Backlash against government lockdowns – justified?

It appears that we are part of a growing resistance to the ever more harsh restrictions that panicked government officials are imposing to “protect” us against the Beer Flu. The government officials are being egged on by extremely-panicked and fearful medical personnel. Both “experts” and ordinary doctors, nurses, and other workers. But more and more people are questioning the wisdom of the long litany of tyrannical governmental decrees.

And this is a good thing.

That list of disgruntled, questioning people grows longer by the day. What are they questioning? Government actions, around the world. Here are some:

  • “Shelter-in-place” or “stay-at-home” better described as lockdowns. People are supposed to cower inside their homes, daring to venture out only if they HAVE to go for food or medical help, and maybe to exercise. And to work (maybe).
  • Denial of right to assemble: sometimes limited to a maximum of five or ten. But in some countries, it is now illegal to have more than TWO PERSONS “assemble” indoors or outdoors – with exceptions to families with small children (sometimes).
  • Mandatory closure of any business that requires close contact, regardless of what measures to prevent contamination can be used: barber and beauty shops, massage spas, grooming salons, and more. (I’ve not heard if dentists or chiropractors are exempt.
  • Mandatory closure of businesses which can have customers gathering, again regardless of what preventive measures can be used: restaurants (indoor or outdoor eating), bars, training centers, and such.
  • Mandatory closure of anything related to tourism: ski areas, hotels and motels, trade shows, and more.
  • Dismissal of all schools, from pre-school to graduate schools in universities.
  • Closure of “non-essential” businesses and activities, as determined by some politician or bureaucrat. Including churches, warehouses, repair shops, and much more.
  • Throwing billions of dollars – even trillions – of government money: money borrowed from the future when it will be stolen from taxpayers – to “solve” the problems created by government in the panic response to this epidemic.

Much of this has to do with infringement of basic human rights. Although often couched in the form of “guidelines” more and more reports from across the Fifty States make it clear that “guidelines” are to “decrees” or “enactments” as “persons of interest” are to “suspects.” A euphemism, and nothing more.

Ditto for “Martial Law.” We are told this is NOT on the table, but the actions many governments are taking are nothing more than would be done in a standard definition of martial law. The only thing missing is the right color of uniforms. At least for most places. Defacto, more and more areas are now under martial law: there is no significant due process allowed.

The recent antics of both parties, but especially the Democrats, in Congress, demonstrate that every effort is being made to get every big-government, socialist, power-grabbing idea that they can into place. The laundry list of “enhancements” and “compromises” that Pelosi and Shumer want in the “emergency bills” read very much like a digest of Biden’s or Sanders’ campaign platforms.

But there is more. The political, tyrannical decisions on what is allowed and not has clear biases.

Religious services are virtually ALWAYS determined to be “non-essential” regardless of constitutional prohibitions on government interference with religion. And the need for the work of those churches is greater than ever. But in an era where government is both the first AND last resort for getting help and solving problems, this is an opportunity to further separate church and society, not just church and state.

I’ve pointed out in other commentary how the initial and later measures dictated by governments at all levels have suspiciously benefited certain groups. The closure of schools, while forcing children into day-care centers, seems to be sole for the benefit of the teachers in their union. The selective nature of closures and prohibitions (no eating indoors in restaurants, among others) also seems to benefit certain groups. The trillions which Congress wants to spend also have specific beneficiaries in mind: businesses too big to fail and local governments who often ensured that they had no possible way to effectively respond, and now beg the feds for a bail-out.

More and more people are questioning not just the reason for these totalitarian government measures, but whether or not they will really solve the problem of the spread of the disease. A collapsed economy will lead to far more premature deaths than all but the worst estimates of mortality from the Beer Flu. And as numerous people have pointed out:

  • Virtually everyone WILL get this virus, sooner or later.
  • Ninety percent will have it like any other minor flu or cold.
  • Virtually all of the ten percent with more serious cases can be treated at home or outpatient status. Some are more at risk of this based on their health and physical condition, but not based on age.
  • Some tiny percent (estimated at 1% and on down to as low as 0.025%) require major treatment and may still die. These can be predicted by age and preexisting conditions.
  • Yet the measures forced upon us seem to treat everybody the same – as though each one of 350 million Americans all have the same risk.

The shutdown, the lockdown, of the economy will result in poverty, malnutrition, lack of routine and preventative healthcare, and raise stress levels. Actually, it is already doing that. Causing that for months (as demanded by many) will magnify those horrendous effects. The consequences may be far more serious than the rapid spread of the virus will cause.

So it does make sense to question the draconian measures, and without justifying accusations of callousness (or hatred) on the part of those of us who question the need and wisdom of these enactments.

Again, even in crisis, government is NOT the solution. More government means MORE problems, because government’s “solutions” create them.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Backlash against government lockdowns – justified?

  1. pamela bloem says:

    I can’t believe how many people are believing the government on this virus. It’s all B.S. If people would look at what businesses they are closing. They are limiting the stores to less hours and making people wait in line to get in the store and banks. I have friends who work in a factory that make windows and a factory that makes engines for lawn mowers and a warehouse that distributes remote control airplane kits and hobby stuff. They are still working. These are non-essential but still open and running like usual. These employees work in close proximity to each other over 40 hours a week and the air they breathe is not ventilated well or is recirculated.


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  3. Samuel Boes says:

    Daniel McAdam at Lew Rockwell said that this is going on even in California.
    Meanwhile, why are all the businesses going along with this – even in places where it is only a guideline or recommendation?


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