South Dakota – punishment for Trump and more?

Author’s note: As I sit writing this, our home outside Rapid City in the Black Hills sits under 15-18 inches of fresh, wet, spring snow, courtesy of the vast Storm Xylia that engulfed much of the Rockies and Great Plains. Including our beloved Paha Sapa. As reported in The Blaze and elsewhere.

Trump blasts the 'left-wing cultural revolution' and ...
2020 Fireworks at Mount Rushmore, Black Hills

Moisture is a variable thing in this territory, but people have lived with it for a good 147 years – (and some of us for a lot longer than that). Lack of moisture is once again an excuse to do (or not do) something. Officially, probably even with this massive snow, the Black Hills is in “severe drought” but last year, during the first week of July, the Hills were in “moderate drought.” Just one step lower. It was the POLITICAL climate that was different.

On Friday, our benevolent and supreme rulers of the Biden Regime announced that South Dakota is NOT ALLOWED to have fireworks at Mount Rushmore this year for celebrating Independence Day. Even though just the day before, Biden had promised (if we are all good mask-wearing, social-distancing, lockdown-obeying subjects) that We, the People, might be allowed to gather for family celebrations of the Fourth. As reported by Al Jezerra and others.

But not South Dakota. South Dakota, I understand, must be punished.

The excuses for not allowing fireworks over the famous memorial? There are three:

  • It is not safe, due to COVID-19: just as was claimed in 2020.
  • It is not safe, due to potential for wildfires in the forest around Rushmore, due to drought.
  • “the park’s many tribal partners expressly oppose fireworks at the Memorial.”

Of course, many National Park Service’s AmerInd “tribal partners” expressly demand that Mt. Rushmore be demolished completely. Why? They claim it “desecrates” a region “once sacred to tribal communities” (quoting a Democratic propaganda piece from last year). (More on that, later.)

It is another excuse.

Why? I am more and more sure the reason is really to punish South Dakota.

South Dakota never had a statewide lockdown. (Though some cities and several tribes did. And tried to force the State to do so.) Never had a statewide mask mandate. (Again, many cities and businesses did – and some still do.) Never forced businesses to close (though many corporations DID.) We had The Donald come to Mount Rushmore, with tens of thousands of people. We had nearly 500,000 people come to Sturgis and the Black Hills for the motorcycle Rally. And we didn’t have spikes in the Beer Flu, didn’t have spikes on deaths. South Dakota did NOT kill tens of thousands in nursing homes.

But according to Fauci and the nanny-staters and “the science”, South Dakota did everything wrong. Including voting strongly for Trump. And having a governor who not only supported (and continues to support) Trump, but also treated the people of her State as ADULTS. Not just citizens, not subjects, not wards or slaves. (At least in COVID-19 matters. She has made some other bad mistakes. After all, she is a politician.)

So clearly, Biden, the old biddies (of both sexes) at the National Park Service, and his heap-big-chiefette at the Department of the Interior MUST punish the 800,000 people of the State. Including the 150,000 or so enrolled members of South Dakota’s nine Sioux / Ahkota tribes.

Most of whom do NOT agree with the likes of that con-artist and criminal (in waiting, at least) Nick Tilsen and his LandBack and NDN Collective. (Who are some of those who are most vocal about demanding the demolition of Mt. Rushmore. And also have a “homeless” camp on the edge of Rapid City. Another wannabe autonomous zone – at least when someone hasn’t set one of their tents on fire.)

But the result of South Dakota’s politics and refusal to go all totalitarian to “fight the virus” was NOT horrible infection rates and death tolls. South Dakotans’ health remained pretty much in line with other States, and better than many with a vicious, enforced Lockdown. As Tom Woods has pointed out repeatedly, the science shows that lockdowns and masks and enforced social distancing have little or no impact on the spread or severity of the Beer Flu.

What did South Dakota’s actions result in? An economy that is not trashed. A growing economy bolstered by thousands of people seeking to escape from the authoritarian enforcement of dozens of states. And businesses. Not just the Pandemic Panic actions, but many other things. Fewer laws and rules (though not few enough!). Lower and fewer taxes (though not low or few enough!). Fewer nanny-thugs and talebearers. (Though again, not enough fewer. Too many people want to mind everyone’s business.)

That is too old-fashioned, too American. In the eyes of the enemies of liberty like the social justice warriors and the street mob, too “white supremist” and too “racist” and too “sexist” and not “diverse” enough.

It is typical of this present regime, in just the 55 days or so they have been in power. Since they even punish States which DID vote for Biden (New Mexico comes to mind), it is no surprise that States which voted for Trump (and had his votes counted) would be treated harshly.

This Rushmore business is not the only method of punishment: the US Forest Service has also decided that the Black Hills National Forest is producing too much timber – too much lumber. So sales must be cut back. The trees must be allowed to grow and burn, instead of being sustainably harvested and provide materials, products, and jobs. Fuel prices must be jacked up in various ways to cut into South Dakota’s tourist industry. There are no doubt other ways we’ve not found out about, yet.

But never fear, our beloved authorities there in the District of Criminals will find more and more ways to punish South Dakota. And other States. Count on it.

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