Liberty? Liberty is missing: government and economies

Libertarian Commentary #16-08A  by Nathan Barton

Liberty?  Fat chance. US News reports from Denver that a large roadside sign marks the entrance of longtime strip club Shotgun Willie’s, and Smoking Gun Apothecary, the new marijuana dispensary in Glendale, Colo. Smokin Gun Apothecary is on a site formerly occupied by the Denver area’s best known strip club, Shotgun Willie’s. The strip club hasn’t gone away, it’s moved just across the parking lot. Both businesses have the same owner, Deborah Dunafon, who envisions pot shoppers getting discounted drinks at the strip club and is outfitting the roof of the pot shop for a future lounge in case Colorado changes its law banning on-site marijuana consumption.

Deborah Dunafon’s husband, Mike Dunafon, is mayor of this tiny enclave of 4,500 surrounded on all sides by Denver. This story is in contrast to this week’s Anarchapolco where, somehow, a relatively peaceful society seems to exist without the sort of nonsense that businesses AND their customers have to put up with in Glendale, Colorado.  This is an area I’m very familiar with; Glendale was originally established (as I recall from long ago history classes) as a wet town in otherwise dry Denver, filled with saloons and bars.  It is no surprise that both strip bars and cannabis shops would find a place here, and that the nannies and the controllers would want it to be done away with.

Glendale at least seems to be surviving and even thriving, but worldwide, it seems that even the “political experts” are admitting that the world economy is crashing, if not just plan shutting down.  Again, US News reports that OECD has cut its projections of global economic growth for this year.  Not that politicians will do anything constructive to make our economic climate better. The best thing for prosperity would be to have government go away. In other words, GET LIBERTY.

What?  A foreign potentate interfering in American political affairs?  WaPo makes a big deal (as did the talk shows, though with a different emphasis) about Francis of Rome stating that Trump is not a “christian” because “christians build bridges, not walls.”  Of course, Francis didn’t actually endorse anyone, just expressed his disapproval.  But if we take his words at face value, none of the GOP candidates are acceptable.  Of course, he certainly has a right to speak out, just like any American, right?  Oops! He was Argentine, and now he is… the head of state AND of government of one of the smallest nations on the planet, and supposedly leads 1.2 billion other Catholics.  But then, in my opinion, Francis isn’t a christian himself; he has taken to himself power that no human should have, of interposing himself between God and humans, and ruling over other humans, if supposedly spiritual and not political. To my Catholic friends: put your trust in God and NOT in princes, even “princes” of the church like the Bishop of Rome and all the Cardinals and Archbishops and Bishops and priests: GET LIBERTY.

Truth hurts? Fox News says that an anti-smoking poster in Russia “likens [the American squatter in 1600 PA] to mass killer” – but, it flat out says that he is. “A Russian anti-smoking advertisement … is the latest in a string of anti-American propaganda. ‘Smoking kills more people than O****, although he kills lots and lots of people,’ the poster reads in Russian. ‘Don’t smoke, don’t be like O****.’ The poster shows Obama holding a cigarette. Dmitry Gudkov, the lone liberal opposition member of Russia’s parliament, wrote on Facebook that he saw the poster at a Moscow bus stop, according to The Guardian. Gudkov called the poster ‘disgusting and embarrassing.’ His post received more than 1,000 likes and more than 300 shares.” Yes, it IS disgusting that this supposed “Leader of the Free World” orders the killing of thousands of innocents, including children and women (most recently per killing 38 civilians in 48 hours in Syria through bombing raids), and embarrassing to Americans. Oh, and just to tie it into the theme of this commentary, people try to regain their liberty from being enslaved to tobacco, but tobacco can only kill the body. Government not only kills the body, but all too often the mind and soul as well. GET LIBERTY!

Lies and more lies: The FedGov Justice Department proves the 1984-style nature of its name: it has NOTHING to do with justice but just serving the FedGov which long ago gave up serving and defending LIBERTY. The WaPo reports that these thugocrats at DoJ are accusing Apple of being worried about a “marketing strategy” when they are refusing to comply with a Nazgul’s order to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino attacker. Federal prosecutors (just like 99% of attorneys) LIE contantly, and for a living. They don’t care about liberty: opening a backdoor to any government agency, and especially any FEDGOV agency, on your phone or my phone is selling our liberty. And for what? This guy and gal are DEAD: we don’t need to prove anything about them. And neither do the prosecutors: who are the prosecutors prosecuting? The dead?

But if there is something MORE corrupt than the Department of InJustice (including its FBI and its prosecutors), it is CONGRESS. One of them (a GOP type) was going to introduce a bill to, in essence, OUTLAW Apple. But apparently some thin, tiny glimmer of truth got through. One day after floating the possibility of a bill criminalizing the act of refusing to aid federal decryption efforts, Sen. Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) has now backed off that position. “Chairman Burr is not considering criminal penalties in his draft encryption proposals,” his spokeswoman, Rebecca Watkins, told Ars Technica in an e-mail on Friday. Frankly, I’d rather have to deal with Apple than with Congress – if Congress had to function in a free market, they’d have already vanished in a puff of smoke. Congress does not CARE nor UNDERSTAND about liberty. Or anything but money and power and prestige.

Mama’s Note: In today’s news, there is ample indication that the FBI screwed up the phone thing all by themselves. See Carl’s blog for the latest in the FBI capers. Bring your own popcorn.

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