Mama’s New Dog, Laddie

Laddie and his toy box

My previous dog lived to be 19 years old. In June of 2011, he became ill and had to be put down. Losing a long time companion like that was hard, and I didn’t even really look for a new dog for a long time.

When I was ready, I went looking for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I had a mixed breed Corgi many years ago, and knew I’d enjoy having another. They are lively and vocal without a hint of aggression, though they are usually territorial and protective – mostly expressing this in vigorous barking. Oh, and they LIVE to herd things… anything and everything!

His first encounter with the deer was funny, and I’m very glad there was a fence between them. He would have given anything to be able to run out and start herding them, which I doubt they would have appreciated.

Laddie is a joy to train, and already a very loving and precious companion. Now I need to figure out some way to safely allow him to chase a rabbit… it’s only fair.

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5 Responses to Mama’s New Dog, Laddie

  1. Greg Swann says:

    Good looking dog. I love the ears.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Indeed! And, as my youngest son says, “that dog can hear a mouse piss on cotton!” Now if we can get him to bark at the things he hears in an appropriate manner, I’ll have it made. 🙂


  2. MamaLiberty says:

    The thought is intriguing, of course, but I suspect Joel would find his house a tad too small for the fun and games. My previous Corgi always WANTED to herd the barn cats, but quickly understood that they had no desire to play that game, and had claws to make it “not fun.”

    One of the sad facts of life for a Corgi is learning just how few creatures on earth will tolerate being herded at all! Too bad most humans don’t belong to that category…


  3. Bear says:

    “Oh, and they LIVE to herd things… anything and everything!”

    We need to get one of those to Joel, as a companion for Zoe.

    I’d pay money to see that.


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