The bizarre relationship between the FedGov and Wall Street

May I offer readers a guest column!

Jim Carter has submitted this fascinating look at how Big Government (the FedGov) and Big Finance (“Wall Street”) conspire and cooperate.  I think you will find this of interest.  It is a long and convoluted narrative, but worth the time and effort. Much of this length is in footnotes, and Jim carefully cites a wide array of sources for the claims he shares with us. The FedGov takes every opportunity to create dependency and take control of more and more of our economy and our daily lives. But as always, and as Jim has, follow the money.

Please give me feedback on this article and the points that Jim makes in it.

– Nathan


The pasted writing details the precise method Wall Street utilizes the Federal Reserve to embezzle money from the US government with their exclusive control by the FRBNY over the handling of funds from the auction accounts of Treasury securities. The accounts currently handle >$10T annually and have never been audited. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.

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The growing insanity of government

By Nathan Barton

For years Mama Liberty, Claire Wolf, Boston T Party, and many others have been teaching (and warning) us about the evil of mandatory human government. Not just totalitarian or fascist or authoritarian government.  All government which is not voluntary and based on moral absolutes. Certainly, there are various levels of evil which characterize government. But to some degree, usually severe, government is evil.

(By the way, government or not, evil is the absence of good. Just as darkness is the absence of light. Government is not good.)

But it is time to talk about more.  Government is not only evil (and here in the FIfty States growing more so), it is insane.

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It’s May, it’s May, the Merry Month of May

By Nathan Barton

No doubt I date myself by quoting from the Lerner and Loewe musical Camelot, from 1960 and made incredibly popular both as a big-name movie in 1967.  It has been related, in popular myth, with the Kennedy Administration.

Of course, today is May Day, a public holiday in many places.

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Demonizing the “Anti-Vaxxers” in America

By Nathan Barton

There are many ways to fight your opponents.  You can face them squarely and counter their claims, show that they are wrong by presenting the facts.  Or you can make them objects of fear and even objects of ridicule, assign to them motives that are dark – even demonic.

We see it today in the way people who question vaccinations against various diseases are being treated. While there are still attempts to respond to their objections, increasingly we see the attacks against them taking on uglier tones.

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Public schooling is fading fast – but there is hope

By Nathan Barton

As we read, day after day, how public (government-run, tax-funded) schools spiral downhill more and more rapidly here in the Fifty States, we find that the alternatives are alive, well, and growing more and more important. Around the world.

A recent indicator of this, from the Third World, is a TED talk given in Glasgow not long ago. Pauline Dixon explains how private schools are serving the poorest of the poor in those regions of the world.  And how it is private, FOR profit, schools, not charity or religious schools, that are doing this.

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Kansas Nazgul up the chances for war

By Nathan Barton

Where does my liberty stop and my fellow humans’ liberty begin? Perhaps the greatest error made by the Founding Fathers way back in the 1770s and 1780s was to cling to immoral evil ideas that liberty was compatible with enslavement of some humans – treating them as though they were not human.  (That, and allowing as much government as they did.) It is an error for which many have paid much over the years.

Now, nearly two-and-a-half centuries later, we are repeating that mistake.

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Wyoming – business as usual

By Nathan Barton

Mama Liberty would have loved this story, found in the Lusk Herald in their 18 April 2019 issue (hardcopy only; I was unable to find it on their website).

In Buffalo, Wyoming, a wanted man fled law enforcement officers in his jeep until he got it stuck.  He then swiped a bulldozer and headed cross-country, fleeing the police at five miles an hour, crashing through fences across pastures and fields. Until the landowner, a local rancher, came up to him and stopped him with a rifle. Then held him (gasp!) at gunpoint until the sheriff’s officers arrived and formally arrested him. No, not the rancher with the gun: the guy who stole the dozer and went through all the fences. This is Wyoming.

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