Every day, on the news, it seems we hear of another “mass shooting” (3 or more people shot and killed), perpetrated by another insane person or persons. And every day recently, we hear on the news of two or three people pleading guilty, found guilty, or sentenced to prison for some long period. And every day, we hear politicians and pundits and people (“ordinary people”) who blame it all on guns. Well, not all guns – first, they want the police (and maybe the military) and private guards of wealthy and powerful people to have guns. Second, some also blame it on racism, sexism, Western Civilization and, of course, capitalism.

Just as we daily hear of the poor non-standard humans who are abused for some of those same reasons and more: racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and so on. And back to the killing, all of those killers (“suspected” or otherwise) who survive their acts of aggression always have someone else or something else to blame for their murderous behavior. The only exception to these claims by the death-dealers seems to be some of those who kill unborn children: their reason for doing that (other than profit on the part of those paid to do the actual killing) is convenience or their inability to properly care for the small, immature human they disposed of so callously. (Yes, I know we are told that they all agonize over the decision to kill, and yes, some DO blame others for their decision, but in today’s world that seems at least a bit doubtful.)

Of course, the denial of long-standing moral behavior (once referred to as “godly” before God was declared to be either dead or a mean old man up in the sky who hates those He supposedly created) is not new. But we are aware of it more, and it seems to be more frequent. Once such actions were considered aberrations (and with abhorrence as abominable acts), often even by those who were committing them. They may have been less common (or less commonly known) but they were associated with savagery, uncivilized, barbaric peoples and actions. Admittedly, much of the approbation was highly hypocritical. (note 1.)

But today, those same actions are not just viewed as acceptable (or tolerated, which is rapidly becoming a synonym of acceptable), but even worthy of approval. To the point of viewing those who point out and condemn much of this behavior as themselves being evil and demanding punishment for them.

Think about these actions: Abortion (killing of the unborn), mutilation of children, grooming of children, raiding and looting of stores. Violent attacks (aggression) against people due to their skin, their ethnicity, their opinions, and more. Rape, vandalism, theft, betrayal of oaths and vows, and more. (Note 2)

Yes, some people do still get away with condemning these behaviors. But more and more people dismiss them as either minor or “justified” by conditions endured by the perpetrators.

Such behavior has become routine. And not just in these Fifty States, but around the world. We take it for granted that abuse and murder will go unpunished. If not completely, then delayed for decades. We take for granted that few if any people – especially those who are well-known – will be held accountable for their lies, their stealing, their abuse, and even their killings. And will be supported in their lack of accountability by more and more people.

Our senses are dulled more and more with each passing day.

Once upon a time, the enemies of people and of liberty called religion “the opiate of the masses.” Today, there are dozens of things which are such an opiate – and that is what these parasites, the “powers that be” want.

The only solution is to educate and inform ourselves and others about the reality – not what is served up to us on broadcasts and cable and internet, but what really is happening in our community. So that we can be prepared to respond to protect and defend ourselves, our families, and yes, our neighbors.

Think about these things!

Note 1: For example, the condemnation by the WW2 allies of the Dritte Reich for the highly selective murder of millions of Jews and Romany (and others) by the very leaders and legislatures that authorized the mass indiscriminate murder of civilians in bombing attacks – and honored the men who did the deed.

Note 2: I avoid overtly religious issues in the main body – i.e. adultery. Which is generally a betrayal of a vow (oath). Divorce (same argument), perjury (false testimony and lying as well as betrayal of an oath). There are many more, of course.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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