What can come next? (A Baker’s Dozen ™)

With the inauguration of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris, the apocalypse press is coming on strong. We admit that The Price of Liberty has done our share of dire predictions and concerns. But if it were a contest, TPOL has clearly lost time and again. Here are a few predictions seen just in the past few days.

Read this list, but remember to be courageous, value liberty (your own and others’), recognize that this too shall pass, and never give up!

Intentionally unattributed:

  1. The end of cash in the US (and the world?) to further control the economy and increase the power of the megabanks, thus impoverishing millions more Americans and paying back the megabankers for their support against Trump.
  2. Hyperinflation (courtesy of the $1.9 trillion “COVID relief” bill and whatever Biden-Harris come up with and Congress gleefully passes, thus destroying the US Dollar and toppling it from its status as the world reserve capital.
  3. Negative interest rates to more rapidly deplete our bank accounts – together with the inflation of course.
  4. Sweeping the radio waves and the internet of “conservative” voices and words, as the woke broadcasters and internet service providers cut off anyone that does not agree with the social justice warriors, gutting the First Amendment.
  5. More war in Afghanistan, Syria, and Mesopotamia, continuing the tradition of most Democratic presidents and furthering the American Empire.
  6. Cozying up to Red China, Iran, and the European Union, carrying out the Obama plan and causing America to become more like China and Europe.
  7. Wide-open nationwide abortion, human (embryo) testing, and even infanticide, to appease the goddess Gaia, together with other forced “environmental quality” measures.
  8. Destruction of the economy of multiple states by banning more and more production and use of coal, oil, natural gas, replacing them with solar and wind energy, destroying the jobs of millions, using the excuse of manmade global warming.
  9. The military will be purged and become “woke” and forced to swear loyalty to Biden.
  10. There will be a permanent military security force occupying the District of Columbia, even after it becomes a State. Just as the security measures put into place after Bloody Tuesday (9-11) have lasted for decades, after the “Capitol Insurrection” this will be the case.
  11. Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia will be given Statehood. This is to assure a permanent Democrat majority in the US Senate.
  12. An explosion of migration into the United States especially from Latin America and Africa, both to ensure Democratic vote majorities (without corrupt voting) and to transform American society permanently.
  13. There will be a national mask mandate and lockdown. Thus further creating dependence on the welfare state and allowing/forcing State governments to also grow more totalitarian.

That is quite a list, you have to admit. A very frightening list and supposed plan for the destruction of America and maybe even the world. And this Baker’s Dozen ™ is just part of a long list of horrifying actions.


Don’t count on it. Calm down and stay focused on important things: your family, your work, your house, even your salvation. Let the people in DC (and the State capitols) have their fun, play their games, and demonstrate (again and again) how stupid they are. If possible, ignore them more and more.

Live free, in an unfree world, to quote the late Harry Browne.


Because government is not just evil, it is incompetent. The last year demonstrated that, not just in “Democratic” States, but in “Republican” States. And most especially in DC. Yes, they wasted trillions of dollars. Yes, they wasted millions of man-hours. Yes, most of them (if not all) played at being variously Nero, Louis XVI, Honest Abe, and even God. Not content with robbing us blind with taxes and apparently infinite borrowing, they constantly went out and begged for more money as campaign donations, and more volunteer effort to fight all the bad things happening. Bad things usually caused (or made worse) by sheer government incompetency.

So all of these things that the Biden regime is supposedly going to try and do (and many do have some credibility) are (a) unlikely to actually make it into law, and (b) actually be implemented, except on paper. Further, many of these things are just things that government cannot control, given any amount of resistance and opposition from the people of the States.

And many of them are really NOT going to be any different from what we have lived through for the past twenty-five, fifty, or even eighty years. The government is ALWAYS doing things to destroy the economy, trash the (bogus, fiat) dollar, play games to give one wing or the other of the Boot-on-your-neck Party an advantage, steal away our liberties, and lie to us.

Government is unlikely to significantly change under the Biden-Harris regime anymore than it really did under Trump – or any of the last half dozen. #46 and his handlers and minions and bosses will make stupid mistakes, try to play tyrant, squander our money, wreck our society, and more. Just like the rest of them.

Definitely, the Biden regime and the crooks in Congress will TRY to do most, if not all these things. But I think Americans will find ways to neutralize and work around anything that they find intolerable. Whether it is by secession, or just plain refusal to go along, or passive or active rebellion. Whether it is politically correct or not. Whether it makes sense to the powers-that-be or not.

And if any of these things actually come to pass, they will just speed the day when the entire mess is so disgusting and dysfunctional that it will be thrown away.

If we persevere in living free, governing ourselves, caring for ourselves and our families and friends, ignoring stupidity, being courageous and not fearful, and even praying.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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5 Responses to What can come next? (A Baker’s Dozen ™)

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  2. A handful of quibbles:

    #13 already looks obsolete. Biden has already admitted he has no authority to institute a national mask mandate and has instead done what he does have the authority to do (mask mandate on federal property) and something that if not he, at least Congress, would have the authority to do (mask mandate in interstate commerce, specifically interstate mass transit). Federal, state, and local regimes will certainly continue trying to draw out the pandemic (and thus extend their excuse for seizing new powers), of course. But Biden himself may be a counter-weight to that. “I’m the president who brought us through and out of that” would be a big re-election sales pitch.

    #12 looks like a feature, not a bug. But it also looks incredibly unlikely. Trump tried to out-Democrat the Democrats on immigration authoritarianism, but seems to have failed (he didn’t deport as many people as Obama/Biden). Immigrants can’t vote, they pay more in taxes and consume less in “safety net benefits” per capita than the native-born (thus reducing the perceived need for such Democratic marquee programs), and organized labor hates them. They’re not going to be treated well by a Democratic regime

    #8 should be allowed to happen due to market operations, as it surely would if fossil fuels lost their massive government subsidies. Forcing it with state mandates will certainly have negative side consequences, but it’s still just going where we were going anyway.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Great points, Tom. Although Biden’s first push of executive orders seems to herald that #12 looks more likely.
      IF #8 were a result of the market, it should be allowed. Based on what is being claimed/promised right now, it does not appear the market will be allowed to mess things up. That is, the hammer on so-called red states of which radical statists and envrionists dream.
      But the point of the commentary is that most of these things will NOT actually come to fruition, courtesy of the same political corruption and incompetence and failure of control that put us in this mess.
      By the way, I’ve not checked out the claim so far, but several people have told me that one of Joe’s first executive orders extended mandatory face diapers to Interstate highways. Of course, the requirement he “imposed” is really just the status quo: I have heard of not a single airline that does NOT require masks – in fact, some well-publicized incidents have resulted. And ditto for federal office buildings. To me the real concern is whether the mandate extends to driving and riding and walking through National Forests, National Parks, and Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Land Management lands – especially public highways, roads and trails.


      • My understanding was that Biden was going to impose a mask mandate on 1) federal property and 2) interstate mass transit. But the last didn’t show up in a NYT article on his first day executive orders. I’m going to research that further.

        The airline industry has been begging for a mask mandate so that they can blame the feds instead of taking responsibility for requiring masks themselves. My assumption is that if they haven’t gotten it yet, they will.

        As for federal property, I haven’t heard anything about the mandate applying to e.g. you in your car on an interstate highway. That would be dumb to order and even dumber to try to enforce. Ditto people camping in state forests, etc. I guess we’ll see.

        From what I’ve read of his executive orders on the first day (he issued more than the first five presidents combined issued in their 36 years of tenure), they’re a mixed bag and the bad stuff isn’t quite as bad as the good stuff is good. But presumably he wanted day one to be, as much as possible, honeymoon stuff. The worse stuff comes later.


      • TPOL Nathan says:

        Good point about “honeymoon” stuff. All 16 of them on the whitehouse.gov website right now sorta fit into that. I ready both the “Executive Order on Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requiring Mask-Wearing” and the “Executive Order on Organizing and Mobilizing the United States Government to Provide a Unified and Effective Response to Combat COVID-19 and to Provide United States Leadership on Global Health and Security” (what incredible mouthfuls!!!) and I can’t find anything about ANY interstate travel – airlines or highways.
        I think you are dead-on regarding the airlines and their wishes.
        As for National Forests and National Parks, there are documented cases (and many more claims) of mask and social distance enforcement by several American States (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California come to mind). So it would not surprise me if such were pushed. Even out in the middle of a bare and empty square-mile of grassland in the middle of Wyoming or South Dakota.
        As for Interstate Highways, I don’t think he (or anyone in the FedGov) has jurisdiction, as they are NOT federally-owned land and structures. Although the FedGov used/uses a lot of its own (stolen) money to pay for them (as much as 95% of construction cost), they are owned by the States, and sometimes counties or even municipalities. But again it would not surprise me at all if attempts are not made: after all, Queensland has ordered that masks be worn at all times while driving on ALL of their roads and streets.
        Yes, the worse stuff comes later.


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