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Let freedom ring!

  By Nathan Barton Have you seen this?

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The fake history of slavery in the United States

By Nathan Barton Many sites claim to have timelines or histories of slavery, usually “in America” as if the United States (the Fifty States) were all that there is to “America.” But that is just the first error.  Many sites … Continue reading

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The growing conflict

By Nathan Barton We see more and more evidence of growing divides in American society, on multiple issues. Not only are the factions more separated and more entrenched than ever, but rhetoric and actions are ramping up on nearly a … Continue reading

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Socialist Paradise adds yet another state to the list of prohibited destinations

By Nathan Barton As reported by MSN, Chairman Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown continues to preside over the rapid deterioration of the People’s Republic. ‘A 2017 California law requires that its attorney general keeps a list of states subject to a state travel … Continue reading

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A war on the States

By Nathan Barton The Fifty States are sovereign entities, states (or nations) with all the good AND bad that status implies and has demonstrated throughout the centuries. And they are states which have chosen, for various reasons, to allow some … Continue reading

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