Does it matter?

By Nathan Barton

You may have seen this picture.

Apparently a lot of people have, thanks to the former 1600 PA squatter’s speechwriter Jon Favreau. He had shared the images on Twitter, mistakenly believing they were taken during Donald Trump’s presidency, and attacking the Trump administration for inhuman treatment of immigrant children.

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My two cents’ worth on the bakery case at SCOTUS

By Nathan Barton

CNN proclaims: “SCOTUS rules for baker in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.” In the story, we read “The Supreme Court ruled narrowly in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake to celebrate the marriage of a same sex couple because of a religious objection. The ruling was 7-2. The court held that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed hostility toward the baker based on his religious beliefs. The ruling is a win for baker Jack Phillips but leaves unsettled the broader constitutional questions the case presented.”

Everyone has chimed in with commentary on it. But I think we need to understand the overall situation, good and bad, and what we can learn from it. Above all, it is not a clear victory for liberty.

As I said, lots of folks have chimed in. Here are a few. Continue reading

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More blackrobe nonsense and insanity – mental illness in public schools

By Nathan Barton

I am reminded of the poster: “I was so shocked by being told I am delusional, that I almost fell off my unicorn.”

It seems that at least one Federal Judge believes that mental illness should be supported by government – not curing it, but allowing people the “right” to make others suffer for their delusions.  CNN reports: “Court: Federal civil rights law protects transgender people” (Freedom Net Daily headline). “A federal court ruled against a Virginia school district on Tuesday, holding that federal law protects a transgender student who sought to use the boys’ bathroom at his [sic] school. The ruling is a victory for Gavin Grimm — a transgender male [sic] — who began his[sic] legal fight four years ago and has since graduated from the school. The court denied a motion filed by the school district to dismiss Grimm’s lawsuit. Grimm’s lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union argued that Title IX — a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded education programs — includes discrimination based on gender identity.” Continue reading

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Truth to power…

By Nathan Barton

Today, continuing a “tradition” that dates back to the French Revolution, progressives (liberal fascists) boast about how they “speak truth to power.”

We, the masses, don’t deserve to hear the truth, of course.  That is the other side of the coin for this gang of statists.  And we see that side of the coin everyday in the newspapers and on-line, and hear it every day on television, radio, and in the movie theaters.  That is, the media. The strong wings that hold up the bloated body of the purulant statist albatoss around everyone’s neck.

It seems that the media is upset that the guy sitting there in the White House (or at least running around there) has upset some good American allies. I know, that is nothing new.  But bear me out.

A few weeks ago, CNN and other media outlets complained that Trump’s speech to the NRA angered the French and the Brits.  He dared to point out that the killings of all those people in the attack on night-clubs in Paris might have been stopped by a few people – even one – with a gun. And – gasp! – stating that strict gun control laws failed to stop the killings. Continue reading

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By Nathan Barton

We all find ourselves getting down.  Life can be depressing for many reasons.  But there is still hope.

The future is ours. No matter how bad the State is now, no matter how many governments we have dominating us today, their day is limited. Indeed, their day is over.  Their powers are illusion, and disappearing, squeezed out between their fingers as the hand squeezes tighter.

And the more pressure they put on society, the more pressure they put on persons, on families, on businesses, on communities, the harder it is to keep the lid on.  The closer they are to that day, that hour, that moment, when the rocket goes up.  When just one too many persons, families, businesses, communities, say “enough is enough.”

Because of the many gifts we have from our Creator, perhaps the greatest is freedom.  He gives us liberty. It was placed in us when He created the first man, and from that man, created the first woman.  We have the liberty to choose right from wrong.  Not the “right” to choose wrong – for we are accountable for our actions and their results.  That is the way the Universe is made: universal laws are not just for physical matters like motion and chemical reactions and energy processes.  If we made the wrong choices, we will pay the penalty for them.  That is liberty, that is freedom. Continue reading

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Integrating schools more into the police state?

By Nathan Barton

As the nation again reels from a mass murder in a government-run, tax-funded (“public”) school, again in Texas, the ideas are coming thick and fast from all sides.  Several are featured on various websites.

Some congressman representing a district in the People’s Republic of California wants to seize all “assault weapons” from an unwilling population, as reported by Tim Brown in Freedom Outpost.  Oh, he’d make sure that they were paid for.  Of course, since this latest killing spree used a revolver and shotgun, no doubt many people ignore this idiot.  But I’m sure that “assault weapons” are just phase one of his plan.

But Freedom Outpost has another writer who has a “real solution.”

This “solution” is to put a police station, with lots of fully-armed, armored, and ready-any-thing cops, in every public school in the nation. No, not a ‘school resource officer’ or an off-duty cop playing security guard. A “quick reaction squad.” He even cites Wal-Mart and other big box stores and malls as support for this. Continue reading

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Dealing with the police, 2018

By Nathan Barton

PragerU, the growing internet university, contains a wealth of informative, short (5 minutes or so) lectures presented in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner I only wish that high school teachers of government, current affairs, civics, and history could learn and use.

But PragerU’s recent lecture by retired Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin doesn’t get it right.  Instead he sets up a series of strawmen.  He demolishes them, but lets the real heart of the matter get past. And in doing so, does a great disservice to his profession, the public, liberty, and PragerU.

He argues that “cops are the good guys,” and he presents his case well. But he does NOT prove his argument. Indeed, he overstates his argument, making matters worse.

Honestly, even if 99.9% of cops were “good guys,” the rottenness in the profession – especially when combined with the fact that the vast majority in the profession are constantly shielding the bad guys, means that Mr. Clarke’s argument is wrong. Cops are often NOT the good guys: they are all too often the bad guys. Continue reading

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