One more nail in the coffin

By Nathan Barton

Democrats in Congress have introduced a constitutional amendment that would abolish the Electoral College and elect the President by a direct popular vote.

There is strong evidence that the original American federal republic died a long time ago: 100+ years, in fact.  The direct election of senators (rather than having the states each AS A STATE elect their senators) by the people completed the counter-revolution launched by the Lincoln regime a half-century earlier.

This subject came up in comments on the recent commentary about one-party states.

06 21 2009 Death Of The Republic

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The White Rose – in defense of liberty

By Nathan Barton

I was again reminded of die Weiße Rose (in English, the White Rose), today.


That movement, led by Sophie and her brother Hans, resisted the Dritte Reich (Third Reich, Nazi Germany), and its totalitarian government. It was extinguished by the regime through judicial murder of them and others.

2018 was the 75th anniversary of that extinguishment. When Sophie was beheaded by the Reich, she was 21.

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One-party states

By Nathan Barton

The California people’s assembly grew more Democratic this week, as a “Republican” in that body converted to Democrat, as Richard Winger reported in Ballot Access News.

As I understand it, he claimed the GOP has left him.  And his constituents. There are now just 19 GOP members in the 80-member General Assembly, less than a quarter.  (There are just 10 Republicans in the 40-member Senate, as well.) This apparently has only happened in the last two months, since he won election in November as a Republican.  Others blame Trump for his defection.  So this guy states he can represent his constituents better as a member of the supermajority party.


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A baker’s dozen ™: Teach a child to use a knife

By Nathan Barton

Along with clinging to guns and our Bibles, many American lovers of liberty have a lifetime love of, and use of, knives.

Image result for pocket knife line art

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We don’t need people like this – and it is time we said so

By Nathan Barton

You may have read about the Covington Catholic High School students in DC this weekend who abused an elderly Vietnam Vet (a Kaw, as I recall) from Michigan, in a clash between Right-to-Life marchers and the “Indigenous Peoples March near the Lincoln Memorial.

Witness the dangers of social media (such as Facebook and Twitter): the first impressions are not always the truth.  In fact, as in combat, what you THINK is happening from the initial reports may be totally different from what is actually happening.

But we see much more in the reaction to this incident.

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Imperial holiday this weekend?

By Nathan Barton

As we approach the one-month mark on the “partial government shutdown,” we find more and more dire predictions about the catastrophe looming, which has just not yet hit the Fifty States.

Being distracted by a good many things I’d forgotten that this coming Monday is “Martin Luther King Junior Day.” When I mentioned that to my son (as he tried to figure out schedules for testing and such), I had a slip of the tongue.

“Remember that this is a three-day weekend because Monday is an Imperial holiday.”

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Shutdown demonstrates the future

By Nathan Barton

As the current partial government shutdown continues and sets a modern record for the Fedgov’s closure, it may be that we are seeing the future.

No, it is NOT a future that looks like the National Mall in this photo.

Overflowing trash, toilets and safety concerns. National parks face second week of shutdown ...

Rather, it is the idea that government does not have to own or run our national treasures, to let us preserve and protect them and enjoy them now and in the future. That indeed, we don’t need government for most (or all) of what government supposedly is essential to provide.

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