Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-43D

Somehow, I’ve lost a day this week – shouldn’t it be Thursday?  Of course, I had three people yesterday (ON Thursday, really) remark to me, totally unknowing of the others, that this month has had about 15 MONDAYS already.

Are we all tired of election ads and debates that include viable (and qualified persons) occupants of the Oval Office?  I admit, the 60 seconds or so I saw of the Biden-Ryan debate last night were entertaining, but more proof that neither of them is worth trusting with anything, much less trillions of dollars (that is, thousands of ounces Au) of toys.  Which reminds me, has anyone ever toted up exactly how much the FedGov actually owns?  Land, buildings, vehicles, weapons, equipment, gold, diamonds…  Which reminds of the most recent story to cross my desktop, from our esteemed publisher-editor:

Astronomers find planet ’55 Cancri e’ made out of diamond
(Digital Journal)  Astronomers say they have found a planet “55 Cancri e,” twice the size
of Earth, orbiting a star much like our Sun and visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Cancer. They say the planet is made largely out of diamond.

Mama’s Note: Would certainly depress the diamond market on earth, but maybe by the time we can get there, it could be used as a star drive or something. Makes me wonder what other planets out there might be “made of.” 🙂

Nathan: Diamonds are like gold – never too much: never mind their value for coin or trinkets, it is the industrial use of both of them that has us engineers all dancing!  Of course diamonds are desirable not just because they are rare, but because they are beautiful, like sunsets and trees changing color. This does sound like something out of Doc Smith, though.  Much fun.

Anyway, here is some of yesterday’s news:

Islamic wars: Arab Street Front – American stupid government tricks
U.S. Embassy in Libya Sought Bodyguards With ‘Limited’ English; Preference Given to ‘Same-Sex Domestic Partners’ of U.S. Gov’t Employees
( Stupid indeed.  What is the difference between this and giving preference to Jews or christians?  The clear intent was to rub homosexuality into the face of the new Libyan government and the Arab on the street.  And it clearly worked! Which makes you wonder about the statement in the next story.

State Dept. Security Chief: ‘We Had Correct Number of Assets in Benghazi at Time of 9/11 For What Had Been Agreed Upon’
(  Just “what HAD been agreed upon” is my question.  Was this a sacrifice on purpose?  How incredibly stupid we have become:  Not “we had what we needed,” but “we had what we agreed to have.”  The quality of “leadership” is missing here.  And the Administration and bureaucracy stole it.

Of course, we have to wonder if it isn’t just in Libya that we have to interpret the words of those people over there in the corner behind the curtain:

Stupid government
Transportation Secretary to Stimulus Critics: ‘Baloney! The Stimulus Worked’
(  Call this the quack’s excuse:  “We cured the cancer, our treatment worked even if the patient died of pneumonia.”  OR ask the obvious: “the Stimulus worked” to do WHAT?  Further damage the economy and society?  Or what?  Who knows what evil lurked in the hearts of those who created these things?

Theft by government
GOP Senator to USDA: Stop Promoting Food Stamps
( As well ask a snake to stop being a snake, or a scorpion – a nasty little vicious monster that lurks in your boots and stings you multiple times?  Except that FedGov bureaucrats, nice though many of them are in person, and no matter how dedicated and helpful, are STILL government bureaucrats, and in mass, a good substitute for Heinlein’s stobor: I’ll take snakes and scorpions anytime.  Of course, maybe this senator is thinking of reorganizing and moving SNAP over to DHHS.  The original concept of food stamps was inventive, at least: here we are paying all these farmers either NOT to grow food OR buying a lot of the food they DO produce to increase demand and thus keep prices up, so why not turn around and use that to feed all these poor – not just the AmerInd or military personnel.  But like EVERY other government program, this metamorphosed into the present monster: virtual bread lines.  A monster beloved by grocery stores and convenience stores and local wardheelers across the nation.

Well, that is it for this edition:  time to figure out how to work around some of the regulations that are put in place to protect us from us.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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