Masks, liberty, and slavery

You got a mask? For 99% of Americans, the answer is yes. Stores and websites are selling them like hotcakes. It seems like every other store (especially the big-box and small-box stores and the supermarket and convenience store chains) has a dozen signs warning, begging, demanding (and once in a while asking) you to wear masks. And sometimes threatening you if you don’t.

Consider New Mexico.

In one city (where the mayor and city council have joined wholeheartedly in the Pandemic Panic and the Lockdown), the big-box stores have nasty gate guards who scream at people. Peopoe who do not wear what these petty thugs consider “real masks.” “Real masks,” one told a friend, “are cloth, just like state law requires.” Except that State Law – and not even her Imperial Highness Emperadora Michelle the First’s decrees – specify the mask is to be made of cloth. “Show me the law, please.” The thug cannot, of course. “It’s a city ordinance,” he proclaims, instead. “Show me the ordinance,” she asks. He cannot. Instead he calls the police. As she waits for the cops, she looks it up on her phone: the city ordinance says the mask must be tight to the cheeks, nose, and chin – but nothing about cloth, paper, or plastic. After twenty minutes, she and her husband leave: the cops have not come. But 40-50 dollars in sales are gone: she will do without. As she leaves the store, she finally removes the face shield which she has been wearing during the entire confrontation: a clear plastic shield which covers her entire face, including eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, chin, and neck. The same shield her employer requires she wear as she works in a retail store.

At a different time, in a different location, a convenience store with fuel sales run by a Pueblo (that is, AmerInd), after fueling, another person takes a two-year-old child in to use the bathroom. He is accosted by a screaming clerk, yelling that he must wear a mask. He touches and pulls on the neck-gaiter he is wearing around… his neck. “I have one,” he said as he pulled it up. “You HAVE TO WEAR IT.” “Why?” “ITS THE LAW!” “Show me, please. If it is. You used to be a nation of laws, not dictators.” “WE ARE A SOVEREIGN NATION!” she screams. “I know, you used to be a nation of laws. Show me your law, please.” “I AM CALLING THE POLICE.” “Okay, I’ll be outside.” The police (tribal, or pueblo, police) didn’t show up in 20 minutes. Again, sales lost, now and in the future. During the entire time, the person continues to wear the neck gaiter, pulled up to cover his nose and mouth. The clerk ignores that, because she is so wroth about his questioning her.

Insane, no?

Slaves obey screamed commands. And they scream commands and expect free people to obey them, too. Slaves are beaten (mentally or physically or emotionally) to the point that they cannot see the real world. They cannot make decisions for themselves. All they can do is scream at those who are not slaves.

Slaves ALWAYS wear masks, I think. Not physical ones, but psychological ones: they do not show their real faces, their real emotions, their real thoughts to others because they fear punishment. They quickly grow to the point that they cannot reveal their thoughts even to themselves: they have internalized their slavery. They cannot accept liberty, because they do not understand it. The love of liberty has been sucked out of them. They can no longer think for themselves.

Some surveys and studies claim that 90% of Americans don’t just have masks, they are complying with the mask mandates and recommendations.

States who have recently recanted and withdrawn statewide mask mandates are castigated by the mainstream media, the social media, the opinion columns and the twitter mob. The governors and legislatures are condemned as mass murderers – sometimes by their very own health departments and experts.

Natural News reports that many dentists are noticing significant and often severe, even life-threatening conditions which are created and made worse by constant wearing of masks. People like Tom Woods, “Mr. Anti-Mask” himself, publish more and more data showing that wearing masks does NOT prevent ANY spread, does NOT prevent ANY deaths, due to COVID-19. Not in any of the Fifty States, not in European countries, not anywhere except (maybe, sometimes) nursing homes. And maybe surgical suites.

There are many other physical and psychological problems with wearing masks. More and more, hurting (and killing) more and more people.

But none of this matters to the tyrants – both in and out of office – who are themselves enslaved. Who MUST wear masks and threaten those who do not.

I suspect that many of us, who wore masks in stores or other locations out of respect and courtesy for private property and other people’s fears (however misplaced), are to the point of being discourteous. Refusing to wear masks at all as we are sick of being threated like slaves. But at the same time, there are more and more people who have accepted their slavery.

And envy and hate free people. Even though they won’t admit it.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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