Socialism – some thoughts from a free-market view

By Nathan Barton

The subject of just what constitutes socialism, and just what about socialism violates both personal liberty for secular people and personal liberty and loving God for followers of Christ Jesus, came up recently in a family discussion.

What IS socialism?  There are, a quick check on the internet will show you, dozens of definitions.  Lots of other words are thrown about with great abandon: collective, public control, government… whoa! Government?

There seems to be a fairly common theme that socialism can be either merely “collective” (or public) control OR government control.

Gee, I’ll have to come up with my own general definition.  Let me see…

Socialism is a system in which the means of production and distribution of goods and services are shared (both ownership AND management) by a group, a collection of people.  Sometimes, governments claim to be that collection, or to represent them.

Okay (now that I’ve set up my strawman), can socialism be “good” for us? For a society, part of a society, families, individuals, etc.? What is “good” – I mean moral: having liberty, peace, and prosperity, or at least the potential to readily have these things. Continue reading

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StrawMann Graphic

By MamaLiberty

Found this at Watts Up With That this morning.  Just love the image.

Then, from

straw man

1. a mass of straw formed to resemble a man, as for a doll or scarecrow.
2. a person whose importance or function is only nominal, as to cover another’s activities; front.
3. a fabricated or conveniently weak or innocuous person, object, matter, etc., used as a seeming adversary or argument

And then there are outright lies. Not seeing a whole lot of difference myself.

What are some of the examples of “strawman” arguments you see in the news today? Or are they just plain lies? Some of each? What do you think?

And, maybe more important, what can “we” do about it?

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How Stupid Is THIS Narrative?

By L. Reichard White

Facts and evidence don’t matter anymore. It’s only the narrative that counts. Which is the main reason the inept British scripting of the recent alleged attempt on the life of ex double-agent Sergei Skripal is seriously troubling.

It isn’t that the facts don’t match the Official Narrative — that’s now expected and the standard, especially when scripting our current essential villain, Russia. No, it’s the deteriorating quality of Official Narratives in general, and, in this case, the James Bond plot line.

Kind of reminds me of an old-fashioned Meller-Drammer where the audience hisses and boos the dastardly villain and throws peanuts at him – supplied for that purpose by the management.

Perhaps we can chalk it up to British Prime Minister Theresa May and her conservatives needing a quick distraction after getting themselves into political hot water over their less than sterling execution of Brexit. Continue reading

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Gun Grabber Posters

By MamaLiberty

Do you wish there was something you could DO about the gun grabbers? Here’s something fairly simple…

If you’ve got a blog, FB page, Twitter or Gab account (or whatever), grab these and let them loose on the ‘Net.

For more great ideas, news and commentary, visit Living Freedom, Claire Wolfe’s blog. And you won’t be sorry if you visit The Ultimate Answer to Kings, Joel’s blog. That’s were I got both of these lovely posters of the new 17 year old would be dictator. Actually, he doesn’t look 17 at all, but much older. I wonder what the real story is…

Now, go spread the word… er, the posters.

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Freedom or Death Camps?

By MamaLiberty

So these people are begging the government to destroy what is left of their true civil rights. And, of course, they are not happy destroying their own… they desire with breathtaking passion to destroy the civil rights of every person on earth. Of course they have some strange ideas about a lot of things. They seem to believe that the government can somehow guarantee them safety, a world without risk… And all of their protests about just wanting “commonsense” laws to disarm just the crazy people… Well, we know a lie when we see or hear one.

March for Our Lives organizers rally for ‘common sense’ actions on guns
Kasky’s call for “common sense” regulations include issuing mental health checks and having gun owners be age 21 and older. He said assault weapons should be completely banned, but smaller guns used for protection could be sold under better regulations.

Gun violence is not a political issue. It’s a human rights crisis
Human rights are, by definition, those fundamental freedoms inherent to every person in the world. They include the freedom to move about freely, to obtain an education, to worship as one chooses and to generally participate in society without fear. Continue reading

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Guns and schools in Mexico

By Nathan Barton

Those of us concerned with liberty and our God-given right to defend ourselves (to keep and bear arms) are familiar with circumstances not just in the Fifty States but in our sister “federally governed” states to the north and south.

Mexico, officially, recognizes the right of its citizens (but not non-citizens) to be armed, in their Federal constitution.  But in reality, the ONLY place to buy guns in the whole country is a government-owned and -operated store.  Not a chain of stores, but ONE store.  And the paperwork and review and approval process is incredibly complex and difficult to go through.

Therefore, legally, the vast majority of Mexican citizens (probably 99%+)  are NOT armed.  Except, of course, for cops and soldiers. This is the situation which the Tranzis and Progressive and hoplophobes and hoploclasts (like dear Nancy Pelosi) want to bring about in the Fifty States – to protect children (especially right now, the students in those “day prisons” I call government-run, tax-funded, or public, schools).

Mexico, through laws and customs and other means, has in essence outlawed guns for private citizens. Continue reading

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“Free Range Parenting” now “legal” in Utah

By MamaLiberty

Utah legalizes ‘free-range parenting’

The law states that children must be mature enough to handle each situation — though it does not specify an age.

It will go into effect May 8.

The bill determines situations that children can engage in that would not be considered parental neglect: traveling to and from school or recreational facilities, playing outside or sitting in a car unattended, provided safe conditions.

Ah yes, the noose around the necks of Utah parents was slightly loosened here, but any resemblance to “free range” for children is merely an illusion.  As with all such “laws,” the devil is in the details… and in those who make up the definitions or interpret them afterwards – in court?

What does it mean for children to “be mature enough?” Who decides, and by what criteria? The only ones who know the maturity level of children are their parents, some extended family members, and – occasionally – a teacher.  “Lawmakers” in the state capital do not have a clue.

The “bill” decides which activities would not be considered “parental neglect” – again, based on what criteria? Doesn’t sound like much freedom to me. All of the  do-gooders who currently put their nose into the business of others would continue to do so, with parents being forced to defend themselves in court with the extremely thin veil of this “law” to back them up. Mighty frail support.

Let me tell you a little about my own “free range” childhood, and some of the fun my own children enjoyed. Continue reading

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