Shocking – a good idea from an unlikely source

By Nathan Barton

Sometimes, people can shock you.  Maybe it is the bully that runs out into the street to rescue a kitten (or even one of his victims) from being hit. Sometimes it is the three-year-old who can’t remember his letters who suddenly started reading the back of the cereal box nearly perfectly. Or the puppy that, even if just one day, doesn’t poop in front of the fireplace.

So I’m talking about a “good” kind of shock.

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A merry Xmas, and much more!

By Nathan Barton

On behalf of everyone here, as today is Christmas and a week away is the New Year, may you and your have a wonderful holiday.

Continue to keep us all in your thoughts (and prayers, if you do), and keep the memory of Mama Liberty bright.

May 2019 be a year of growing liberty and peace and prosperity for us all.

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Just shut down and stay that way

By Nathan Barton

Although I disagree with my brother Phil Robertson on many things both religious and political, his comments as posted at The Blaze make me want to hug him.  He’s cut straight to the point.  (You can also watch him here on Facebook.)

The media and the Congress (both Dems and GOP) are really, really upset at The Donald for choosing to “shut down government” rather than not have any money appropriated by this Congress to defend the Fifty States.

Phil’s idea?  Just shut down and stay that way.  We don’t need you, FedGov.

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Illegal immigrants, government, and Jesus (part 2)

By Nathan Barton

Last commentary I lamented the death of the young Guatemalan girl, while in custody of the Border Patrol in New Mexico.  The tragedy, like so many others was a direct result of government policies and actions.

That sad event (and others) may be one reason that this Christmas season has an upsurge of comments comparing the Baby Jesus to 2018 illegal immigrants.

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Looking into a mirror – demands of liberty

By Nathan Barton

Most of us here in the Fifty States (and around the world) pretty much take for granted that “liberty” is a desirable thing.  The problem comes in defining liberty and how much of it we (well, at least, other people) should have.  Even Thomas Jefferson wrote of “an appropriate degree of liberty.”


What’s a mirror got to do with this? Read on, please.

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Illegal immigrants, government, and Jesus

By Nathan Barton

As we enjoy the last day of Fall of 2018, there are some various issues being argued (some quite hot and heavy) on the day’s news and talk shows. Lets talk about two.

One is a tragedy: a seven-year-old Guatemalan girl, one of a group of 167 people sneaking across the border near Lordsburg, New Mexico died 27 hours after being detained by the Border Patrol.  Although there are charges screamed by all sorts of people in the past week (since this death became national news), her father (who was with her) said that they were not mistreated or abused by the Border Patrol.  The known symptoms match those of dehydration and exposure, although her father claims she was getting adequate food and water both before and after they surrendered to the Border Patrol in New Mexico. It is tragic.

The Media and various politicians and special interest groups blame Trump and his policies. And as usual, the fact that the last regime had the same policies is ignored.

This is  saddening and disheartening, and it is understandable that her family is upset.  And that other people are upset as well.

It is also a fact of life.  And has been for millennia.
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Declaration and Constitution

By Nathan Barton

declar const 2

The Bill of Rights, added to the Constitution of 1787, and the various State Constitutions’ Bills of Rights, have a fairly concise list of “rights” which are recognized (NOT “given”) to individuals, with a tad bit of explanation, and a few “rights” (or powers) retained by the States which had joined together to form the united States and then accepted the new form of union and government.

But these, important as they are to list and recognize, are not necessarily (a) fundamental, and (b) anywhere near a complete list.

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