My Mother Taught Me The Basics

By MamaLiberty

My mother taught me everything I really needed to know about being a good person and living a good life. After reading the gist of a lot of the “news” this morning (I can only stand for so much), I thought I’d share her lessons with you.

  1. No human being has the right (authority), under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, nor to delegate such initiation of force. Kindergarten version: don’t hit, lie or steal.
  2. Every human being has the right (authority) to defend themselves and others from those who do initiate force, regardless of who they are… by any means necessary.
  3. Each individual owns his or her life and is ultimately responsible for their safety and that of their legitimate dependents. Individuals, working in voluntary association with others toward mutual goals, will live well and prosper without any need to harm or disparage others.
  4. All humans are imperfect, and negotiation of differences and disputes is the only rational way to deal with that. There are a lot of irrational people, of course. But utopia is not an option, no matter how many “laws” are written or how well they are enforced. Nature simply makes cooperation more profitable than fighting in the long run.
  5. There are no “special rights,” since every individual has the exact same rights as every other: to live, to choose for themselves (liberty) any non-aggressive action, thought or belief. And to acquire, hold property that has been obtained without force or fraud.

Since no non-voluntary government actually recognizes any of these things – much less protects or promotes them, it seems pretty clear to me there is no place in my life for such “government.”

Of course, that’s the boiled down version. We could argue for eons about the details. But the negotiation of the details has to start from the basics to be valid. Anything else will be launched on the basis of aggression, coercion or theft.

How about you?

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2 Responses to My Mother Taught Me The Basics

  1. Darkwing says:

    I wish my mother and father would have taught me all that. My life would have been better and a lot different. THANKS MAMA


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I wish every parent would teach those basic truths. But the parents have to know and understand the truth first. World’s oldest chicken and egg problem, perhaps. 🙂 So many don’t ever learn the truth, and many learn it long after their children are grown and gone. Instead, each generation has to learn how to survive pretty much on their own. Good judgment is usually the result of surviving a lot of bad judgment – even if you are raised with the truth.

      What will happen with this generation raised on all of the entitlement and PC nonsense… I shudder to think.


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