Left-right? Thick-thin?

By Nathan Barton

Mama Liberty wrote: I am still trying to understand this left, right, thick/thin idea of libertarianism. If the non-aggression principle is the center, a great deal of all that other is bogus nonsense… but they can believe anything they want, of course. 🙂

I originally responded: I don’t have the foggiest about the “thick-thin” business myself.  But I think the left-right has to do with the Nolan chart and minarchists: people can be 80-80 or 90-90 “libertarian” but be biased to the left (more personal liberty, less economic liberty) or right (more economic liberty, less personal liberty).  Probably an argument that we anarchist free-market types (100-100?) don’t really have to worry about, since we believe in all liberty, all the time. As long as my fist doesn’t intersect your nose or vice-versa.

But I also get the idea that the “left-libertarians” share some things with the Tranzis that are (to my way of thinking) not libertarian at all.  One of these is the idea that it is not enough to tolerate people’s personal actions and beliefs (especially considering sexual mores and matters such as abortion).  You must “affirm” and promote their beliefs and actions. It is not enough to say, “they can believe what they want to,” but rather we are supposed to say, “What you believe is just as good, or better, than what I believe. And I will advocate not just for your right to believe it and act upon it, but I will advocate that what you believe and do is better and more acceptable for society and people in general than what I believe and do.”   Continue reading

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Why are you waiting? Get them out!

By Nathan Barton

You have children (or grandchildren) of school age in your family, your home, your church, or your neighborhood.  They probably go to “public schools” (that is, government-run, tax-supported schools). Ninety percent of American children do.

Let us look at some very recent events at these schools.

From Edgewood Ohio, we have this tale of a thirteen-year-old male student and criminal. According to AOL News his crime was clicking “like” on a photo on Instagram.  His crime was a ten day suspension from school for this anti-social act.  The reason?  The photo was of a “gun” – an AirSoft pistol. Bowlin’s parents received a note that cited the reason for the suspension as, ‘Liking a post on social media that indicated potential school violence.’

Welcome to Tyranny in Schools ™ in the Fifty States of 2017. It isn’t just the suspension for a harmless act, in a kind of Thought Crime that fits well in the 1984 universe.  It is that this school apparently has the time and technology to constantly monitor their students’ social interactions – and in close to real time.  (Or deploy a network of informers.) Continue reading

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Firing people – examples of modern political hypocrisy

By Nathan Barton

Recent news about firing people points out some really cute examples of how those who support and believe in the state are demonstrating their hypocrisy in different ways.

Consider the city of Forest Lake, Minnesota, where the city council voted three-two to disband (fire) the 23-person police force and instead contract with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to provide law enforcement.  The 19,000 population city is a northeastern suburb of the Twin Cities, mostly Anglo-European, and apparently relatively peaceful.

But people are upset about the “three idiots” who are telling them what to do with “their” tax money.  High school students in the city are protesting against the decision.  Nationally, the quick reading of news stories is that Forest Lake will become a haven for criminals and that the dismissal of the police will result in blood in the streets and a crime in every other house.

Yet the city’s government seems to have worked exactly like it was supposed to – democratically.  The people of the city (either by action or inaction) elected these five people to make decisions on what to steal from the people and land-owners, and what to spend that stolen money on.  Then they demanded that the elected officials cut spending so that not as much has to be stolen.  And this is one way. People are dissatisfied with the job “their” police are doing – the services are not worth what they are paying.  Despite the vocal cries of people who “love our cops” and don’t want to be subject to the supposed tyranny (and incompetence) of the sheriff’s office. Continue reading

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The Beginning of the end

By Nathan Barton

According to an Economist story, the “democratically elected” governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico declared bankruptcy on Wednesday.

This is a debt of $74 billion dollars, about 100% of the island’s GNP.  The amount is staggering.  But so are the rest of the statistics: Puerto Rico’s population has dropped by 8% since 2010. Fifty-seven percent of voters supposedly support requesting annexation from Congress, and an election is scheduled soon. Half the population is on Medicaid.

The fear and violence associated with collapse is already underway. Protests on May Day (apparently, not many folks celebrated Loyalty Day there) were less than peaceful, as road blockages and fighting led to police attacks on protesters.  People are worried about medical care, retirement pensions, and the reason for the population dropping is that so many are fleeing to the Fifty States.  Meanwhile, DC continues to meddle, and every indication is that this meddling just makes things worse.

Some people say PR has the best of both worlds.  It seems to me to be the opposite. The island has many good things, but it has too much government.  Too much socialism, to boot. But now, the situation is almost certainly going to get worse. Continue reading

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Choose sides – or else! Whacking on statues and more.

By Nathan Barton

The cesspool of North America, that “Chocolate City” New Orleans (at risk of being disgusting, there are a LOT more things than chocolate that are dark brown, and NOLA is full of them), is busy purging its history of anything rational.

The city has been involved recently with sending out masked men (HONEST – public works employees and firefighters) to remove statues of evil Confederate people.  They are, after all, “fascist” (never mind the term wasn’t coined until 60 years after the CSA bit the dust).  So the anti-fascist (“Antifa”) forces have been demanding the city be cleansed (ha-ha) of the presence of Lee, Jackson, Polk, Davis and the like.

But now, the effort has expanded, to allies (or would-be allies) of the Confederacy – or people who owned slaves – or people who are monarchists – or maybe just people who are not as crazy as the destroyers are. Continue reading

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The Coming Storm

By MamaLiberty

Pray that your tribulation does not come in the winter, or the dry time, or when you are pregnant, homeless, seriously ill or even all alone.

Do what you must to get out of the city… really.

The internet is filled with blogs, survival sites, people selling preparation goods and services. Now might be a good time to start looking at them if you have not. The storm is coming.

Just finished reading some important things at “The Appalachian Messenger.” (pdf) This issue contains several good articles on the subject. One is exceptional, and frightening. “Ordinary Day part 1.” Written by someone called Selco, who survived the breakdown of his society and the economy.

Selco is from the Balkan region, and lived through the “hell that was there” from 1992-1995. The SHTF and for one whole year he lived and survived in a city WITH-OUT: electricity, fuel, running water, real food distribution, distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government.

Are you ready?

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Just so you know…

By MamaLiberty

Just so you know… As I have for the last five years, I’m working four days a week at a local commercial greenhouse. I manage plant care and watering during the spring and summer. But this year I have three scheduled days, and one “on call” day each week. That’s going to keep me on my toes, for sure!

So, what does it mean for The Price of Liberty? I may not be posting as often, even though my regular readers are used to that. I may not be posting Nathan’s articles as quickly either, though I will try to keep up.

I’m still happy to consider any guest articles, but it may take just a tad longer than usual to get them approved and published.

Things will get back to normal by the end of July, though you may not notice at all. Just thought I’d say something in case you did wonder.

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