Telling them bluntly

By Nathan Barton

A few days ago, I published a commentary about “Gungrabbers Anonymous” and mentioned folks in Maryland dealing with the legislature there over new, unconstitutional, immoral, and stupid gun laws.  They are forming a “We will not comply” movement in Maryland and perhaps nationwide.

They want to make it perfectly clear that whatever laws that the Legislature passes, if they are unconstitutional or immoral, they at least will NOT obey them.  They are warning the legislature in advance, as well as proponents.

I applaud them.

The same thing is happening in Colorado, where more and more counties are declaring themselves to be “Gun Sanctuary” counties, or even “Bill of Rights Sanctuary” counties.  As the General Assembly passes “red flag” and other laws that are clearly unconstitutional, and even more clearly immoral, they are taking a stand.

However, the General Assembly cares little or nothing for most of the state, and strictly for the people-heavy, vote-heavy areas of the Front Range: specifically Metro Denver, including the hothouse liberal incubators of Boulder and Broomfield. It takes action like the “We Will Not Comply” movement to wake a few legislators and other influential people up.  The latest Red Flag measure passed the General Assembly last week by just one vote.  Which means that at least some Democrat legislators got the message from normal lobbying and constituents.  Just not enough.

More and more counties (and not just purely rural ones, but includine El Paso and Weld, both with large urban areas as well as huge rural districts) in Colorado will resist Denver’s tyranny.  Will they succeed? I don’t know.  But with actions like this, the chances are greater.

IF the people wearing the tee-shirts and carrying the signs actually follow through with their pledge.  As we all know, it is called “civil disobedience” and is an essential tool against tyranny.  (But NOT the only one by a long shot.)

Even for those who believe that government is justified and legitimate in the eyes of God and man, there is a limit to which they recognize that government should not go. If they truly believe that God (or nature) made us to be free.  (I’m not one of those who believe that human government is legitimate. Much less justified.  The evil it allows, and the evil it does by its daily actions, negates any benefit.)

But it is very difficult to resist government, and especially one person or family at a time.  It does require cooperation and coordination between people to resist successfully.  This movement is a potential way of doing that when it comes to the ever-increasing totalitarian actions of government, at least in many states.

Find a local “I will not comply” group, or start one yourself.  Spend a few bucks with some tee shirt shop locally or on-line, and get a few for friends and family.  Or even to give to local people like county commissioners or even police or sheriffs.  (I realize that too many cops will be on the side of the gun-grabbers, the hoplophobes and hoploclasts.  But not all by any means.)

I will not tee 2
I will not tee shirt

For more ideas, visit The Zelman Partisans.




Even be a bit creative.  For 10-20 bucks, it is a start.  Or if you are cheap, you can always make up a few small stickers (1″x4″ labels work!).  “Simon Says” (a meme from Heinlein) works well: “Simon Jester says: I will not comply.” With the image of a rifle or pistol, to make it clear.  Be inventive. (More on this later.)

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Telling them bluntly

  1. enn ess says:

    It is surprising how much power the people actually have over their gov. when they can get beyond their social PC driven, and actually, pretty petty differences. This is how any tyrannical gov is brought to bear and stay in line. Our issue here in Murika, is we have let it go on for entirely to long.
    Simply look back at the beginnings of our Revolution, and it is said that only approximately 3 % of the population fought that war. It doesn’t take an abnormally large number but it does take consistency, fortitude, faithfulness to the given cause. This is how the Founders saw it and the principles behind our Independence and Constitution. We can only keep it from being destroyed by being engaged. As Ben Franklin is reported to have said, “We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it”. And it can only be kept by an informed and educated people….


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