Public schooling is fading fast – but there is hope

By Nathan Barton

As we read, day after day, how public (government-run, tax-funded) schools spiral downhill more and more rapidly here in the Fifty States, we find that the alternatives are alive, well, and growing more and more important. Around the world.

A recent indicator of this, from the Third World, is a TED talk given in Glasgow not long ago. Pauline Dixon explains how private schools are serving the poorest of the poor in those regions of the world.  And how it is private, FOR profit, schools, not charity or religious schools, that are doing this.

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Kansas Nazgul up the chances for war

By Nathan Barton

Where does my liberty stop and my fellow humans’ liberty begin? Perhaps the greatest error made by the Founding Fathers way back in the 1770s and 1780s was to cling to immoral evil ideas that liberty was compatible with enslavement of some humans – treating them as though they were not human.  (That, and allowing as much government as they did.) It is an error for which many have paid much over the years.

Now, nearly two-and-a-half centuries later, we are repeating that mistake.

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Wyoming – business as usual

By Nathan Barton

Mama Liberty would have loved this story, found in the Lusk Herald in their 18 April 2019 issue (hardcopy only; I was unable to find it on their website).

In Buffalo, Wyoming, a wanted man fled law enforcement officers in his jeep until he got it stuck.  He then swiped a bulldozer and headed cross-country, fleeing the police at five miles an hour, crashing through fences across pastures and fields. Until the landowner, a local rancher, came up to him and stopped him with a rifle. Then held him (gasp!) at gunpoint until the sheriff’s officers arrived and formally arrested him. No, not the rancher with the gun: the guy who stole the dozer and went through all the fences. This is Wyoming.

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The threat of slavery in these Fifty States

By Nathan Barton

Clip Art African Slaves Clipart - Clipart Suggest

I can hear it now – Nathan, you are speaking nonsense with this headline.  Come on, slavery was abolished years ago.  How can it be a threat?

I point the reader to this column by Paul Jacobs. Conservative though he is, he points out a terrible truth: in 2020, there will be people on the ballot right here in the Fifty States who are advocates of slavery.

And not just tax slavery, either.  Many disagree with those of us who equate taxation to slavery. So lets not deal with that in this commentary. Nor am I writing about sex slavery, or anything like that.

I’m writing about forced labor, involuntary servitude. Exactly what the Fourteenth Amendment supposedly outlaws. Exactly what that war of 1861-1865 was supposedly about.  Slavery.  Where a man or woman is forced to do something that they may or may not want to do, for the benefit of those who control them and their bodies.

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Resistance is futile?

By Nathan Barton

Resistance is futile

The headline phrase is one of the many additions to our culture, from the Star Trek franchise. One used both in the cause of liberty and tyranny. It is a meme that government would love for us to accept. That those controllers, those people who fear that all people are like them and fear liberty and freedom, want us to accept.

The reality is of course that resistance is NOT futile, as American and world history shows: Continue reading

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Let freedom ring!


By Nathan Barton

Have you seen this?

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

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Is secession dead?

By Nathan Barton

Back in 2012, following the reelection of a very divisive squatter at 1600 PA in DC, there was a raft of petitions posted to FedGov websites (such as “We the People”) and other venues, petitioning the FedGov to allow various states to secede from the Union (or what was formerly a Union).

Mama Liberty and I commented on this in a posting “The Scent of Secession is in the air” dated 11 November 2018.

Now, more than seven years later, whatever happened?

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