Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-06C: Hoploclasts and Schools

The sheer number of stupid incidents in which school teachers and administrators (and cops) overreact seems to have reached a peak this last week or so.  I started a large table of those I’ve heard about, and with more than 50 that I can verify, it is an impressive listing of children and families whose lives have been disrupted (and in some cases, severely disrupted) by the insanity of government-ruined, theft-funded (public) schools.  A few new ones are added in this commentary, together with a lot of stupid blather from Congress on various things.

Government-run, Tax-funded schools – Hoploclasts
Arizona: Florence student suspended over picture of gun on computer

(ABC News via Freedom’s Phoenix) A high school student in Florence said he has been suspended because of a picture of a gun. Daniel McClaine Jr., a freshman at Poston Butte High School, said he saved the picture as his desktop background on his school-issued computer. A teacher noticed it and turned him in. The picture shows an AK-47 on top of a flag. McClaine said the school initially suspended him for three days Friday.

Nathan: A picture is now illegal?  Next, the very words “gun” and “pistol” and “rifle” will be forbidden.  This teacher is worthy of the proletariat or the emperor, certainly.  Yes, we can argue that the computer didn’t belong to him but to the school, and they can set the rules as they wish – as the owner.  Except that in turn the school is supposedly owned by the people (well, the state) which is supposed to be in existence to protect the rights of people – even snotnosed little 14-year-olds who like guns.  And pictures of guns.

Mama’s Note: And how dare he do any thinking for himself! Of all the nerve. (Sarc off) And this is in Arizona, supposedly awash with righteous zeal for the second amendment? I really don’t think so.

Self Defense
Shotgun Wielding Ex Boyfriend is Disarmed, Comes Back With 2nd Shotgun,Is Shot & Killed

(Guns Save Lives) The occupants of the home called 911, but before police could respond the suspect returned with a second shotgun. This time, the homeowner and another male inside the home were armed with handguns and shot the suspect multiple times. He died of his injuries at an area hospital.

Mama’s Note: Slow learner. Bet they’re glad they didn’t have to wait for the cops to come…

Nathan: Thanks to her for this. In a sense, these folks DID turn the other cheek, in a deadly situation.

Hoploclasts – Self defense
U.S. Gun Owners Outnumbered Hunters by 5 to 1 in 2011


Nathan: Of course, it wouldn’t matter if EVERY gunowner were a licensed hunter – the right to carry weapons has NOTHING to do with hunting, and everything to do with defending ourselves against thugs, whether in zoot suits or gang colors or uniforms or business suits, whether they have allegiance to Costa Nostra or a king or a president or just greed.

Mama’s Note: I was scratching my head over this one earlier. “Hunters” are by definition usually gun owners, so the comparison is pretty silly. Sort of like saying “furniture” outnumbers chairs or beds…  Anyway, I used to do some hunting, but finally quit because I can’t keep up any longer. I still carry my handgun all the time. It’s usually my only “jewelry.”

Culture wars: killing babies
Archbishop Chaput: Facing Obamacare Mandate, Catholic Bishops Must Take ‘Right Action, Whatever the Cost’


Nathan: Of a bad lot, Chaput (who was bishop in Rapid City and then Archbishop in Denver) is one of the better ones.  He might actually believe not just in the Pope and tradition and power but in the Bible – at least some of the time.  He is still part of a corrupt organization which is far too willing to accommodate tyrants and evil, and count on God and confession and penitence for their future.  There are MANY things in which those bishops must take “right action” and I fear almost none are being addressed.  At the same time, perhaps the ObummerCare mandate was the wakeup call for them as the gun ban plans have been for many other Americans:  for too long, virtually ALL Americans, individually or in groups, have compromised with evil government.  We can afford no more.

Congress in action – Islamic wars: Arab street revolts
Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘There Are More Benghazis Coming’


Nathan: Of course: the empire must contract, and that means blood.  But if Graham and others had any loyalty even to their Constitution, the contraction would come quickly and the blood would be shed where it needs to be: here in the US, and NOT messing with people’s lives in some far off land.  Unlike Tripoli – and unlike El Alamein – Bengazi and the entire Libyan disaster are matters of shame: not defending liberty and justice.

Congress in action
Harry Reid: ‘I’ve Got Lots of Guns’


Nathan: Too bad you won’t use them to make the world a better place.  Too bad you don’t want the vast majority of your constituents to have them for self-defense.  Of course, you realize that even if you can hookwink a majority of the voters of the State of Nevada (or at least hookwink enough that SEIU and the other unions can steal, buy, make out of thin air, or force their members to get the rest of the votes you need), that as long as someone who doesn’t like you or has been harmed (or his family or friends harmed) by you, that ONE of those guns may have a bullet with YOUR name on it.  You poor, foolish man, don’t you know that more tyrants have died at the hands of their “supporters,” like bodyguards, than have ever been killed by their known enemies?

Congress in action
McCain Jokes Ahmadinejad Wouldn’t Be First Monkey in Space


Nathan: There may be reasons to be glad that McCain didn’t win in 2008.  This kind of arrogance and rudeness does no one any good at all.

Mama’s Note: I suppose, though the comic relief afforded by Obama and Biden makes the whole mess a trifle less grim. Not that arrogance and rudeness is any rarity in politics, of course.

Congress in action
Sen. Menendez Says Prostitution ‘Smears’ Are ‘Absolutely False’


Nathan: Sorry, but when it comes to these “Conscript Fathers” I don’t believe their protestations.  Consider Gary Hart, Teddy Kennedy, and a whole bunch of others.  They don’t keep their oath to the Constitution, why do we expect them to keep their oath to their spouses?  Or obey the law and not turn down what these girls offer or had offered to them?

Culture wars: religious freedom
Oregon AG Investigates Baker’s Refusal to Make Wedding Cake for Lesbians


Nathan: Obviously in a Tranzi nation like Oregon, there is no room for religious liberty.

Mama’s Note: Should not everyone have a perfect right to trade, or NOT trade, with anyone they please – for any reason, or for no reason at all? This has to do with the right of association, not just religion.”

World wars
Turkey’s Leader Eases Talk of Joining Asian Bloc as an Alternative to the EU


Nathan: Why chain themselves to a sinking ship?  Of course, their choices are limited: Israel might make the best partner, together with some of the old Soviet republics, but they’ve burned their bridges with those folks.

Home front – Self-defense
Background Checks Ease in January; Drop 10.5% Nationally


Nathan: I understand that a major part of the reason for this happening is a very simple one: NOBODY is selling much in the way of weapons!  Certainly not good personal defense weapons.  You want a single-shot .22-cal Chipmunk, sure.  Stocks are very low, for good reason.  Same for shot-out Romanian WW1-era bolt-action rifles.  But anything with a good round and able to hold more than five rounds – good luck.

A friend passed this on – unconfirmed info:

  • Smith & Wesson is running at full capacity making 300-plus guns daily, mainly military and police pistols.
  • Ruger plans to increase production from 75 to 100 percent.
  • FNH (FN Herstal in Belgium) moved from 50% production to 75% by February 1 and plans to be at 100% by March 1.
  • Remington and Armalite brands are both maxed out.
  • DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacuring Services) can’t get enough parts to produce any more firearms.
  • Colt is increasing production weekly but is bottle-necked by Bolt carriers.
  • LWRC (formerly Land Warfare Resources Corporation) is making only black guns, is running at full capacity but can’t get enough gun-quality steel to make barrels.
  • Springfield Armory is the only company meeting demand but is running 30 to 45 days behind.
  • Ammunition is at a nationwide shortage of all calibers over the next nine months.  All plants are producing as much as possible with one billion rounds produced weekly.  Most is for military, then law enforcement and finally civilians.
  • Magpul, which makes firearms accessories, is behind 1 million magazines, so don’t expect any large quantities anytime soon.
  • Reloaders – All Remington, Winchester, CCI and Federal primers are going to ammunition first.  There are no extras for reloading purposes, and it could be 6 to 9 months before they get caught up.

Europe’s collapse
Let Brussels manage our development projects

(Dilema Veche) Structural funds for 2014-2020 are at the top of the agenda of the European Council meeting on February 7-8. Management of these development projects is left to member states but Romanian journalist Ovidiu Nahoi suggests it may be time to hand over responsibility to the EU Commission.

Nathan: The Romanian press are obviously as STUPID as the Mainstream Media anywhere else on the planet.  I’ve seen several articles proclaiming the EU as the new USSR because of its power, stupidity, and centralization – as well as its dedication to socialist (Tranzi) dogma.  How about the weird idea of letting private citizens and businesses decide what money to spend on what development, and letting a free market be the way to do that?

Commentary on advertising (no url)
A report by Stansberry Associates, concerning the economic and political reasons and examples that the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania might get a third or even fourth term has been circulating for over a year, and did predict a 2012 election victory.  They provide good historical examples.  They make a lot of excellent points, but also point out that there are many ways in which a “third” and “fourth” Obama term could be implemented.  The repeal of the 22nd Amendment (limiting presidents to 2 terms) has been again urged by many, including several in Congress.

Personally, I think that there are several reasons that the 22nd Amendment will not be repealed and that the way will not be opened for this “messiah” to stay in office in his own “right.”  Here are some:

(1)  It requires three-quarters of states to ratify: that means 38 of the 50.  Unless the ratification is done with the legislatures of at LEAST a dozen states at gunpoint (virtual, probably not real) not going to happen.  At least not in under four years.

(2)  It requires two-thirds of both the Senate and House.  I don’t think that either 67 senators or 318 representatives could be gotten to support it – even WITH guns pointed at them.

(3)  I don’t think there would be enough time to get this passed and ratified even if there WERE majorities available, because I don’t think the Federal government – or most of the state governments – are going to last that much longer.  I don’t necessarily agree with one or two relatives who think that the Collapse is within weeks, but certainly within months: 16-24 months perhaps.

(4)  If the Federal government only partially collapses (a good possibility), then this “messiah” will suspend the Constitution anyway, claiming a more serious threat even than Lincoln (and people do not realize how close Lincoln and the GOP came to suspending elections in both 1862 and 1864, or how corrupt those elections were).  So he could retain power “for the duration of the emergency” – perhaps by firing (or killing) Biden and appointing some GOP politician (bought and paid for, of course) as VP.

But it honestly does not matter WHO is president anymore: he is at best a figurehead who provides a certain “flavor” or personality to the federal government.  They figure everyone is and will continue to back down and surrender what little liberty we have left.  Look at too many of our own brothers and sisters in the church: they are more eager to “cooperate” and be allowed to be left alone than ever.  Too many of them have become nothing but cheerleaders for each and every foreign adventure, and have brainwashed themselves into believing that as long as the police or bureaucrats don’t come and drive us out of our meetinghouses that we must obey the government and live in a land of freedom – of religion if nothing else.

Forlorn hope – Legislature in action
New TN office of ‘repealer’ would target useless or unreasonable laws to sweep away

(The Tennessean/Tennessee Business Journal) Two Middle Tennessee lawmakers hope to use the government to slash the size of government. State Rep. Glen Casada and state Sen. Jack Johnson, both Franklin Republicans, have filed a bill that would create an Office of the Repealer, whose job would be to identify potentially unnecessary rules and regulations. The repealer would offer recommendations to the governor, the state legislature and the secretary of state. “We’re using bureaucracy to cut bureaucracy,” Casada said. “We’re using government against itself.”

Nathan: Thanks to Steve for this one.  It is too much to hope that this might WORK.  The new officer needs power to at least force an up or down vote – or perhaps take the sticks off the badge of the sergeant-of-arms (from off the axe) and use it on them.

Government-run, tax-funded schools – Stupid people
Colorado: 2nd-grader suspended over imaginary grenade
(Fox 31/via Yahoo) “A seven-year-old boy was suspended from his elementary school for using an imaginary grenade while playing “Rescue the World” on the playground. Second-grader Alex Evans pretended to throw a grenade into a box full of, in his words, ‘pretend evil forces.’  “Unfortunately for Alex, his exploits (heroic as they were) went against Mary Blair Elementary School rules. Those rules include no fighting (real or pretend) and no weapons (real or pretend).”

Thanks to Bear for this: Someone alert Feinstein! Do you realize what the imaginary kill radius from an imaginary grenade is? He could have killed every child’s imaginary friend on the playground.

Nathan: It was a pleasant surprise that Fox treated this as the stupid act (on the part of the school, not the child or parent) it was.

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