The Resistance or the “Submission?”

By Nathan Barton

The news and talk shows recently have been filled with reports of the continuing efforts to deny the legitimacy of the Trump regime, to portray Trump, his subordinates, and his supporters as this bizarre mixture of stupid, cunning, evil, and manipulative – as well as contrary to “American values” and such essentials as democracy, multi-culturalism, diversity, and the rights of all the various groups that make up the Transnational progressive movement here in the Fifty States.

Part of that effort has included more violent clashes and protests that seek not so much to persuade the White House and Congress (and the various gubernatorial mansions and legislatures) to change what they are doing, but rather to disrupt and build solidarity among their foes and the minority progressives in those offices.

As my son pointed out, we have seen, both since the November elections and the January change of power, the first two stages of the grief of the left: denial and anger. Neither of which seems to have abated much, although news coverage is a lot spottier recently.

Closely related to denial is the delusion that the opposition to Trump and his policies and programs is a sign of victory over him and his supporters by the left.  This is seen in the claim that the “RyanCare” defeat in Congress was (a) a defeat and (b) caused by the left ralllying the people behind them to “preserve” the wonders of ObummerCare.  (I argue that Trump is a devious man, and that the major opposition which defeated the “replacement” in Congress was from the conservatives and quasi-libertarians.  And was expected and part of Trump’s overall plans to drastically change government – but that is another commentary.)

So now we are moving on to a new stage of grief: bargaining (the last two are traditionally depression and acceptance).  For the leftists and Tranzis, this stage is being called “the Resistance” – their idea of bargaining is to be a wee bit more low-key (verbally attack, rather than physically attack Trump supporters and neutrals) but still combative, as the story from the SanFran Chron [] tells us: “Many of the 1,000 people who attended Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s town hall Monday in San Francisco didn’t necessarily disagree with her, they just wanted her to be louder and more aggressive in opposing the Trump administration. ‘We would like to see her represent her liberal constituency a lot more forcefully,’ said Jegath Athilingam, 27, a neuroscience doctoral student at UC San Francisco. ‘We want to see her take the lead, as someone with her amount of seniority should do.’ At times, the hour-long constituent gathering at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center on 19th Avenue involved Feinstein trying to explain the rhythms of Washington’s slow-moving bureaucracy to an audience made up largely of people who are afraid, frustrated and angry at total Republican control of the government and want something done fast. Over the past five months, Feinstein’s office has received more than 2.5 million calls, emails and notes; typically, it receives 1 million in a year.”

This is certainly better than the recent “protest” (Riot) between “Antifa” (Anti-fascist leftists) and Trumpistas in Berkeley (reported in the LA Times [], where violence led to a couple of dozen arrests. All courtesy of the evil, aggressive, and violent Trump supporters, of course – their aggression demonstrated by their invasion of a “libertated zone” like Bezerkeley.

But the idea of Feinstein’s constituency is that “bargaining” is for them to be MORE forceful – more aggressive – louder. I am not sure whether their concept of bargaining is taken from the trade unions or from the robber barons that they confronted.

The remnants of the Democratic Party and anti-Trump elements have taken to styling themselves as “The Resistance” – evoking elements of the glorious French Resistance which (as we all know history teaches) totally defeated the Nazis allowing Imperial British  and American forces to quickly roll through France and western Germany to link up with the Soviets who bore almost the entire burden of the war against the Fascists, not just for Mother Russia but for all the peoples of the world. (sarcasm alert!)  Actually, the French Resistance was incapable of liberating France without extensive outside help.)

But when you  look at what they are promoting with their “Resistance” it is nothing more than the “Submission” which they promoted and practiced for the last eight years: more government, more nanny programs, more welfare, more control, more taxes, and more borrowing and spending.  Bad as Trump is, their alternative is worse.  As they demonstrate daily.

Mama’s Note: Everyone, it seems, so busy watching the feathers fly they don’t notice that both the right and left wings are on the same bird of prey.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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