the Apostle used blunt words for people like that: hypocrites. (Of course, in today’s Roman Catholic Church, Paul would be excommunicated while the likes of Biden, Pelosi, and others are embraced by Papa.)

He has an anger management problem, even while he condemns other people for being angry. He apparently even has a police record, and convictions for incidents in which he fought people. It seems that other charges have been dismissed. His political views seem much in contrast to the way he lives. He is a hypocrite.

He is now a murderous hypocrite, in my view.

The death and wounding in New Mexico (which I first heard about on KENN Radio out of Farmington) is described as an “accident.”

I disagree.

Baldwin did NOT accidentally point that gun at the people whom he shot and killed/wounded. He did not accidentally pull the trigger. He did not accidentally fail to check that the weapon was not loaded. He is a killer. A murderer.

Stories call it an “accidental misfire” but it is neither: a prop gun CAN be a fake, but clearly this one was not. Someone INTENTIONALLY put a live round in that weapon. And Baldwin is stupid enough to violate the very basic rules of handling a weapon.

But the Santa Fe Sheriff is “investigating.” Baldwin has not been arrested, he has not been booked, he has not been charged. Why? No doubt because he is Alec Baldwin, and Santa Fe County is a woke county. Would that happen to you or me? IF we were stupid enough to point a loaded gun at someone INTENTIONALLY and pull the trigger INTENTIONALLY and kill someone? Don’t hold your breath: we would be strip-searched and thrown into a holding tank wearing nothing but jail-issued pajamas in minutes. To the sounds of the anti-gun activists (like Baldwin) demanding that every gun in America be taken and destroyed.

Well, every gun but those the police and military and the activists’ private security guards and their film prop departments have. But you and I? You know the answer. We would not be allowed to walk out of the Sheriff’s Office after being interviewed, no matter how open-and-shut the situation. And this is far from that, based on the information provided.

Baldwin has made a lot of his fame and fortune using guns as props in his various movies, even while demanding that Americans be disarmed. He should have known better. But HE’S ALEC BALDWIN!

By the way, where were the grips? On a movie set, the grips are in charge of, among other things, safety. Where was the prop master? Why was there even a live round on the scene? Even the BBC cannot fathom how this happened. (But then, the BBC is pretty stupid, too.)

And where are the anti-gun activists usually so prominent in Santa Fe (and Albuquerque and Taos and so many other places in New Mexico)?

And where is the Attorney General and Governor of New Mexico? Apparently too busy busting school board members for failing to enforce mask mandates, and figuring out ways to trash the jobs of mining, oil and gas workers. And other woke things.

Remember this the next time some celebrity tells you that we must give up our guns. An actor, an “influencer,” a politician. They know that THEY are too stupid, too unthinking, too untrained, and too untrustworthy to be trusted with a gun. And they are the “elite” so everyone else must be worse.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Hypocrisy on steroids – poster child Alec Baldwin

  1. mrobserver says:

    Alec Baldwin is in a group of idiots (he seems one aswell) that come together to practice their art in murdering people with no consequences. This is why I work on my own. I don’t get co-workers shooting and killing me as part of the job role… This isn’t the first type of these incidents. It seems actors, their directors and support staff are all idiots I wouldn’t want them serving me a ice cream. And having one of them pointing a gun at me whether real/fake of a prop seems suicidal ……..


  2. Mike-SMO says:

    “Hollywood” is not real world. Actors shoot actors all the time if it is in the script. The propman is supposed to maintain the firearms and select the blank loads to give the flash, smoke, and/or muzzle blast that is required for a shot. I am told that many stage firearms have a partially plugged barrel or chamber to prevent the discharge of live rounds. Either the propman or the firearm failed. Sounds like the descriptions are from idiots, creative writers (reporters) or people who want to stay out of court. Time will tell.

    But I agree that it couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate person. Some hireling will be sacrificed.


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