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South Dakota – punishment for Trump and more?

Author’s note: As I sit writing this, our home outside Rapid City in the Black Hills sits under 15-18 inches of fresh, wet, spring snow, courtesy of the vast Storm Xylia that engulfed much of the Rockies and Great Plains. … Continue reading

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Backlash against government lockdowns – justified?

It appears that we are part of a growing resistance to the ever more harsh restrictions that panicked government officials are imposing to “protect” us against the Beer Flu. The government officials are being egged on by extremely-panicked and fearful … Continue reading

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Socialist Paradise adds yet another state to the list of prohibited destinations

By Nathan Barton As reported by MSN, Chairman Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown continues to preside over the rapid deterioration of the People’s Republic. ‘A 2017 California law requires thatĀ its attorney general keeps a list of states subject to a state travel … Continue reading

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Follow up to Creeping Totalitarianism

By Nathan Barton A few additional thoughts on the long, sordid history of fascism and totalitarianism in the Fifty States, after my recent column. First, let me point out that the inevitable destiny of government (involuntary, human government) is totalitarianism. … Continue reading

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Creeping totalitarianism

By Nathan Barton I recently received three political quotes across my desktop. They are worth sharing. “You don’t have to scratch liberalism very deeply to find socialism underneath, nor socialism to find authoritarianism underneath.” — Don Luskin, (1954 -) American … Continue reading

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