Is Uvalde the event that brings the whole charade down?

The charade of how government “protects” us? How “taxes are the price we pay for civilization?”

Ever since that murdering madman went into a government-run, tax-funded (“public”) school in Uvalde, Texas, the questions and the revelations have be tumbling out in various ways. And with each discovery of more FACTS – not suppositions, not lies, not spin – the story becomes more and more grim.

The later, discussed in the Texas Tribune, describes AND TRIES TO EXCUSE the complete failure of our system of “public peace officers” and “law enforcement” that supposedly exists “to serve and protect” the people of the States. A brief 77-page report of investigation by the Texas State Legislature reveals incredible findings that condemn virtually EVERY level of government.

There were 376 – THREE-HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SIX – heavily armed, “expertly-trained” police officers from a sizeable chunk of South Texas – deployed to deal with a SINGLE 18-year-old with little or no training or experience in tactics, weapons, or much of anything else. And according to videos, these nearly 400 government thugs (I’d use stronger language with less discipline) occupied and stood there in the hallways of an elementary school for an hour-and-a-half. Doing NOTHING except listen to the sound of shots being fired and children and teachers screaming in terror until their voices were silenced by this piece of garbage.

A piece of human garbage who waltzed into the school because the administration, the staff, and the faculty of the school failed to follow virtually a SINGLE protocol for protecting the children CONDEMNED to that school for hundreds of hours a year. Adults with thousands of hours of training, decades if not (collectively) centuries of experience, and supposed wisdom and knowledge. Who could not be bothered to make sure that doors were secured. AND WHOM REFUSED TO ACCEPT RESPONSBILITY FOR THE SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN ENTRUSTED TO THEM.

The equivalent of a FULL BATTLATION of COMBAT TROOPS – at least government goons ARMED like a light infantry battalion – stood there in either fear or stoic acceptance of the killing going on just a few feet away and did NOTHING. Either because they were ORDERED to do so, or because there was no one in command willing and able to make decisions.

Decisions for which they had trained for years. Incident Command System procedures; Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for dealing with “active shooter” incidents. Oh, some of the thugs in all the various uniforms did follow SOME procedures. The procedures needed to keep unarmed and unprepared parents from risking their own lives to rescue their children and those of others. The procedures to lock down the children in a killing zone. The procedures to cover their rear-ends by repeating that tired old mantra so popularized in the Dritte Reich. “Befehl ist Befehl” – Orders are orders. And the obverse “Do nothing without orders to do so.”

This was NOT in some Woke State like California or Maryland or Minnesota or Washington. This was TEXAS. A nation – despite its many, MANY faults – once boasted men and women of great courage, who accepted personal responsibility – and often demonstrated that by giving their lives for others. Who ACTED without waiting for “someone” to take command, for “someone” to give orders, for “someone” to give permission. We here at TPOL have ancestors and relatives who did just that – fighting off the invasions and attacks of bandits and Mexican troops and Comanche war parties – AND who were also those who fought against the invading settlers who came and grabbed their land and killed their livestock and way of life. But modern Texas is run by scum who want power and wealth – and served by thugs who apparently exist “to serve and protect” the system, the powers-that-be, and the doers of evil.

Modern Texans – far too many of them – don’t want to SAVE the lives of children. Rather, they want to KILL them: in the womb, in killing zones like Uvalde, or even in meeting places – so-called “houses of worship” in places like White Settlement and Sutherland Springs. And that is the worst thing about what Uvalde reveals. It is NOT just the cops, not just “law enforcement” that must be held accountable not just for 21 dead at Uvalde but hundreds (2,212 homicides in 2021) across the State (see The Texan’s report here.) Not counting the thousands of border jumpers who die in the desert (and elsewhere) after being allowed to cross the Rio Grande by the same governments who more and more seem to be a key reason those children in Uvalde died.

Texans and American taxpayers in general spent MILLIONS of dollars to train and arm those “first responders” who LET those children be killed. And tens of millions of dollars to pay their salaries and those of others like them. Money as wasted as the lives of those children. (Who now, at least, are in Heaven, while their murderer and the teachers who failed to protect the children, are probably somewhere else.)

What needs to stop now?

  • The incarceration of children in government-run theft-funded schools
  • The Texan and American police state which fails the ONLY excuse for mandatory government: protecting people and their liberties
  • All prohibitions on where people (okay, peaceful, honest, non-intoxicated) people can carry weapons (concealed or openly) and be prepared to protect themselves and those around them
  • Dependence on government for ANYTHING
  • The idea that murderers and other people who commit crimes of aggression – especially physical violence) against others should be warehoused, fed, clothed trained in crime, and housed at taxpayer expense for years or life (Yeah, THIS 18-year-old murderer is on the fast track to answering to the Lord for his evil – unlike the killer in Buffalo and so many others.)

BUT the only way these things will happen is if the whole corrupt, murderous, evil system is done away with in toto. Not “reform” but restoration of liberty.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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4 Responses to Is Uvalde the event that brings the whole charade down?

  1. FrankInFL says:

    With Your Shield Or On It

    Each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, we remember the brave soldiers who went off to war at their country’s command and came back on their shields if they came back at all. What we forget is how unnecessary many of those wars were. WW-II was only necessary because of WW-I, and WW-I was necessary because Europe’s rulers much preferred the deaths of millions of their subjects to their own. Better men would simply have met each other “behind the cathedral at dawn” and resolved the issue within a few minutes. The chosen alternative was to sacrifice on the altar of war virtually an entire generation of brave young men. They removed from the gene pool most of the best genes. Those who stayed behind (and their progeny) govern Europe today, and it shows.

    Because of G-d–ned Woodrow Wilson, we got to sacrifice lots of our nation’s better genes in WW-I, and then got to do it again in WW-II, but that one was, by then, unavoidable. Viet Nam? Not worth the effort. Iraq? H—, no. Nevertheless, our betters, our owners, our masters decided that we needed to burn more of our better gene-producers for purposes that, in retrospect, are not at all clear.

    The result is Uvalde.


  2. Darkwing says:

    “restoration of liberty” sorry but in our dreams


  3. Larry Gibreal says:

    Thanks. Your best yet.


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