More about Texas and Uvalde – and the American police state

Yesterday’s commentary was and is a condemnation of the State of the former Republic of Texas. And of the County of Uvalde. And the City of Uvalde. And of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District. But we want to point out, as several have to us, that it is NOT just those specific governments that stand condemned and must be held in part responsible for the murder of 19 children. As recent videos, reports, and investigation have revealed.

The Texas Tribune explains why: “… the overwhelming majority of responders were federal and state law enforcement: 149 were U.S. Border Patrol, and 91 were state police — whose responsibilities include responding to “mass attacks in public places.” There were 25 Uvalde police officers and 16 sheriff’s deputies. Arredondo’s school police force accounted for five of the officers on the scene. The rest of the force was made up of neighboring county law enforcement, U.S. marshals and federal Drug Enforcement Administration officers.

It is the FedGov starting in DC and continuing right on down to every federal office and garrison in South Texas. It is Austin, it is even the neighboring counties.

But it is more: it is the teachers’ unions. And the teachers themselves: not just the school board and administrators but the staff. And the parents. Starting with the parents of the murdering monster who apparently had never fired a gun before 24 May 2022 – the very day of the massacre.

The Tribune points out that the cops on scene – and all but one nothing but WORTHLESS observers – 376 of them, were more than the garrison of the Alamo which withstood about 6,000 combat-hardened Mexican troops for THIRTEEN days in 1836. But the cowards and bootlickers of Uvalde could not cope with ONE 18-year-old crazy killer. No one would take charge – including the senior officers present almost immediately. No one except that Border Patrol guy would risk themselves for the children. No one else even bothered to remember their oaths. Why? Because they were not trained, not motivated, not expected to do anything to risk their lives. Because their “civilian” bosses did not demand the minimums of them. Because the voters did not hold their bosses – politicians and others – accountable.

WE THE PEOPLE failed – and children died. The parents of those children failed.

I am not saying that the cops or the faculty or politicians actually killed any children. That 18-year-old was the trigger-puller. And he did it of his own free will. But the RESPONSIBILITY for those deaths is not just his: a moral and legal matter settled thousands of years ago.

Speaking of thousands of years – if it had been the Roman Republic and not the former Texan Republic in which Uvalde had taken place, as soon as a senior commander: a legate perhaps, or a consul (equal to the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety or perhaps the Chief of Texas Rangers, and the governor) was on-scene, with troops of several centuries of Legionaries or auxiliaries? The entire 376 would have been arrested, stripped of arms and insignia (and possibly everything), chained together and held for what today we would call a court-martial. Almost certainly every tenth man, chosen by lot, would have been taken out almost immediately and executed – by beheading (or today, by firing squad or rope) – something the Romans called “decimation.” And the rest retained in chains and doing heavy labor until tried, after which if they were given mercy, exiled to islands or mines. Or otherwise, executed. “For the encouragement of the others.”

Again, I am not recommending such unjust, mass punishments today – but the contrast between the pusillanimous behavior of our so-called authorities today must be understood. So what does the modern American police state want instead of decimation and convicts at heavy labor? Disarming MORE Americans who are peaceful and honest and willing to defend others. Increasing the powers of the police state and its thugs. Relatively short terms of relatively comfortable confinement at others’ expense. And for the cops who failed? Administrative leave. Seriously! With pay! Who are we kidding?

As several news stories commented on, the interrupted mass-shooting in Indiana this last weekend by an armed young citizen – killing the killer – stands in hideous contrast to the failure in Texas.

The American police state MUST be dismantled: ordinary citizens – veterans, children and families of veterans, other people who understand liberty demands responsibility, are the only hope we have of keeping the peace and protecting lives, liberty, and property.

Because (warning: spoiler ahead) we KNOW over the centuries how police states end up: the fall of the Ancient Regime in France, the fall of Napoleon’s empire a few years later, the fall of the Czar, the fall of Fascist Italy and the Dritte Reich, the fall of the Soviets, and more. DO WE WANT THE STATES TO ENDURE THAT? More Bidens, more Harrises, more Bushes, more Trumps, more Obamas will end in that. IF we let this continue.

Readers, feel free to share what should be done to the 376 accomplices to mass murder – AND their bosses.

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  1. Darkwing says:

    The 376 should be charged with involuntary manslaughter and after found guilty, lose their right to carry a badge or a gun for life.


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