Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-02E: Guns and Liberty

We are going through this incredible, hourly, “guns are evil” business on the news and in the legislatures, and so I’ve dedicated this commentary pretty much to self-defense and other uses of guns, and those who hate and fear them.

Self Defense
Wisconsin: Grandmother halts robbery with her gun

(WISN)  Ernestine Aldana owns a grocery store near the corner of Muskego Avenue and Becher Street in Milwaukee. On Dec. 14, Aldana was working in the store when a man entered the store and pulled a knife on her. “I was really scared,” she said. But as the man reached for cash from the drawer, Aldana pulled a gun from underneath the counter.

Nathan: Reported by Townhall and the WISN television station, with video!  This sort of thing very seldom hits any major news media.  She didn’t have to fire a shot – so no record will be maintained of this by any official agency: one of hundreds of times a day people use (but don’t “use”) weapons to defend themselves, their property, their families and friends and communities.  Even while DC and, no doubt, much of the Wisconsin legislature works feverishly to steal away her tools to defend herself.

Casper, Wyoming: Gun Carrying Employee Thwarts Attempted Hotel Robbery

(K2, Casper)
A hotel clerk with a gun may have thwarted a robbery Friday morning (January 4th). Investigators say just before 1:00 AM, two African American males entered the Quality Inn at the corner of North Poplar and F Streets in Casper, with their faces concealed. One of the suspects told the clerk it was a hold-up, making a gun gesture with his hand. The clerk then pulled a gun from her lunchbox and pointed it at the suspects, who then fled.

Nathan:  Folks, this is CASPER, not some shot-up suburb of Detroit or some drug-ridden neighborhood of Chicago or Denver.  I ASSUME that there were one or two Casper cops and maybe a sheriff’s deputy or two on duty at that time of night and NOT out trolling for drunk drivers heading home from a bar.  But they could not have responded quickly enough to keep the hold-up from taking place and probably not to keep her from getting raped and/or killed as well.  But this mealy-mouthed language of the TV station, even in Wyoming, turns my stomach:  “may have thwarted” and “suspects.”  And why she should have to keep her handgun in her lunchbox and NOT on her person is beyond me.  (I know this is an old story, but worth commenting on with the others today.)

Mama’s Note: Casper has joined Cheyenne in trying to match Jackson Hole for liberal BS… and isn’t it a funny coincidence that these are the three largest cities? Not to mention that  most of the “media” in Wyoming is controlled by people who don’t live here, so it’s pretty much like all the rest of the mainstream “news” garbage.

But yes, I was shocked at the mention of the lunch box. No idea in the world why she would carry like that, but my first thought was that someone needs to do some serious self defense training down there. No reason in the world why she can’t carry on her body as she should.

Casper, Wyoming: Customer Turns the Tables on Nail Salon Robber

Nathan: At least this K2 story is worded better!  Guy’s got to be pretty stupid and pretty desperate to rob a nail salon.  Especially with credit cards.  (Or maybe that is what he was wanting – their credit cards.  Compare this to the nail salon in Seal Beach, California, where only the killer was armed.  And then consider how our beloved rulers in DC are going to protect us and the children…

Mama’s Note: This is an even older one, but it tickled me pink. And yes, it takes a special brand of stupid to even think of trying to rob anyone here in Wyoming. Hard to believe they wouldn’t quickly figure out how well armed we are, even if they have just come from Chicago.

Hoplophobes and Hoploclasts
Lawyer: Banning Assault Weapons A Feel-Good Gesture ‘Unless You’re Prepared to Confiscate’


Nathan:   How many dead Americans will we put up with to “stop gun violence?”  Ten thousand?  Fifty thousand?  A hundred thousand?  A million?  Of course, a lot of those will be cops and bureaucrats: wonderful people like code inspectors and firefighters and emergency medical personnel and utilities workers.  And a lot will be the children who live in the homes where the cops and their support personnel are entering to “protect the children” by stealing their parents’ and grandparents’ weapons.

Mama’s Note: Not to mention all of those police, sheriff’s deputies and other officials who might have been protected or assisted by armed individuals… who now will not be willing to risk doing so in the future. That’s already happening, I’m sure, since that’s clearly being discussed on a number of gun owners websites I visit. And that is without any “ban” or “confiscation.”

Hoplophobes and Hoploclasts – The “messiah’s” chief minion
Biden Compares Gun Control to Car Air Bags: ‘We’re Saving Lives’


Nathan:  Seems to me that guns save a LOT more lives than they take – it is the gun itself that should be compared to air bags, and NOT “gun control.”  Indeed, why don’t the GOP and NRA types (who are statists) lobby for hard points in all new automobiles and trucks to allow the operator to put a holstered handgun convenient to reach for, as another “safety device” for cars?  Maybe the patrol and cops should just assume that the driver and passengers are armed, rather than asking if they are (a violation of privacy, no?).

Mama’s Note: Let’s not use their distorted language, please. The guns neither save nor take any lives at all. The tool is a lifeless chunk of metal and plastic. Only a person can use a tool, either for good or ill.

Well, that works for most things, but “air bags” don’t depend on a person to use them… they can attack at any time all by themselves! And they can kill as easily as they can save. Statistically relevant… if the one in my car were to deploy, it would most likely kill me because I am five feet tall and must sit quite close to the steering wheel. The bag would go off right into my face, break my glasses and quite easily break my neck.

Our right to self defense
Wyoming legislators propose gun protection legislation

(K2 Radio) Several Wyoming lawmakers are proposing legislation designed to protect gun-owners from any potential federal firearm ban. The “Firearms Protection Act” bill, introduced this week, would make any federal law banning semi-automatic firearms or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state’s boundaries. Anyone trying to enforce a federal gun ban could face felony charges under the proposal. It also includes a provision allowing the Wyoming Attorney General’s office to defend any state resident against any federal firearm ban.

Nathan: Assuming that they don’t mess it up, this is a good sign for people of Wyoming and nearby states.  Of course, it might trigger an invasion by Colorado, fearful that Cheyenne and Laramie and Carpenter and Baggs might become centers of infection and smuggling, as the General Assembly and Hickenlooper apparently intend to outlaw “assault weapons” and Swiss Army knives (unless they are used ONLY to cut cured MJ leaves).

Mama’s Note: It’s been interesting just how many people have written to me about this, and are so excited. But as I’ve been explaining, it’s not really likely to pass – and would not likely be enforced if it passed. The state legislature last time almost had a nervous breakdown passing the new law repealing the necessity for CC “permits,” and it still might be reversed.

These are still politicians, mind you, and they do have their own agenda – and our rights are there at the very bottom of the list. Just 10 of the bills being considered:

HB0042: Land use planning: Abolishes state land use commission. Doesn’t abolish government meddling with land use, however.

HB0045: Fireman pension plan A: Limits taxpayers’ growing pension liability. Good, but will probably be defeated.

HB0069: Highway funding: The gas tax grab — need we say more. Very bad.

HB0077: Wyoming lottery: Creates a new lotto bureaucracy in the state. Very bad and super stupid.

HB0078: Budget review process: Would bring the entire Game and Fish and WYDOT budgets under the scope of the governor and legislature. Very bad.

HB0125: Interstate purchase of health insurance: authorizes insurers to offer individual and small employer health insurance policies in Wyoming. Jury is still out on this one. It’s a lame attempt to deal with the Obamacare insanity.

SF0023: Challenge loans for natural gas fueling infrastructure: Gives subsidized loans to businesses. Just what we need, more subsidies.

SF0031: Wyoming Veterinary Medical Practice Act: Require licensing euthanize animals. Stupid and bad.

SF0032: Game and fish license fees: Hikes license fees. Very bad. An almost doubling of the “license” and tag fees.

SF0052: Natural gas state vehicles: Forces state to purchase natural gas vehicles. Really stupid, and very expensive.

Our right to self-defense
Rep. Duncan on U.S. Gun Rights: ‘We Live In a Republic, Not a Dictatorship’

Nathan:  Sorry, Representative Duncan, but it was a republic a century ago (before the Federal Reserve and Direct Election of Senators) but we’ve been a dictatorship with growing power for the last ten decades.  It could be said to have ended before that:  talk to LDS families whose relatives escaped to Mexico, to CSA veteran families in Mexico and Brazil, and to Cuban and Filipino families about 1898-1914.  And then talk to German-American families in the Dakotas about 1917-1918, to Japanese-American families on the West Coast 1941-45, to people who don’t want pasteurized or homogenized milk, to midwives, to the veterans of Athens, TN in 1946, and  a lot more people since then.  There is no true republic here, and democracy is just one step in the direction of more tyranny.

Against our right of self-defense
Anti-Gun Groups At White House: Question Isn’t Whether New Gun Laws Would Have Prevented Newtown


Nathan: Of course not, the question is whether or not they can use Newtown (Sandy Hook) and the latest school shootings (no killings, at least) in California to come up with more laws to disarm more people and blacken anyone who isn’t in a uniform (or plainclothes) from having a gun (and only when actually on duty).  It isn’t about “guns” it is about “control.”

The Real Root of School Violence – by Tom DeWeese

Thanks to MamaLiberty for this:  Some of her thoughts: [DeWeese was a gung ho supporter of Bush and the various “wars on terror” then and I just didn’t want any. No idea if he’s changed much. Don’t see his stuff published often. Anyway, he pretty well hits this one out of the ballpark.

Nathan:  DeWeese has put together some very interesting data and history and come up with 2+2+4 here.  This is certainly in line with a lot of the questions about drug prescriptions for various “syndromes” raised in the past few weeks.  But I think it is MORE than just this:  a whole lot of different factors have led to this current situation, including declining responsibility, morality, and increasing government control in far more than just psychology and ADHD.  Keep in mind, we are on the THIRD GENERATION of children educated by the system DeWeese describes.

Mama’s Note: Oh, absolutely! There is much more than the drugs involved here, but they all sort of feed into and require each other. And one of the most terrible things to come out of it, regardless of whether or not these kids ever “go postal,” is the fact that the men come out of the “schools” seriously emasculated as well. The people of this country will have a terrible price to pay for this – or at least the survivors.

Self Defense?
CA: Teacher talks student out of high school shooting

(BBC News) “A teacher at a high school in California has been praised by police for averting a serious shooting incident. The teacher and a campus supervisor talked a gunman into putting down his weapon after he had shot and injured one pupil at Taft Union High School. Police said the gunman had enough ammunition to kill many people. The injured student was taken to hospital in an air ambulance and is in a critical condition.” (01/10/13)

Mama’s Note: I can hear it now… Oh, we can just talk these people into not shooting… This teacher is very, very lucky to be alive.

Nathan:  That actually is already being said: that teachers should be trained in this and NOT in self-defense using a weapon.  This would-be killer used a shotgun, how convenient to add it to the list of forbidden weapons for the Chief Minion’s committee.

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