Bakers Dozen ™: What the Regressives are pushing

By Nathan Barton

Regressive is a more accurate term for those people who usually call themselves “Progressives” and include national, international, and transnational socialists: Nazis, Communists, and Tranzis. As we begin the 2020 election cycle far too soon (in my option) we see more and more incredibly stupid “solutions” being pushed.   Here is my thoughts on some of the major ones.

  1. the crazy “Green New Deal,” which they now admit is NOT about the world coming to an end (well, at least the human race) in less than 11 years now, but about completely changing the American economy. A change which seems to be directly going to Communism as practiced in Soviet Russia and early Red China.
  2. reparations for descendants of slaves, even though there are (to my knowledge) no one living who was a legal slave (that is, living before 1867 or so), and not even anyone who is a child of a slave (at least not while their parent was a slave). Again, this is an excuse for economic change and massive redistribution of money. Apologies are not accepted.  Cash or credit card only, please. (It is also a way of shaming much of the population about the evils of their nation and their ancestors.)
  3. abortion/infanticide, What about “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” don’t they get? What about REAL science and what constitutes a live human don’t they get? And this has already been determined to be a “slippery slope” to euthanasia and eugenics: more ways to control the deplorables.
  4. the insanity of “make up your own identity” in sex, race, etc. Again, ask what about REAL science don’t they get? And notice that it is yet another way to institute extreme changes to society, denigrate religion, and ensure a steady stream of madness to weaken society, disrupt peace, and destroy families.
  5. the elimination of the constitutional electoral college, apparently with the intent of making us another France or Britain: a unitary governmental “democracy” instead of a Republic in a Federal union. And thus making it more and more possible for urban areas and their elite to ignore (and control) Flyover Country and anyone unwilling to worship the almighty state.
  6. (more) gun control, over more people and more weapons, while eliminating as many people from being able to own weapons as possible. And therefore ensuring that resistance to all their other actions is weakened, while more and more people are unable to defend themselves against criminals. (Leading to more “need” for government.)
  7. Supreme Court expansion, to be able to pack the court with more Nazgul (as “liberal” as possible) to give future presidents more opportunity for mischief.
  8. higher taxes, based on the idea that we are still keeping too much of “their” money in our pockets, and that they know what should be spent.
  9. guaranteed incomes (welfare for “all”), to increase dependency on government, justify more taxes, and permit more money to stick to the fingers of bureaucrats and politicians.
  10. Medicare for all, to gain more and more control over this major sector of the economy, while exercising more and more control over the population – especially the nonproductive portions, such as the retired population.
  11. free college, in order to ensure that indoctrination of the population continues for a total of 17-18 years, moulding “youth” for the future, while whittling down the private education sector.
  12. no borders, both to ensure a steady stream of new votes for “progressives” and to ensure a never-ending stream of threats to society and peace, while providing a continuous flow of low-cost labor – as well as totally destroying the sovereignty of both the former Union and the Fifty States.
  13. massive censorship of all kinds of media (especially “social” media), gutting the First Amendment the way the Second Amendment has been gutted, continuing to erase the role and influence of God- and Christ-based religion, and giving yet more control over the population.

This is, of course, certifiably insane (as I’ve pointed out quite a bit). And I’m sure I could add another baker’s dozen. Feel free to suggest some.

Why are they doing this? I think it is a combination of lust for power and fear of the reaction to their control.  The more that they control everyone else, the more likely it is for that power to be resisted.  It is said that the Red China fear democracy – but the “Regressives” who call themselves Progressives and liberals fear republics and all human freedoms which are not mere privileges which they control.


The idea for this commentary came from the esteem-able Christine Smith, although I added some things to make the Baker’s Dozen.  See this this article by her:

The Russians Are Coming!
by Christine Smith

The Russians are coming!

Sure they are, and the sky is falling too.

Based on rhetoric, you’d think the United States government was now stealthily undermined by Russians. With never-ending allegations of Russian interference/collusion and even the absurd implication that the duly elected president might be a Russian agent, along with all the other continual anti-Russia references these days, the Red Scare is again alive and well.

But unlike the comedic The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! movie of 1966 in which a Russian submarine innocently gets caught on a sandbank off our coast, the threat is real – but it’s not the Russians who are the threat…
Continue reading: This article was originally published on June 11, 2019, by The Future of Freedom Foundation. Read it here:

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