Educational and political insanity – the “woke” madness

More and more, the government-infected “public school” system is a cesspool of madness. Just like the government itself, with its politics and corruption.

A few weeks ago, as many have reported, a “white” Spanish teacher “cancelled herself” and stated that as a white woman, she should no longer be teaching the Spanish language. Apparently at Oklahoma State University, this madwoman is a self-confessed “colonizer.”

She comes across as insane. Worse, she seeks to spread her madness, not just to her students but to her fellow “educators.” Consider the following:

“Spanish” is a “white” language. Not only that, “Spanish” is the language of conquerors. Colonizers. Imperialists. Read on.

The Spanish language originated in Europe in a group of nations made up of “white” – even “Aryan” people: Celts, Goths (Ostrogoths and Visigoths), and other northern barbarians who invaded the Roman province of Iberia now called Spain and Portugal. Where “white” Latins had already subjected various Celtic (white) tribes and the previous Carthaginian conquerors (“colonizers”). T Carthaginians were themselves the product of “colonizers” from Phoenicia (modern Lebanon) and therefore probably considered people of color (POC) by modern woke social justice warriors. Spanish as a language developed from Latin – another “white” language, during the 700-year-old period of the Reconquista. That was the gradual defeat of Muslim invaders (“colonizers”) who conquered the place back in the 700s. These “Moors” were POC in modern terms. They influenced but did not speak Spanish.

After these “white” people in Spain drove out their POC overlords? They learned of the Americas, and colonized the Western Hemisphere. Thus bringing Roman Catholicism and the Spanish language and culture to the AmerInd empires and tribes from Patagonia to New Mexico and Texas and Florida. Of course, this meant suppressing the native POC’s culture, language, religion, and liberty. Even more, in establishing their huge empire (spanning four continents and a lot of ocean), these Spanish=speaking people enslaved huge populations, particularly Africans and American Indians.

Get this: They eliminated their native languages and replaced them with Spanish: the language of colonialism AND imperialism Due to sexual exploitation, they bred large populations of mestizo (mixed-race) people. Who in turn, after their own liberation, created tyrannies and enslaved and ruled others with cruelty and by despotic means.


For example, in Argentina, a Spanish-speaking nation, 97% of the population is white. In Chile, 89% is white. Even 30% of people in Columbia consider themselves “white European.” And modern Spain is 90% white.

Yes, “people of color” speak Spanish. But they also speak English. And French. And Arabic. As do “white people” – all of these languages. Even here in the Fifty States, not all Spanish-speaking (as a first or home language) people POC.

And when we look at who were colonizers – and still are some sort of version of imperialism, colonization, and similar human evils? Yes, many are “White.” Russians, Ukrainians, Turks, lots of Latin Americans in their various countries. But more are Chinese (specifically Han). And so are a lot of Arabs. (And not that “Muslim” is an ethnicity or race, although more and more SJW and Woke treat them as such; Muslims are invaders/colonists/conquerors. Or descended from such. And many of many colors have (far more recently than Americans) held slaves. Including modern Arabs and Muslim black Africans.

And American Indians – many of whom kept slaves well after 1865 or 1868 (when it actually became illegal (unconstitutional) to own slaves). Need we speak of Japanese? Or Chinese?

Slavery, imperialism, colonialism, and racism are NOT unique to so-called “white people.”

But this sort of insanity, exhibited by this pitiful woman in Oklahoma, infects our public discourse. It damages the free market. It takes away opportunities.

And it is the result of insane educational policies pushed by government. So-called public schools, from pre-school to graduate levels in universities. Education that not ONLY fails to teach facts of history, geography (to say nothing of math and science). But also is more and more nothing but propaganda: indoctrination. Propaganda that uses “anti-racism” as an excuse to teach and practice racism.

This woman’s claim that, as a “white person” she should not be teaching Spanish, has a relatively short-term effect that actually PROMOTES racism. She clearly believes that NO white person should teach Spanish: thus creating a racial barrier for would-be teachers. Is this not insane? To “fight” racism with MORE racism?

Is there a solution? Absolutely: END government meddling in, and control of, education. At ALL levels. Teach HOW to think and not WHAT to think in home schools and private schools. Push back against corporations and unions and schools (and other government agencies) that indoctrinate rather than educate. How? With the truth. About people, about language, about history, and especially about liberty.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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  1. My high school Spanish teacher was born in Hungary, carried out in a backpack by her father after the Soviets invaded, and raised in Venezuela. For some reason, the only thing the school cared about at that time was that she spoke, and could teach, Spanish. Imagine that.


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