Tranzis and Reservations

Send Illegal Aliens to the Reservation? ‘Maybe That’s a Good Plan B,’ Immigrant Activist Says
(CNSNews.comO An advocate for immigrant rights says Indian reservations might offer “a good Plan B” for accommodating the estimated 11- to 14-million people illegally residing in the United States….said Chris Newman, director of legal programs with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.  Newman made the remarks on Tuesday at  the liberal Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C., in response to an audience member, who proposed that if Indian tribes granted reservation citizenship to illegal aliens, then they, too, would be protected through treaties from deportation.

Nathan:  I was dumbfounded by this, and immediately asked some family and friends what THEY thought of it.

Matthias:  This guy (and the idiot with the question) has obviously never been on a reservation.

Debby:  Does this mean putting those folks on the reservation, putting up fencing and making them Coventry?  Interesting.

Nathan:  I have had to go to my thesaurus to find adequate words for this man: imbecile MIGHT be accurate.  It appears that he wishes to finish the genocide he and his kind claim was done by Americans (many of them the exact kind of liberal-socialist-tranzi Republicans and Democrats HE is), by dumping 11-14 million people on top of less than 5 million (estimated who still live on the reservation).  They obviously know NOTHING about the reservations, the treaties, or the people of the 500+ AmerInd tribes.

And shall we add insult to injury?  He did.  Apparently they MUST be AmerInd because they cannot speak good English or Spanish.  No doubt, he figures the border jumpers must all wear big feather headdresses and take scalps and promote going back to nature and living at one with the land.  This  berk, bungler, coot, cretin, dipstick,  divvy, dolt, dork, dotard, dweeb, gonzo, halfwit, idiot, moron, nurd, numpty, numbskull, plonker,  prat, schmuck, thickhead, tosser, twit needs his own Coventry: what he has must be catching.

Mama’s Note: I do hope these people will take up smoking cannabis soon. It can’t possibly make them any crazier than whatever they’re using now, and it might actually mellow them out so they are not quite so freaking stupid. sigh

This is more like curing a broken arm with amputation.

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1 Response to Tranzis and Reservations

  1. Ken Santema says:

    Dumbfounded. After seeing your post I had to go read the article, hoping to find some sort of sarcasm or irony to show this was a not a real article you linked to. Nope, this guy seems serious. It leaves me dumbfounded…


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