Guest Rant – Hoploclasts who hate America and Americans

GUEST COLUMN:  by Bear – An answer to a Scumbag (WARNING: LANGUAGE)
Mark Ridley-Thomas: The National Rifle Association Is Correct: I Do Want Your Guns

In a word… _two_ wor…  Oh, heck; SIX words. Hell NO, you mother-humping, microcephalic, municipal moron.

Look at your own District, dumbass: Violence. Lots of it. What you’re doing isn’t helping. Doing more of it will just “not help” even more.

1+1 not= Eleventy-gajillion

Pi not= 3.0000000

The ends do not justify the means.

You don’t stop speeding drunk drivers by taking car keys from teetotallers.

And disarming the honest folks does not end violence.

Well, at least not until the violent CRIMINALS have killed off all of us and themselves. I’m beginning to think that’s exactly what suicidal loons like Ridley-Thomas want. Anyone know if this lunatic is formally associated with these people?

OK, Marky. You want my guns. Come get them. No, that’s not a take on “Molon Labe”. I mean you — you personally, Mark Ridley-Thomas, no jackbooted proxy — show what a great “disciple” you are and knock on my door and steal my guns. Send me an email, I’ll give you my address, since you’re too stupid to figure it out on your own.

Gandhi didn’t _choose_ nonviolence, you historically ignorant butt-humping buffoon. Gandhi regretted that the Brits disarmed the people forcing him to adopt a less effective tactic. King did, but it got him killed by a crazed psychopath (the sort who _initiate_ force).



This guy -as with you, Bear, words fail me – you aren’t nearly harsh enough on this Mark Ridley-Thomas.  Nor on King or Gandhi or Chavez: these “saints” were plaster saints with corruption and vile evil hidden by their “non-violent” shells.  Here is my comment posted in answer to Ridley-Thomas’ column:

You filthy scumbag, you disciple of a Communist, you user and promoter of armed violence by the LAPD and all your security agencies against the people, you murderer-by-proxy of hundreds of victims in Los Angeles.  You can’t even get your facts right, you lie and twist statistics and you claim to have the upper moral hand.

So Gandhi succeeded, did he?  When tens of thousands die in India and Pakistan each day, and when yet, once again, two of the three nations he founded stepped back from nuclear armed carnage and where women, unable to defend themselves, are raped and beaten to death on street-cars.  Right, nonviolence.  Gandhi was as much a hypocrite as the other two.  His followers are despicable monsters who apparently enjoy watching young women and young men die.  On his hands and those of his followers is the blood of every victim in Mombai, every woman raped and murdered and mutilated in India and Pakistan because of “honor” and lust and just plain cruelty, and every soldier and civilian who has died in Kashmir and the Northwest Frontier and the rest of Pakistan and India.

King preached nonviolence and chastity and spiritual matters while he violated virtually every commandment of God: a typical “sky-pilot” who  proved once again the hypocrisy of most so-called clergy and “men of God.”  King would have gotten nowhere if only the cops had had guns back in the 1960s, and he and his followers depended on armed defense constantly.  And they dabbled with armed aggression more than once, and did not hesitate to let OTHERS’s arms protect them.  He was an expert in advocating and promoting communism while saying all the nice words that the press reported.  Gee, you really ARE his disciple, aren’t you?

And Chavez?  His UFW goons used violence continuously against their opponents (including those farm workers who would not join them and Mexican immigrants seeking work in the US) – mostly unarmed people unable to defend themselves. What a FINE example of “non-violence.” But then, that is the same sort of “nonviolence” that you and your fellow “Supervisors” (Capos?  Gauleiters?) tell the LAPD to use against anyone who doesn’t lick your boots often or well enough.

Thomas, you are too old and not stupid enough to NOT remember the Rodney King riots:  I assume that based on this, you wanted the Korean-American (and other) shopkeepers in South Central to be disarmed so that the looters and rioters could kill them and loot their stores and burn their property.

It is precisely men like Mark Thomas-Ridley that our God-given right to keep and bear arms is to protect us from: tyrants and evil monsters who lie and hypocritically whinge and wail over those dead because of their failed policies and greedy, corrupt, and power-mad actions.    Of course you want to take our guns away.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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