Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-49A: A Bad Week

General News and Notes

Politics didn’t seem to slow down over the weekend, with every indication that some people want to start the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign right now!  Sorry, I don’t buy it, as I mention later.

But in other news, we see a lot more problems with cops all over the country.  We are also seeing more medical problems cropping up: some seem to be intentionally structured and spun to create panic, though in favor if what I don’t know.

The new Lincoln movie came out (in time for the 149th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address on 19 NOV (Monday), continuing to show him as the demigod he has been since his death.  The neat thing is that SEVERAL conservative and libertarian columnists came out of the closet on Honest Abe, condemning him for the tyrannical Chicago politician and mass-murderer that he was.

One of those who did NOT so recognize the man he has placed on a pedestal nearly as high as that he has Joe Smith Jr. and Brigham Young is Glen Beck.  Too bad, but the LDS never did look into the way Abe did them dirty in 1861-1865 and set the stage for the bitter disappointments and the other events of the 1865-1915 period.  Salt Lake City should be the heart of those who see Honest Abe for what he was, not the demigod that Gutzon Borglum and so many others have made him. Of course, thanks to places like Lincoln, Nebraska, Mount Rushmore, and the Lincoln Memorial, it is very unlikely that anything but a tiny, tiny minority will ever recognize Lincoln for the conniving progressive that he was.

As Porter Stansberry pointed out in his essay/sales pitch “The Third Term,” US history can be bounded by great massive jumps in the growth of government.  Porter names two: the Teddy Roosevelt-Progressive Era of the 1900s, and the FD Roosevelt-New Deal Era of the 1930s, and predicts that we are on the verge of another.  But he forgets to point out that the 1855-1865 era was another such jump in government, in which the Euro-socialists who allied themselves with native Populists and branded themselves as Republicans used a surge in wealth (California then Colorado gold and Southern cotton) to destroy the nation.

Meanwhile, that just reminded me that I’ve heard NOTHING about Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike, since it was released over a month ago.  Was it THAT bad?  Of course, our major cinema movie going is in the Four Corners, where I think they just released a new Disney Princess Movie – Mulan or Pocahontas or something: it can be a bit slow.  I’m sure it will show up in Redbox soon enough.

Which reminds me: the very last vestiges of Blockbuster, one the darling of the movie-rental industry, vanished last week: the last few kiosks have been scrapped and replaced by RedBox.  There are a  few competitors to Redbox left: Mr. Movie and a host of mom-and-pop places (even some Radio Shack-branded businesses), but even the pawn shops won’t take VHS anymore.  (In fact, they are more willing to take 8-tracks,  pre-recorded cassettes, and vinyl – for the collector and nostalgia crowd.)  You younger readers should call your grandparents to have these terms explained to you.

On to some news items:

Self-defense: not in NYC
Is serial killer taking out NYC shopkeepers?

Mama’s Note: Of course, no mention whatsoever about how one might defend themselves… But they could talk about “serial killers” often if they included the ones who wear a badge…

Nathan:  “Serial killer” is one of those buzzwords that they use to terrorize people and get them to support the cops more.

Islamic wars: Canaanite front
Israeli lawmaker: ‘There are no innocents in Gaza, mow them down’

A member of Israel’s parliament has joined the nation’s interior minister in calling for the mass slaughter of civilians in the besieged Gaza strip, arguing that there are no innocent people there because they elected Hamas to lead them.

Mama’s Note: Just so sick…

Nathan:  Ah, yes, imitating the example of great leaders in the past:  Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, to name a few.

The attacks by people in Gaza on places in Israel are real; whatever their motivation, they are the equivalent of firing a shotgun into a crowded room without bothering to aim, but sooner or later they get someone: three Israelis have been killed in this latest round of fighting, and dozens injured: a far cry from more than 100 Gaza residents killed by more than 1300 strikes again the thousand or so Arab missiles fired at Israel.  While the weight of the attacks seems disproportionate, as do the weight of the casualties, the tactics used on each side, and the tactics which are available to be used, dictate that imbalance.  In a situation like this, it is hard to lay blame properly.  But we can easily draw the line at the “nits make lice” idea (Chivington, 1864) and the bomb-them-back-to-the-stone age idea together with killing them all off, like this scumbag Israeli statist suggests.  Even if that is the attitude that both of the last two occupants of 1600 PA have taken.

First Citizen’s minions – Theft by government
Treasury Secretary Geithner: Lift Debt Limit to Infinity


Nathan: Is he saying this because HE believes in magic wands, or because (after the election) HE thinks the electorate believes in magic wands.

Home front – Crash of 2009
Gallup: Americans Who Think We’ll Be Worse Off in 4 Yrs Doubled in 4 Yrs


Nathan: But they didn’t vote, did they?  OR figured it doesn’t really matter who claims to be in charge.

Stupid People
Oliver Stone Tells Islamic Media: Petraeus Scandal Is ‘American Puritanism’


Nathan: However, he conveniently forgets that this and previous Democratic administrations have made it very plain that they don’t care who gets in whose pants, until now.  And that it is NOT “public pressure” that caused Petraeus to “come clean” and resign.  This is Chicago politics, not American puritanism.

Stupid people – Stupid government
New Beltway Express Lanes–Celebrated by DOT Secretary–Open With Multiple Crashes


Nathan: Have you ever considered that it is possible to construct roads, especially in urban areas, that prevent virtually ALL crashes?  And that seldom do people ever sue the government agencies that design, build, and maintain most roads – we just assume that WE and not the roads are at fault, at least the vast majority of the time.  Yet, the government continues to do a bad job.  Why?  No competition, and the pernicious doctrine of sovereign immunity.

Stupid Congress
Pelosi: Any Deal Must Increase Tax Rates; Majority of House Has Pledged Not To


Nathan: I suppose that she could volunteer to increase tax rates on herself?  Problem is, you know that a LOT of the GOP types will sell themselves to the highest bidder, even if the bidder is paying with stolen goods.

Politics 2016
Rubio Goes to Iowa


Nathan: Gag.  Do we REALLY need to start the 2016 election campaign in November of 2012.  Yes, I’ve read the articles and pieces touting a “Rubio-Rand Paul” ticket in 2016: there is a good chance there won’t BE a GOP in 2016, folks.

Mama’s Note: If we are really lucky, there won’t be any campaign or “election” at all by that time. On the other hand… that might be our only spot of luck for some time.

Funny people tricks
Obama Supporters ‘Not Responsible Enough To Own A Firearm,’ AZ Gun Store’s Sign Declares


Nathan: This actually showed up on Cope’s website (Cope Reynolds)  and several other places last week.  And the truth is, Cope (a friend) had a sign pretty much like this in his first store back in 2008, in Farmington (NM) before he moved first to Luna (NM) and then to Pinetop (AZ).  But somehow, this time, the conservative-libertarian media picked it up, and so may the liberals, for all I know.  It is intended to be funny, and to make a point about his business doing business the way HE wants to and not anyone else.  But in reality, we WANT stupid people who do things like vote for the First Citizen (or for Romney) to buy guns: it is a human right.  Even felons have the right to buy guns to defend themselves.  If they are not responsible, they’ll eliminate themselves soon enough, and good riddance.

Mama’s Note: Amen!

Stupid government
San Francisco Eyes Ban on Public Nudity Except at ‘Gay Pride’ Events


Nathan: Fat chance they have of getting THIS law passed – or if they do, obeyed.  This is SanFran we are talking about.  People will obey the ban on plastic bags and pocket knives before they obey a ban on nudity.

Mama’s Note: The weather pretty much takes care of the naked body thing in public… here in Wyoming anyway, but I submit that there just might be something more disgusting than actual nudity…

Went to the WalMart (what IS it about that place) in Gillette the other day and a woman ahead of me in line had super tight shorts on, just barely covering her 400 pound butt. I would have lost my lunch if I’d had any yet. The tight, low necked tank top wasn’t doing my tummy any favors either, but at least it was long enough not to expose her in the middle too.

People who run around simply naked are at least more honest… but I don’t know why there should be a “law” against it, any more than some “law” against openly carried guns. Or “laws” that require a woman to wear a tent.

The idea that everyone gets to dictate to everyone else based on their own desires and needs is a very big part of the problems we face today. Live and let live. If your neighbor’s nudity bothers you, don’t look, or better yet, don’t live there. Communities will come to their own standards and preferences most likely, without the need for the force of law.

First Citizen – Islamic wars: Canaanite front
Obama Suggests Israel’s Plight Not a Result of Arab Spring ‘Democratization’


Nathan: Whistling in the dark, without a doubt.  Heaven forbid that “democracy” is NOT the wonderful blessing and gift from on-high that the government-lovers want us to believe.

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