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Lies about our history support enemies of liberty

Recently, I found out that RACISM was the reason for the Salem Witch Trials, way back in the early 1600s. Or so it is claimed today. According to several prominent black (African-American) religious leaders and influencers, that is. The only … Continue reading

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Genocide in the 21st Century

It’s all fun and games until it is YOUR kind of people that start getting processed. The Twentieth Century is often considered to be THE Century of Genocide. But it seems that that revered, ancient tradition is far from dead … Continue reading

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The fake history of slavery in the United States

By Nathan Barton Many sites claim to have timelines or histories of slavery, usually “in America” as if the United States (the Fifty States) were all that there is to “America.” But that is just the first error.  Many sites … Continue reading

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