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Tyranny is a many-hued thing

In a suburb of Houston, Texas, an elderly couple is being driven from their home. No, not by BLM or the taxman or local “government” but by their local Homeowners Association (HOA). Why? They committed a crime. What? Enslaving someone … Continue reading

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“We’re all criminals” redux

By Nathan Barton It is a theme TPOL has addressed many times, and even the scummy mainstream media constantly point this out. Not just the FedGov but all levels of government here in the States can make life miserable for … Continue reading

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Corruption and meanness in local government

I was recently asked a question: Can a city’s water department mess with the water meters? My answer was, to put it mildly, a bit on the bitter side.  I speak from experience, about local government in general, and from … Continue reading

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Liberty? Liberty is missing: government and economies

Libertarian Commentary #16-08A  by Nathan Barton Liberty?  Fat chance. US News reports from Denver that a large roadside sign marks the entrance of longtime strip club Shotgun Willie’s, and Smoking Gun Apothecary, the new marijuana dispensary in Glendale, Colo. Smokin … Continue reading

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